Sink Manufacturers

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Sinks: Bringing Function to the Kitchen

In the last twenty years, kitchens have not only become the main hub of family activity, they have evolved into larger and more functional living spaces. Based on the growing needs of consumers, kitchen sink manufacturers have fabricated sinks that are now wider and deeper. Today, consumers have a choice of up to three sink basins that can be customized to be all different sizes and shapes. Looking for an easy clean-up? Sinks with curved edges can be a solution. An undermount sink offers a seamless look with any solid surface countertop while the unique look of a farmhouse (apron) sink can add an aesthetic touch. Stainless steel sinks are most preferred for its heat and stain resistance, but composite and cast-iron sinks are both durable alternatives. With the wide selection of sinks available, there is a design for everyone. See ARCAT's e-catalogs for sink ideas here.

The Decorative Aspects of Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sink manufacturers have been stepping out of the box with producing the latest in sink designs. A prime example of this originality is a vessel sink, which can make a bold statement and add style to any bathroom. The vessel sink is made up of a bowl, which sits atop of the countertop and is made out of variety of material such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel, stone or copper. Like in kitchens, an undermount sink fits seamlessly into a bathroom vanity giving it a polished and classy look. Other options like the pedestal sink saves space with its upright design while the drop-in sink is the most economical. Whether your or your client's personal style is modern or traditional, the bathroom sink possibilities are endless. For your next bathroom revamp project, view ARCAT's array of BIM files for sinks.