Stove Manufacturers

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Today's Kitchen Stoves

Today, consumers have more kitchen stove options to choose from other than the common gas and electric coil cooktops. Variants like electric smooth-top cooktops, induction cooktops and modular cooktops arose over the years, each catering to specific needs. For instance, the electric smooth-top cooktop is popular for its heating surface that rapidly and evenly cooks, then quickly cools down for easy clean-up. An induction cooktop offers the best of both worlds with temperature control that rivals gas, a heating time that surpasses electric stoves, and is the most energy-efficient. With modular cooktops, you can choose between gas and electric heating elements and customize your cooktop to your liking. A modular cooktop with an open bay allows you to use different cooking accessories such as woks, griddles, deep fryers, and grill assemblies. This particular stove is perfect for consumers who like to cook a variety of dishes or prefer to have different cooking options at hand. Kitchen stove manufacturers have made great strides and continue to offer the latest and greatest in stove options to their customers.

Heating your Home with a Stove

As a result of the economy, climbing oil prices, and the movement to use renewable energy, wood heat has been on the rise. The technology of wood burning stoves have improved substantially to the point of clean wood burning, allowing them to become energy efficient and EPA certified based on emissions testing. A pellet stove is another type of stove used for heating a home or space and considered the most eco-friendly stove on the market. Made out of recycled sawdust and wood shavings, pellets burn cleaner than firewood and are fairly inexpensive. However, the down-side of owning a pellet stove is that it requires electricity to operate. Gas stoves are a popular heating alternative because they are the easiest to use by simply turning them on (once installed), take the least time to clean, and require natural gas to operate them. For those who wish to use different heating sources throughout the year, a multi-fuel stove offers the capability of burning wood, wood pellets, coal or peat while keeping a similar appearance to a wood-burning stove. Picking a heating stove may be a challenge, but with the aid of ARCAT's CAD files and e-Catalogs for stoves, your next heating project will be a success.