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Elevator Companies

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Choosing The Right Elevator Manufacturer: Finding Your Function

Over time, the application and usefulness of elevators has wildly increased while the basic functionality has stayed the same: the need to go up and down. That's why finding the right elevator company or lift manufacturer is an integral part of your project. When choosing an elevator manufacturer for a project, the choices range far beyond simply just residential elevators or commercial elevators. Pinpointing the ultimate function of your elevator will help narrow down the wide variety of options out there.

The Many Purposes of Commercial Elevators

Elevator manufacturers have been growing their product lines to include a wider range of lifts to choose from, ensuring that its inclusion in your project will be cohesive and functional. Are you currently working on a commercial project? Commercial elevator manufacturers have elevators and lifts which serve varying purposes ranging from automotive lifts (post lifts and pit lifts), loading elevators (including dock lifts, platform lifts, and scissor lifts), bucket elevators, and freight elevators.

Making It Easier to Find the Best Elevator Manufacturer for Your Project

ARCAT provides several services to help with the process of finding the best product for your project. For residential use, wheelchair lifts manufacturers offer products to improve the quality of life for a wheelchair bound resident. Vertical platform lifts give sturdy functionality and a much welcomed amenity to a home in need. Typically, these lifts are being put into previously constructed homes. To aid with selecting the right size and type, we offer CAD Drawings and BIM Objects to help visualize the product and aid in the correct selection for your project. For households that would like to include a functional showpiece, glass elevator manufacturers provide lifts that are wonderfully unique and suitably quiet for home use.