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Lighting selection is paramount to an aethetic design whether it is a commercial or residential project. The application of the light will also dictate paramters needed like power usage, type and function.

Illuminate Your Project

From induction lights to LEDs, lighting is an important part of our lives we don't always think about - until they go out. We switch on lights to guide ourselves throughout our homes and the right lighting fixture above a dining room table can improve the atmosphere of a room. Exterior lighting allows a safe path to our front doors at night. Traffic lights, sometimes considered a nuisance to commuters, provide necessary order and safety. Whether it's a residential bathroom or a large, commercial office building, lighting manufacturers offer options to help you bring the right light to anything.

The Evolving Usefulness of LED Lighting

In the past, the type of lights you would put into an office were not the same you would install into a residential living room. That has all changed with LED lighting. Initially, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) were primarily used as indicator lights on household appliances and the technology used for them was so limited they were only able to produce red, yellow, and green light. Applications for these lights were optimal for electronics or traffic lights, but didn't seem fit for residential lighting or commercial use. However, technology rapidly advanced leading to the creation of a white LED light - the lighting industry would never be the same.

LED lighting manufacturers have applied this new technology to good use: LED street lights, indoor/outdoor LED lighting, and accent lighting. Landscape lighting is also another popular use for LED lighting, as the energy efficient technology affords the ability to showcase the outdoors area of any home or building in a flattering way while remaining cost effective.

Induction Lighting for the Long Run

Induction lighting is another option to consider. Induction lights are cost effective while having a long lasting, virtually maintenance-free life. Induction lighting manufacturers recommend their products be used for large area, long burning applications: street lighting, warehouses, and open area lighting are optimal. Without electrodes (which degenerate with use), induction lights are considered one of the most durable lighting options when proper care is taken.

ARCAT provides BIM Objects and CAD Drawings to help you decide which lighting product fits your project. From track lighting to traffic lights, our resources help you select the right type of lighting and lighting fixtures. We also provide our free-to-use SpecWizard to help you develop a 3-part CSI Specification for your project. When looking for help with your project, look no further than ARCAT to light the way.