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Stair manufacturer selection is paramount to an aesthetic design whether it is a commercial or residential project. Select a stair manufacturer category below to select stairs for your project and the content you need like cad details, bim objects, and specifications.

Staircases: The Grand Entrance

When entering a room, nothing draws attention and focus quite like an elegant staircase. Lined with expertly crafted balusters connected to an ornate stair railing, staircases have a place in our home that transcends function. In a commercial setting, a strong metal staircase gives confidence through the endurance of constant use, day in and day out. The beauty of a spiral staircase is more than in its aesthetic value: when space is limited, a spiral staircase is the perfect choice for a home. A beautiful accent, both indoors and outdoors, a spiral staircase gives you the ability to move between floors without occupying precious space and without being too steep.

Making the Staircase a Part of Your Home

From wood to metal and beyond, the options seem limitless when it comes to customizing a staircase with the intention of making it enhance a building. Carved wood balusters give a classic look to a staircase, while a metal balustrade provides a more commercial and modern feel. Combining different mediums to create a unique look with your stair railing and steps is an option rising in popularity. Wrought iron railings offer more than outdoor purposes (such as lining balconies or front yards). A wrought iron railing along a staircase offers a classic feeling of elegance that reflects throughout a room. For a modern yet simple touch, steel staircases combined with wooden elements are a great choice.

The Needs of a Staircase in a Commercial Setting

In a commercial setting, the look of a staircase is rarely a priority; strength, endurance, and capacity land much higher on the list. A metal staircase will hold up over a long period of constant, daily use, both indoors and outdoors. Sturdy stair handrails are also of utmost importance. Strong metal handrails provide guidance and protection at greater heights.

ARCAT Brings your Staircases to the Next Level

Integrating knowledge with visual services, ARCAT provides CAD Drawings and BIM Objects to put you a step ahead of the rest. Our SpecWizards help you create 3-part CSI Specification to bring your project from concept to reality with ease.