Hill-Rom Architectural Products Videos

The videos below showcase building products, and provide important features and aesthetics.
  Hill-Rom Progressa® Bed System StayInPlace Technology
  Hill-Rom Hill-Rom® Compella Bariatric Bed Advancing Bariatric Care
  Hill-Rom VersaCare® Bed Bed Exit Alarm Feature
  Hill-Rom Advanta 2 bed and CareAssist® Bed Slideguard Feature
  Hill-Rom Advanta 2 bed, CareAssist® Bed, VersaCare® bed Safeview® Feature
  Hill-Rom Clinical Workflow Solutions Testimonial: Automating the Clinical Environment
  Hill-Rom Hill-Rom® NaviCare® Patient Safety Application Safety Alert Monitoring
  Hill-Rom Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution How the Solution Works
  Hill Rom SpecWizard for health care industry products and solutions
  TruLight 3000 Surgical Light
  TruLight 5000 Surgical Light
  TruPort Equipment Management Systems

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