Salice America Inc. Videos

The videos below showcase building products, and provide important features and aesthetics.
  Salice Stabila the stabiliser: synchronising movement
  Salice Lineabox: pull-out columns and high-storage units
  Salice Lineabox, the versatile drawer
  Salice Our motion
  Salice Design and Innovation in daily life
  Salice Lineabox, the revolutionary drawer
  Salice Lifting systems: swing opening door
  Salice Lifting systems: parallel opening door
  Salice Lifting systems: folding door
  Salice Lifting systems: flap door
  Salice Adjustable magnetic striker plate
  Salice Smove for Series B hinge
  Salice Concertina doors
  Salice Furniture connecting fittings
  Salice Different systems to fix the mounting plates to the cabinet side
  Salice Different systems to fix the hinges to the door
  Salice Different types of door closing action
  Salice, the most versatile and comprehensive range of hinges in the world
  Silentia Face Frame Hinge Assembly instructions and adjustments
  Salice: your home our mission
  Salice: technology for a brighter future

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