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Founded in 1959, Abatron, Inc. specializes in the research, formulation, and manufacture of epoxy and related compounds. Our core business involves providing high-quality building restoration and maintenance products for a variety of materials, including: wood, concrete, metal, plaster and drywall. Abatron is ISO 9001:2015 registered; a testament to our commitment to bring quality and consistency to our customers. Our products have a strong reputation for both quality and performance, and are frequently specified for use in the restoration of historic and irreplaceable structures. We established our reputation by maintaining our longstanding vision to provide products that are:

  • At the top of their product category in performance
  • Permanent
  • Safe to use and safe for the environment
  • Easy to use

Abatron's knowledgeable and courteous technical staff is available to help guide you in choosing the right products for your project, or offer suggestions on putting those products to their best use.Highlights of the products and services Abatron provides include:

  • Wood consolidant that penetrates deteriorated wood and restores its structural strength
  • A shrink-free wood replacement compound that permanently fills cracks and voids, and can be sanded,drilled, nailed, painted or stained just like the original wood
  • Concrete restoration and maintenance products for patching, resurfacing or rebuilding concrete on horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Metal restoration compounds for repair or rebuilding decorative and structural applications, including:cast iron, steel, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel
  • Plaster and drywall restoration products for patching and resurfacing unsightly cracks and holes• Adhesives and sealants for bonding, stabilizing and repair of a variety of materials• A wide range of protective coatings for commercial, industrial, and residential surfaces
  • An in-house mold making shop that creates molds and castings of virtually any architectural feature
  • Product application accessories, how-to resources, and much more

Our best-selling products are GREENGUARD ® Certified. This means they are third-party tested as having virtually no VOC's and reflects Abatron's commitment to the safety of the user and environment.


{{}} {{this.hide}} WOOD Restoration and Maintenance

WOOD Restoration and Maintenance image

WOOD Restoration and Maintenance

Wood Restoration Kit - This kit conveniently packages together equal volumes of LiquidWood® A and B, WoodEpox® A and B, and Abosolv.

LiquidWood® - Deep penetrating wood consolidant.

WoodEpox® - Shrink-free adhesive putty wood replacement compound.

Abosolv™ - Solvent for LiquidWood.

Glazing Compound - Sarco glazing compound for a water-tight seal.

Pigments - A variety of pigments.

Clearstrip™ - Environmentally safe paint remover.

Bora-Care® - Boron-based, concentrated wood preservative.

Tim-bor® Professional - Boron-based wood preservative powder.

{{}} {{this.hide}} CONCRETE Restoration and Maintenance

CONCRETE Restoration and Maintenance image

CONCRETE Restoration and Maintenance

Abocrete™ Kit - Epoxy concrete repair, patching, and resurfacing compound.

BestBond® Crack Repair - High-strength epoxy concrete crack repair compound.

Aboweld 55-1™ - No-slump epoxy adhesive paste.

Aboweld 8708-2™ - Fast-hardening, no slump adhesive patching paste.

Abocast 8005-6™ - Bonds new concrete to old.

ColorGrit™ - Opaque quartz sand particles

{{}} {{this.hide}} Structural Crack-Injection Systems

Structural Crack-Injection Systems image

Structural Crack-Injection Systems

Abojet® Cartridges - 10 fl oz each. Nozzles included.

Abojet® - A proven method to restore monolithic integrity to a cracked structural element.

Injection Ports - Plastic tubes with metal bands that can be crimped to prevent flow of resins.

Nozzles - Necessary for dispensing crack-injection resins.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Metal Restoration

Metal Restoration image

Metal Restoration

Metalfix P - Aluminum-Filled Epoxy Structural Adhesive. Putty.

Metalfix L - Aluminum-Filled Epoxy Structural Adhesive. Pourable.

Ferrobond P - Steel-Filled Epoxy Structural Adhesive. Putty.

Ferrobond L - Steel-Filled Epoxy Structural Adhesive. Pourable.

SS-Bond P - Stainless-Steel-Filled Epoxy, Structural Adhesive Putty.

BronzeWeld P™ - Bronze-Filled Epoxy, Structural Adhesive Putty.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Moldmaking Compounds

Moldmaking Compounds image

Moldmaking Compounds

Mastermold 12-3® - Flexible polyurethane moldmaking paste.

Abocast 4-4™ - The classic versatile machinable compound

Abhesive 15-B™ - Silicone-based release agent.

Abhesive 15-C™ - Water-dispersed mold release agent.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Casting Compounds

Casting Compounds image

Casting Compounds

Woodcast™ - Lightweight, exceptionally strong casting compound.

Abocast 8-3™ - Versatile, clear epoxy casting and laminating resin.

Abocast 4-4™ - The classic versatile machinable compound.

Abocast 8503-3™ - Clear and colorless casting compound.

Gypsum 1™ - Standard for plaster casting.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Custom Molds and Castings

Custom Molds and Castings image

Custom Molds and Castings

Abatron will custom make your molds and castings! Take the guess work out of your quotation and get products in place and on time. For a quotation send us:
  • A description of your model, including a picture
  • The dimensions of the model
  • The number of castings needed
  • Location of castings (interior or exterior)
  • Desired casting material:
      o epoxy
      o light-weight epoxy
      o gypsum
      o concrete
      o other

{{}} {{this.hide}} Patina Finishes

Patina Finishes image

Patina Finishes

Blackened Bronze NR - Non-reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Blue Patina Aging Solution R - Reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Copper Metallic NR - Non-reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Copper Paint Reactive - Non-reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Green Patina Aging Solution R - Reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Pale Gold R - Reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Rich Gold R - Reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

Silver Metallic NR - Non-reactive metallic paints and patina aging solutions.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Plaster and Drywall Restoration

Plaster and Drywall Restoration image

Plaster and Drywall Restoration

KRACK KOTE® - Crack repair kit for drywall and plaster.

Nu-Wal Plaster Restoration System - Covers and reinforces whole walls and ceilings with an elastomeric coating and fiberglass mat which can be painted or papered.

Plaster Washers - Repair loose plaster with these specially-shaped and perforated steel washers.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants image

Adhesives & Sealants

Abocast 8012-9™ - 5-minute hardening, liquid epoxy adhesive.

BestBond® Anchor - High-strength epoxy anchoring compound.

BestBond® Joint Sealant - High-strength epoxy joint sealant.

Aboseal 8104-12™ - Flexible polysulfide-epoxy for sealing, filling and resurfacing.

Aboweld 48-33™ - All-purpose adhesive paste.

Aboweld 55-22™ - Thixotropic, structural epoxy adhesive.

Aboweld 8101-5™ - 5-minute hardening, thixotropic epoxy adhesive.

Aboweld 8212-4™ - Modeling structural adhesive putty for sculpting.

Aboweld 8305-5™ - Epoxy adhesive for bonding dry and wet surfaces.

Epotron 5™ - All-purpose, high-strength epoxy adhesive for structural bonding.

Polyflex - Fast hardening, flexible polyurea compound.

Rockweld 55-27™ - Thixotropic epoxy putty that hardens to rock-like texture.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings image

Protective Coatings

Abocast 8508-3™ - Self-leveling, solventless epoxy coating and resurfacer.

Abocoat 8006-3™ - Clear, all-purpose epoxy coating.

Abocoat 8106-5™ - High-gloss,water-based enamel.

Abocoat 8501-1™ - Highly chemical resistant, epoxy coating.

Abocoat 8508-1™ - Heavy-duty epoxy paint for concrete, wood, metal, and composite surfaces.

Aboglass™ - Clear liquid epoxy table top coating.

Abothane 8003-3™ - Clear moisture-cure polyurethane coating.

Abothane 8901-4™ - Clear, polyurethane coating for high resistance to ultraviolet and chemicals.

Acrylic 57-1™ - Clear, water-based coating.

Acrylic Basement Waterproof Coating - Waterproofs poured concrete, concrete block, clay tile, stucco and wood.

Primkote 8006-1™ - Universal clear primer/sealer.

Primkote G™ - Waterborne epoxy primer for green concrete.

Safetch™ - Concrete etching compound

Vinyl Chips - Flexible vinyl chips in premixed colors ready for application.

Water Epoxy Floor Coating System - Combines beauty, durability, slip resistance, ease of application, and water resistance.

ColorGrit™ - Opaque quartz sand particles, which impart color, texture and slip resistance to concrete.

Tread Spread™ - Slip-Resistant Epoxy Coating

{{}} {{this.hide}} Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings image

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coating Kit - Turn your garage into an attractive, multi-function space with these coating kits.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Porcelain Refinishing

Porcelain Refinishing image

Porcelain Refinishing

Kromakote 8601-1™ - Ceramic-like epoxy enamel recommended for tanks, sinks, and tubs.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Stone Care

Stone Care image

Stone Care

Waterless Fireplace Cleaner - A peelable cleaning coating designed to remove soot, dirt, and grime from your fireplace surround.

Honing Powder - Unique blend of abrasive compounds that smoothes heavily worn marble and terrazzo surfaces.

Penetrating Sealer - Penetrating sealer that protects the interior of the stone from staining and prevents adhesion to the stone's surface.

Poultice Powder - Extra absorbent poultice powders that reabsorb stubborn stains from stone that cannot be removed with liquid cleaners.

Stone Counter/Tabletop Cleaner - Ready-to-use stone spray cleaner that is user friendly for all stone consumers.

Stone Floor Cleaner - Daily use pH7 balanced stone cleaner that safely cleans all porous stone surfaces.

Stone Polish - Unique protective coating that polishes and enhances the brilliant colors of natural stone.

{{}} {{this.hide}} General Maintenance Products

General Maintenance Products image

General Maintenance Products

Abotar 8101-8™ - Tar-epoxy compound for filling, patching, and resurfacing asphalt, tar, pitch, and harder surfaces.

Rust Remover - Banish ugly rust stains with this unique rust remover.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Greenguard® Certified Products

Greenguard® Certified Products image

Greenguard® Certified Products - LiquidWood®, Aboweld™, AboCrete™, WoodEpox®

GREENGUARD certified products are third-party tested and found to contain very low levels of chemical emissions.

{{}} {{this.hide}} On-Line Courses

On-Line Courses

On-Line Courses - Sustainable Design Using Epoxy for Wood Repair

{{}} {{this.hide}} Project Gallery

{{}} {{this.hide}} Restoration Links

10 Ways to Make Old Windows Work Like New

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Window Repair Guidebook

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