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All Acme Brick are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM specifications.


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Acme Brick Company. founded in 1891, is the nations largest American-owned brick company. It is backed by the innovative Homebuyers' 100 Year Limited Guarantee and the famous Good Housekeeping Seal.

The Acme name is stamped onto select residential brick, most often visible along windowsills and at corners.

Acme is part of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., the publicly traded firm headed by Warren Buffett.

Acme Brick Company contributes to a wide variety of local and national charities.


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Architectural Clay Brick image

Architectural Clay Brick

American-made by an American-owned company. Acme owns 26 brick plants in the central and southeastern United States.
Architectural Color Selection image

Architectural Color Selection

Architectural Color Selection, By Plant

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King Size Brick image

King Size Brick

The face dimensions of King Size Brick make them cost-efficient. Compared with standard size brick, Acme King Size brick can lower total brick wall cost by 20% or more.
Estate Size Clay Brick image

Estate Size Clay Brick

For large residential or commercial projects, Estate Size Brick units are exactly one inch taller than the King Size brick: 9 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 2 3/4", which translates to 3.6 units per square foot with a standard 3/8" mortar joint. When laid in a one-third bond, they turn corners easily.
Utility Size Brick image

Utility Size Brick

Acme's largest standard brick size - 11 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" - which makes for 3.3 units per square foot with a standard 3/8" mortar joint.
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Residential Applications:
Use for an interior brick wall to bring added warmth to an area such as a kitchen or family room. Also available with a system of lightweight metal panels where bricks are adhered with adhesive and then secured with traditional mortar.

Commercial Applications
Acme offers heavy-duty installation panels that are tested to 400 feet high at wind loads of 150 mph. The bricks are modular in size at: 2-1/4" x 7-5/8" face size, thickness is 1/2". Utility size units are available in selected colors
Modular Size Brick image

Modular Size Brick

Modular Size is still the standard for much commercial construction across the Acme Brick Company service area and is becoming a popular size in residential use. These units are 2 1/4" tall and 7 5/8 " long, with a bed depth of 3 5/8 ".

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Clay Paving Brick  image

Clay Paving Brick

Monogrammed pavers from Acme Brick enable you and your group to make a lasting, personal contribution to any building project.

These handsome units are made with the same care, and meet the same specs, as regular paving brick. With simple care, they will last decades. A laser-based process adds your personal message - with an option of simple graphics including logos. (Custom artwork requires permission from the owner and is subject to approval, of course.)

The most common sizes for finished pavers are 8" x 4" and 8" x 8". Monogramming is available in a wide variety of designs and layouts.
Monogrammed pavers image

Monogrammed pavers

Engraved pavers from Acme Brick enable you and your group to make a lasting, personal contribution to any building project.

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Special Brick Shapes image

Special Brick Shapes

Corner angles, arch headers, bullnoses, coping caps, cove headers and stretchers, radials, shelf angles, sloped sills, coldier corners and watertable units.

Acme Brick's commitment to its architectural customers takes many forms: education, technical assistance, and the special shapes required to execute dramatic effects in brick.

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Residential Clay Brick image

Residential Clay Brick

Each Acme Brick is manufactured to exceed quality standards established by all building codes. Your complete satisfaction with Acme Brick is our company's primary objective. We guarantee that our residential brick will endure sub-freezing cold, will withstand blistering heat, and will remain beautiful for 100 years.

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Natural Stone image

Natural Stone

Acme Brick carries a wide selection of natural stone. The inventory is ever-changing so it is important to note that selection should be done onsite at the Acme Brick location that carries natural stone.

Available in a wide selection of ledgestone, cobble, flagstone, oversize boulders and more from the finest stone quarries.
Manufactured Stone image

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone combines Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and mineral oxide colors, to duplicate the color palette of building stone common to most U.S. regions.

Units can be hand-tooled and hand-finished at the jobsite.

Installing veneer units is virtually as easy as tiling a wall. Weighing 10 lb./sq.ft. or less,they exert minimal shearing force, which may eliminate the need for footings, wall ties, or other structural supports.
Cast Stone image

Cast Stone

Cast stone is a manufactured material with colors and textures similar to natural stone. Its physical properties typically match or exceed those of dimensional building stone, These characteristics make cast stone an attractive, durable complement to an Acme Brick exterior.
Burnished Concrete Block image

Burnished Concrete Block

Acme's burnished-block selection includes Hill Country Stone, from Acme Brick's sister company Featherlite Building Products.

Hill Country Stone are manufactured at Featherlite's Round Rock, Texas, plant and are available throughout the Southwest.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Outdoor Living

Outdoor Fireplaces image

Outdoor Fireplaces

Choose the amenity that makes any outdoor area more inviting, especially when evenings get chilly: a fireplace or fire pit from your Acme Brick showroom.
Concrete Paving Brick image

Concrete Paving Brick

Concrete pavers available from Acme Brick offer many benefits:
  • Durability
  • Structural Integrity
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Design Flexibility
  • Variety of Colors, Textures, and Patterns
  • Ease of Installation
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Recycled/ Recyclable
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Surface Water Run-Off Reduction
  • Minimization of Construction Waste
  • Long Material Life

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile image

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Acme Brick Tile & Stone offers a variety of porcelain, ceramic and stone flooring. Decorative accents, hand painted wall tiles, glass and stone mosaics and metal accents are also available.

{{}} {{this.hide}} IBP Glass Block and Structural Glass Accents

IBP Glass Block and Structural Glass Accents image

IBP Glass Block and Structural Glass Accents

Acme sales offices represent the IBP Glass Block Grid SystemA'™A'', which replaces mortar with a sturdy, attractive, aluminum grid. IBP applications include canopies, showers, skylights, windows, and walls. Designing with light has never been easier.

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