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Advanced Equipment Corporation was established at Bellevue, Washington in 1957 as a Designer, Manufacturer, and Installer of Operable Walls. The company was incorporated in the State of Washington in 1958 and moved to California shortly thereafter. AEC was established to manufacture operable walls and has been a designer and fabricator of that product since its founding.

Today, AEC continues in the quest for greater efficiency and better value for our customers. Our premier ALPHA® operable walls offer superior, field tested sound stopping ability, resistance to earthquakes, are incombustible, and have demonstrable ease of operation and durability. ALPHA® panels are furnished with 10 and 20-year warranties. AEC also offers several tracks with 5 and 10-year warranties that do not require a service contract and do not exclude normal wear.

AEC makes extensive use of electronic technology to assist our customers with preliminary design assistance, as well as improve product design and manufacturing. DWspec will produce error free specifications and drawings in DXF format. Drawings are dynamically created based upon customer input without the need for downloads. The customer needs only a browser to properly configure and specify an AEC operable wall.


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Operable Wall Panels - ALPHA®

The all welded, all steel construction with heavy steel (16 or 14 gauge) faces robotically fusion welded every 8 inches to perimeter frame members - gives you the best obtainable rigidity, life expectancy, low maintenance, and ease of operation.

All of this performance, at competitive cost.

One piece panels to 60 feet high. Panel widths to 60 inches.

Ten year limited panel warranty.

The BEST in guaranteed sound stopping. STC to 54, field tested
NIC 40 (ASTM E 336-16) - on your job, if specified. Available acoustically absorptive NRC 0.65.

Alpha - for highly repetitive use or severe service.

Qualifies for LEED Credit MR 4.1 & MR 4.2

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Operable Wall Panels - SIGMA®

The lower cost version of our ALPHA series panels. All welded steel construction with face sheet thickness ranging from 20 ga. to 16 ga. depending on desired STC. Faces are robotically fusion welded to same frame members as supplied with ALPHA "S" Panel.

One piece panels to 35 feet high. Panel width to 54 inches.

5 year limited warranty.

STC to 51, NIC to 40 E 336-16

Sigma - The cost effective solution to durability.

Qualifies for LEED Credit MR 4.1 & MR 4.2

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Operable Wall Panels - GAMMA

1/2" fiberboard 1/2" backer board.

AEC's most cost effective panel construction. Panel face sheets are gypsum board or partical board. Structural aluminum frame members are mechanical fastened and encapsulate the panel face. Face sheets are field replaceable. Panel is not suitable for electric operation.

One piece panels to 12' ft heigh. Maximum panel height is 16' ft. Panels exceeding 12' ft high have horizontal splice joint. Maximum panel width is 48" inches.
STC from 45 to 50, NIC to 38 E-336

Gamma - An economical solution to your space division needs.

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Operable Wall Tracks - Supertrack

The tracks manufactured by Advanced Equipment and furnished, installed, and serviced by our Local Representatives, are identified as 9 Types. Each Type is unique to it's own weight capacity.

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Micro Processor Controlled Electric Operation - VISION®

Ask for a Vision Brochure
  • Micro Processor Control for smooth, quiet function
  • Co-planar Panel Alignment to blend with adjacent surfaces
  • Rugged steel panels and track for long life, low maintenance

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Tube Steel and Glass Manual or Electric Operation

Glass Operable Wall by Advanced Equipment.

•Welded Tube Steel Frame.
• Single or Double Glazed.
• Manual or Electric Operation.
• Panel Height: 30' Max.

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Curved Wall Panels - Manual and Electric Operation image

Curved Wall Panels - Manual and Electric Operation

Curved operable walls by Advanced Equipment.

• Curved Panels.
• Curved Track.
• Manual or Electric Operation.

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Acoustic Performance

ADVANCED EQUIPMENT CORPORATION offers operable walls in a wide range of panel constructions. Each type of panel has been sound tested for STC value by a licensed acoustical engineer in an independent acoustical laboratory. AEC has established minimum NIC values which one can expect to achieve for each type of panel should the operable walls be field sound tested and providing that the surrounding building construction is compatible with the specified rating.

Field Sound Testing - NIC Values by Panel Type

NIC values are based on ASTM E336-97.
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Operable Wall Configurations

Typical panel groups and operations

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