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Disappearing stairways by Bessler Stairway Company provides unmatched access and convenience. Disappearing stairways, in several models, are the ideal substitute for permanent stairs and are easily operated and conveniently stored when not in use. Bessler disappearing stairways are designed to provide optimum strength and stability for safe passage, and fully counterbalanced weight control allows the unit to operate at the lightest touch. The stairways are ideal for installation in schools, churches, commercial and office facilities, as well as residences.


{{}} {{this.hide}} NEW - Folding Attic Stair

NEW - Folding Attic Stair image

NEW - Folding Attic Stair - MODEL BE-119

Introducing the HOTTEST new folding attic stair, available in 2008.
  • Certified 1 Hour Fire-Rating
  • Patent Pending
  • Surpasses ASTM E-119 Fire Test
  • Meets International Builders Code
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Hardware Installation Kit Included
  • A Must For Residential Garages
  • Can Be Painted If Desired

{{}} {{this.hide}} Disappearing Stairs

Disappearing Stairs image

Disappearing Stairs - MODEL 100

Solid one-piece stringers and treads of yellow pine. 1-3/8" hollow core door. For finished floor from 7'-7" to 12'-10". Weight capacity 800 pounds.
Disappearing Stairs image

Disappearing Stairs - MODEL 70

For residential construction. Finished Floor from 7'-7" to 10'-10". Weight capacities 400-600 pounds.
Disappearing Stairs image

Disappearing Stairs - MODEL 26

For residential, commercial, school, office, church and store application. 600# load capacity. Hydraulic dampened door closure. Finished Floor from 7'-7" to 11'-10". Weight capacity 600 pounds.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Folding Stairs

Folding Stairs image

Folding Stairs - SPACE-SAVER

For safe, easy access to upstairs rooms or attic space. For openings 22"x54" to 30"x54". Weight capacity 350 pounds.
Folding Stairs image

Folding Stairs - HUSKY

Folding Attic Stairs wood and aluminum. 22", 25 1/2" and 30" wide, 8'9" -10' ceiling heights, 250-350 pound weight capacities.

{{}} {{this.hide}} American Machine Works Products - HVAC

Filter Frames image

Filter Frames

  • The use of the permanent frame and replacement media system assures the lowest replacement cost in panel filter systems.
  • Savings of up to 50% or more over the use of disposable filters.
  • Changeable media systems can be installed in most systems, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use.
  • No washing ...stuff in plastic bag for clean, quick disposal.
  • No weld tab system locks expanded metal to frame.
  • "SD" (standard drop) means standard construction is 1/2" less than nominal size stated.
  • "AS" (actual size) means actual dimension needed, please state.
  • One piece flat strap required on pad holding frames over 28"
  • FMS - (Size) Heavy 24 gauge galvanized or plated steel frame and 28 gauge expanded metal backing.
  • FMA - (Size) Strong high strength rolled rib .032 aluminum channel construction and 28 gauge expanded metal backing.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Plumbing Hardware

Steel Probing Rod image

Steel Probing Rod

1/2" Solid Steel
Stud Guards image

Stud Guards

  • 16 Guage Galvanized Steel
  • 1 1/2" x 6"

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