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Considered the finest panels available for residential and commercial construction, Cedar Valley Shingle Panels are handcrafted with the highest grades of Western Red Cedar and are cost competitive. Each panel is constructed with a solid one-piece plywood backer followed by an Elk VersaShield® moisture barrier that's waterproof and breathable. And the construction of our panels is so dependable, they're certified to withstand winds up to 196 mph.

There are many other benefits to builders, architects and homeowners, including:

- Savings: Our panels go up an average of six times faster than individual shingles, dramatically reducing installation costs.
- Easy installation: Overlapping end joints don't require caulking and blind nail patterns are available.
- Reduced waste: Splitting of individual shingles is virtually eliminated. And single-course panels reduce waste in gables and other tight spaces.


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Sidewall shingle Panels  image

Sidewall shingle Panels

Side wall Shingle Panels comes in 3 different profiles; 7 1/8-inch exposure, 5.3-inch exposure and 4.25-inch exposure. Each of the profiles come in several different textures and styles with matching corner systems. We also manufacture special purpose panels to spec.
Standard Shingle Panel image

Standard Shingle Panel

More efficient for today's contractor with a Blind Nail application and Hurricane Uplift resistance.
Special Texture Panels image

Special Texture Panels

Even Buttline, Shingle Texture
Special Texture Panels image

Special Texture Panels

Staggered Buttline, Shingle Texture
One Course Panels image

One Course Panels

1/2" Thickbutt Panel
Decorator Panels image

Decorator Panels

The standard Decorator 8-foot panel has 1-course of any of nine patterns, each panel made to match the style texture, thickness and exposure of the regular Cedar Valley shingle panel ordered. When used in gables or in bands around the house, they are the perfect accent to your shingle styling.
Radius Wall Panels image

Radius Wall Panels

Radius wall panels are available for inside or outside curved walls down to a 4-foot radius. These special order panels will match the style, buttline, texture and thickness of the regular panels ordered for the job.
Cedar-Lam Veneer image

Cedar-Lam Veneer

Cedar-Lam is a combination of all clear Vertical Grain (V.G.) western red cedar veneer bonded to a wood backer and molded into a T&G pattern. This laminate has several advantages over a solid T&G pattern including much lower cost and more efficient use of the CVG cedar.

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Custom and  Prefabricated  Corners image

Custom and Prefabricated Corners

Flush mounting or add-on corners match panel texture and exposure selected; packed 8 per bundle, marked A, B, C, D on the back with 2 of each per bundle.
90 Degree Flush Corners image

90 Degree Flush Corners

The new 4 piece corner set has 2 pieces each of 4 different sized corners for the most seamless appearance. Constructed with the "Boston Weave" design for a traditional woven corner look.

Custom Prefabricated Corner Sets

Prefabricated corners can be custom made to precise specifications to match exposure, texture and buttline and eliminate trimming and cutting. They simplify application and result in a neater job for bay windows, columns, window or entry insets and other architectural details.
135 Degree Flush Corners image

135 Degree Flush Corners

For use around Bay windows and push-outs. Available as a standard option from the factory.
3-Piece Radius Flare Corners image

3-Piece Radius Flare Corners

Available in 3 standard sizes for both 7-1/8" and 5.3" exposure panels. Curved blocking provided also.
Custom Column Returns image

Custom Column Returns

Designed to spec for leg lengths up to 12 inches X 12 inches.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Special Products and Decorator Panels

Decorator Handy Panels image

Decorator Handy Panels

The New Handy Panel kit includes 10 panels, Nails, Starter and easy to follow application instructions. It also has all the great features of our full size panels including:

Unmatched Durability ' Properly installed and finished, the Cedar Valley Handy Panel provides low maintenance protection and beauty for generations. Our siding systems have limited warranties up to 50 years.

Overlapping End-Joints ' Hides seams, resists moisture penetration and eliminates caulking full panels.

Integrated Fiberglass Barrier ' A breathable shield adds an additional layer of protection to the panel.

Real wood ' We use only 100% Western Red Cedar ' the preferred choice of builders for its beauty, durability and ease of handling.
Individual Decorator Shingles image

Individual Decorator Shingles

Made from kiln-dried No. 1 Grade Western Red Cedar 18″ shingle blanks precision paralleled and hand-shaped.

Standard 5-inch (4-15/16" actual) Decorator shingles are packed 96 shingles per carton, each carton covering 25 square feet (4 cartons per square) at 7-1/2" maximum exposure at 1/8" spacing for exterior sidewall or Mansard roofs.

Available in Round, Fishscale, Hexagon, Octagon, Full Cove, Arrow, Diagonal, Square, Sawtooth, Acorn, Diamond, Bow Tie, Wave and Honey Bun.
Column Wraps image

Column Wraps

Designed to eliminate hours of trimming and cutting, column and post wraps are custom built to any combination of width and depth up to 12 inches X 12 inches.

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Cedar-Lam is a combination of all clear Vertical Grain (V.G.) western red cedar veneer bonded to a wood backer and molded into a T&G pattern. This laminate has several advantages over a solid T&G pattern including much lower cost and more efficient use of the CVG cedar.

  • Highest Quality Western Red Cedar
  • Clear Vertical Grain, NO Knots! (™Better Than A & Better!™)
  • Custom Sizes & Patterns Available
  • Resawn Textured & Eased Edge Available Special Order
  • Factory Finishing available

  • "New"™Cal-Fire W.U.I. Approval on 8′ Plywood backed
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Minimal Waste
  • No/Low V.O.C. Adhesives
  • Efficient Use of Cedar Resources
  • Uses 75% Less CVG Cedar Than Solid Sawn
  • Unsurpassed Beauty with Engineered Durability

  • Interior Paneling & Ceilings
  • Prefinished All-season Rooms
  • Soffits, Gables & Porches
  • Wainscotings
  • Post & Beam Construction
  • Factory Finished Exterior Siding

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Code and Technical Appendix

Need detailed drawings of our products and their installation? The following are technical drawings that Cedar Valley has made available for use, free of charge.

Installation Information

In the event Cedar Valley published application instructions conflict or contradict local building codes, please call the factory for clarification. If no local codes exist, refer to the 2003 I.C.C. residential building codes for guidelines.

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