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CHUTES International has pioneered and revolutionized the construction debris chute industry since 1989. We first introduced our patented, heavy-duty steel debris chute to fill the need for safe, time-saving and cost efficient debris removal. Then, in response to industry demand, we introduced our own DURACHUTE, a 32" HDPE plastic debris chute system.

More recently, CHUTES introduced its own flat chute line, DURAFLAT. The system is designed with the roofer in mind.

In 2004, CHUTES introduced its own line of internal trash & linen chutes, to accompany its compactor, DuraPak line, postal specialties service department and lockers.


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Trash Chutes image

Trash Chutes

Typical trash chute section for centralized handling of general household or office waste. All materials are prefabricated to shop drawing specifications. Expansion joints are provided permitting light variations in heights. These chutes are made of standard 16 gauge impact and corrosion resistance aluminized steel. Stainless steel available upon request.
Linen Chutes image

Linen Chutes

Standard linen chute section for centralized handling of soiled linens. All materials are prefabricated to shop drawing specifications. Expansion joints are provided permitting slight variations in heights. These chutes are made standard of 16 gauge impact and corrosion resistant aluminized steel. Stainless steel available upon request.

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Bagger System image

Bagger System - DuraBagger™

Compactor and bagger system for apartments, dormitories and high- rise office buildings. Compacted refuse can be extruded into continuous plastic tubing, individual bags or reusable 2 cubic yard containers.
Apartment Compactors image

Apartment Compactors - DuraPak™500-HD

DuraPak500-HD Compactor delivers exceptional quality and power while running more quietly than similar models. Designed for high-rise applications,DuraPakmachines are ideal choices for hotels,hospitals, apartment and office buildings. For use with compaction cans.

Recycling Sorters image

Recycling Sorters - DuraSorter™

DuraSorters™ work with internal trash chutes in multi-story buildings. This recycling sorter provides an easy method for sorting recyclables out of the waste stream. The system can be used in either new construction projects or installed as a retrofit to an existing trash chute system.

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Plastic Debris Chutes image

Plastic Debris Chutes - DURACHUTE™

DURACHUTE™, blow-molded of High Density Polyethylene, is thicker than other leading chutes and is formed with top and bottom re-enforcing rings. Our hoppers are made with galvanized steel pans for longer life.
Steel Debris Chutes image

Steel Debris Chutes

Our unique patented, 3'x3', heavy-duty steel system provides safe, fast and economical disposal of debris for new and heavy-duty renovation work. The debris is directly deposited through the chute door and falls into the containers at street level.

The construction debris chutes are designed to be mounted through windows, up and away from the structure or any new exterior walls.
Flat Debris Chutes image

Flat Debris Chutes - DURAFLAT™

CHUTES' DURAFLAT™ system was designed in response to industry demand for a light-weight, economical flat chute system. DURAFLAT stores and ships flat, then can be easily assembled using standard hand tools. Sections are joined together by sleeving chutes inside one another and connecting with zinc-plated chains (included).

With the use of the DURACONVERTER, optional accessories (hangers, hoppers, winches, etc.) from our DURACHUTE line can be used in conjunction with the DURAFLAT sections.

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