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Davis Colors guarantees its integral color products comply with ASTM-C979 standards, with the exception of 8084 and 807 due to their effect on air entraining admixtures. If any Davis Colors products are found to be defective, buyer's sole remedy shall be refund of color purchase price from point of purchase. Davis Colors does not guarantee the concrete materials, job site, installation or resulting colored concrete.


Davis Colors is the leading US manufacturer of color admixtures and automatic dosing systems for portland cement-based concrete paving, concrete products and structures. Davis Colors are added to the mix with their exclusive Chameleon™ PC-operated automatic dosing system, Mix-Ready® disintegrating bags or Granufin® low-dust colors and the Granumat® dosing system. Davis Colors products are available through concrete producers and building material dealers nationwide. Davis Colors™ come in 40 standard colors plus a spectrum of custom hues. Color cards, sample sets and specification information is available from Ready-Mix suppliers, building material dealers or direct from the company.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Powder Pigments

Powder Pigments image

Powder Pigments

Davis Colors makes thousands of different colored pigments: synthetic red, yellow, orange, brown and black iron oxides, carbon blacks, cobalt blues, and chromium oxide greens. We offer standard colors and custom powder blends. The powder pigments are packaged in 50 lb. bags and in bulk sacks.

Our Mix-Ready® line offers smaller packaging options. Many of our pigments are made from recycled material. In fact, sixty percent of the iron oxide pigment's content is made from recycled materials.

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Mortar Color - True-Tone™

True Tone™ Sweet 16™ colors turn ordinary mortar into 64 exciting shades. With such a large selection, your imagination can really take off. Mortar colors enhance the beauty of brick, block and stone to quicken the pulse of designers and homeowners. Jobs go faster, too, because True Tone™ dose-sized boxes don't require weighing. And since a little goes a long way, True Tones are economical to use. Durable True Tone™ colors go the distance to provide a long lasting, natural mortar finish.

True Tone™ colors contain iron oxide made from reclaimed metal or naturally occurring ores plus conditioners. Every batch is produced under rigid QUALITY controls for uniform color box-to-box and year-to-year. True Tones exceed ASTM C979 - Standard Specifications for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete and can also be mixed into concrete, grout or plaster. Used within recommended mix rates (10% maximum), they won't harm mortar strength or durability. True Tone colors are sun - fast, lime proof, weather resistant and environmentally SAFE.

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Acrylic Sealer image

Acrylic Sealer - W-1000

W-1000 is a water-base modified acrylic co-polymer emulsion that doubles as a membrane forming curing compound and a long-lasting sealer, especially formulated for architectural applications. W-1000 quickly dries to a semi-gloss, non-yellowing and durable barrier against moisture, oil and most stains. W-1000 is a milky white liquid that sprays on blue and dries clear on any horizontal concrete surface. Its non-clouding formula makes it especially suitable for use on architectural, colored, sand blasted or exposed aggregate concrete.

W-1000 has excellent sealing characteristics that can be used to seal concrete, masonry, concrete tile, natural and cast-stone, mortar, brick or stucco.

When used as a curing compound, W-1000 forms a membrane barrier to prevent the rapid loss of water from the surface of freshly placed concrete. This barrier retains the moisture so vital for proper cement hydration and the development of strength and hardness.

W-1000 helps control cracking and the development of efflorescence. When dry, W-1000 leaves a clear, nearly invisible, semi-gloss finish that is long-lasting, durable and protects against dusting, water damage and many types of stains. W-1000 is also used to pre-treat masonry and other surfaces to provide a sealed surface for less paint soak-through.

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Acrylic Sealer - Color Seal II™

Color Seal II™ is a membrane forming acrylic co-polymer sealer which is sprayed-on fresh colored concrete as a curing compound. It is used instead of water curing or plastic curing sheets which can discolor the slab. Color Seal II™ Keeps water in the slab while it cures which helps prevent cracking and optimizes final hardness. It also dust proof and seals the surface to protect against water damage and most stains. It is semi-transparent and tinted in 40 different shades to match our color card for integrally colored concrete.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Granufin® Free-Flowing Pigments

Nicro-Granulated Pigment and Color Metering Equipment image

Nicro-Granulated Pigment and Color Metering Equipment - Granufin® and Granumat®

Granufin® free-flowing pigments and the Granumat® concrete color metering system are so innovative, they were granted U.S. patent 4,946,505. Granufin® is a pigment granule with a binding ingredient that enhances color development when mixed into concrete.

The Granufin® micro-granule and color metering system was invented in 1989. Granufin® products are available through the Davis Colors™ North American distribution system. Together with Hydrotint™ liquids and economical powder concentrates, Davis Colors offers every form of color available.

A Complete System
The Granufin®/Granumat® color system includes Granufin® micro-granulated pigment and Granumat® equipment, which automatically weighs and transports pigment from bulk storage directly to the concrete mixer in a completely enclosed automated batching operation. For many concrete producers, automated metering can be a more economical method for producing colored concrete. Granufin™ colors are free-flowing, easy to handle and virtually dust-free for a cleaner manufacturing plant. They come in bulk super-sacks weighing between 882 to 2,866 pounds to further minimize transportion and handling costs.

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Liquid Color - Hydrotint®

Aqueous pigment dispersions are nothing new at Davis Colors™. In fact, we have been formulating liquid-based pigments since 1960 for paint and coating manufacturers. But we waited until now to introduce Hydrotint®, our new aqueous pigment dispersions especially formulated for colored concrete. That's because Davis Colors™ is committed to "Setting the Standard in Concrete Colors™". A liquid color had to prove itself as reliable and effective as our dry pigments before we could put the Davis Colors™ name on it.

Hydrotint® is a slurry of high-quality iron oxide pigments, special dispersants and stabilizers in water. It is formulated especially for use in automated dispensing equipment for plant-produced, integrally colored concrete products.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Disintegrating Bag for Concrete Colors

Disintegrating Bag for Concrete Colors  image

Disintegrating Bag for Concrete Colors - Mix-Ready®

Mix-Ready® is the original disintegrating bag for concrete colors and has been used successfully in millions of yards of concrete. We have provided a mix rate calculator that will tell you how much pigment needs to be added to concrete to produce your desired color. We have also provided a usage cost calculator to help you discover how the addition of Davis Colors pigments will impact your bottom line. Also available is our architect's guide-spec for colored cast-in-place concrete.

Mix-Ready bags end the dirty looks from drivers with dust in their faces, and from dispatchers upset that measuring and adding color the old-fashioned way delays trucks. Toss in and mix. No opening required.

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Automatic Closing System image

Automatic Closing System - GRANUMAT™

The GRANUMAT™ automatic dosing system is a modular machine that enables the easy, clean and accurate coloring of concrete in a wide spectrum of shades using free flowing GRANUFIN™ micro granules. We offer a wide range of GRANUMAT™ dosing units to meet your needs. Complete systems are configured to match production demands, color complexity and location constraints. We have also developed dedicated system controls that are easy to use.

Ancillary equipment includes a dust extraction unit and holding hopper cyclone.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Chameleon® Automatic Color Metering System

Automatic Color Metering System image

Automatic Color Metering System - Chameleon®

The Chameleon® system raises colored concrete to a higher level. Introducing the world's first PC-operated automatic color metering system specifically engineered to satisfy the unique requirements of Ready-Mix operators. Developed by Davis Colors, the Chameleon™ system breaks new ground by combining innovative new liquid color metering technology with the computing power of standard PC and the versatility of Windows® -based operating software.

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Chameleon® Ready Mix

Optimized to work in combination with our Hydrotint® liquid pigments, the Chameleon® is the most efficient, accurate and easy-to-use system available for weighing, blending and conveying colors into a Ready-Mix® truck. And, because the Chameleon® system is fully modular, it is easy to install, easy to customize and can grow to match your changing requirements. What's more? Since we designed the machine and make the color, you get a system with the support and service you expect from the people who have more automatic color systems in operation worldwide and in the U.S. than any other manufacturer.

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Chameleon® Pre-Cast

The Chameleon® Precast system addresses the precast industry™s unique requirements for batch size, accuracy and automatic batching control, while providing the flexibility to make thousands of custom colors using only four primary Hydrotint® pigments. The Chameleon® system never gets tired and its computer tracks every batch so there is never a question if the right color and quantity of pigment made it into the batch. And, because the Chameleon® Precast system is fully modular, it is easy to install, easy to customize and can grow to match changing requirements. What's more? Since we designed the machine and make the color, the system comes with the support and service you expect from the people who have more automatic color systems in operation worldwide and in the U.S. than any other manufacturer. Many precast manufactures also use our Chameleon® Express mini batch bucket system to create small batches of custom colors for special applications.

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Chameleon® Express image

Chameleon® Express

The Chameleon™ Express color batching system makes it possible to do on demand small size batching quickly, accurately and dust free. Using just four primary liquid colors, the Chameleon™ Express can make thousands of colors and shades and is as easy-to-use as an ATM. The Chameleon™ Express works just like an in-store paint tinting machine, but it's designed for concrete and mortar colors.

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Computer-Visualizing Software  image

Computer-Visualizing Software - The Concrete Palette™

The Concrete Palette™ by Davis Colors is the first computer-visualizing software tool that turns custom concrete colors viewed on a computer monitor into colors cast in concrete. It's available as a free download. With the ever-growing popularity of stamped concrete the Concrete Palette gives a designer more color options for their stamped concrete or decorative concrete projects. Now it is possible to create a color for stamped concrete that complements your own environment.

With the Concrete Palette™ you can view a "virtual sample tile" and then see what the color looks like in different sample paving or architectural concrete project photos. You can enlarge the photo and see the impact of small color changes using the "color tuner" button. After selecting a color, you can request a sample concrete swatch or order a custom-made concrete tile sample by clicking the "Get Sample" button.

The Concrete Palette™ is specifically calibrated to work together with Davis Colors' Chameleon® automatic color dosing system and Hydrotint liquid color pigments. The Chameleon® system is used in Ready Mix plants to automate the addition of color much like a tinting system does in a paint store. These colors are mixed into the concrete for use in stamped concrete, decorative concrete, tilt-up and anywhere else concrete is used.

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Product Literature

Material Data Safety Sheets & Tech Data Sheets
You can download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) & Tech Data Sheets (TDS)
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Photos by Color

Beautifully colored concrete using Davis Colors.
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Photos by Application

Davis Colors for any application.
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Photos by Project

Davis Colors for any project type.
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Photos of Concrete Tile Colors

Davis Colors chip samples.
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