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Dinoflex has been a leading innovator in the manufacturing of recycled rubber products for over two decades. We specialize in producing premium quality recycled rubber surfaces which makes us the right choice for high performance green building design. Our products not only help customers qualify for LEED credits, they also pass stringent indoor air quality testing for low emissions of total volatile organic compounds (VOC). Dinoflex products provide solutions for architects, designers and builders that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

What differentiates us versus other recycled rubber manufacturers is that Dinoflex products are produced in a block form, sliced into tiles and water jet cut for precision to help eliminate the appearance of seams. We have complete control over the quality of our products right down to the polyurethane binder that is manufactured on site. Dinoflex rubber floors are "Made flat, Stays Flat-" and guaranteed never to curl. Our unique process produces an impressive range of richly colored flooring, suitable for a multitude of sport and commercial applications and can even be customized with intricate logos and patterns. We are proud to offer a product that is of the highest quality and helps make the world a more livable place.


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Custom Design image

Custom Design

Created with our precision water jet cutting technology, these eye-catching designs create a seamless and impactful design. With over 60 Evolution colors to choose from, EvoPatterns are an excellent way to create a bold statement in your space.
The Color Innovator image

The Color Innovator

Dinoflex is proud to offer an extensive range of color combinations, from bold and daring colors to subtle and refined tones. Our Color Innovator is a great tool that allows the user to create custom recycled rubber flooring. Choose from our wide variety of EPDM color granules to create a custom mix that accents your personal brand or color scheme. Unleash your creative side and play with contrasting colors to highlight certain areas of your facility; with Dinoflex™s Color Innovator the possibilities are endless.
Custom Logo Colors image

Custom Logo Colors

Our precision water cutter technology enables us to create recycled rubber floors that are both functional and visually appealing. Utilize valuable floor space by displaying company logos or brand elements repeatedly throughout a facility. Write a message to customers in a strategic location or create play and learning areas for children, with no restrictions on size or shape the possibilities are endless.

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Recycled Rubber Flooring image

Recycled Rubber Flooring - DinoTurf

We combine ultra-durable recycled rubber with the toughest rated turf for indoor training. Our unique proprietary bonding system laminates two heavy duty layers together to create a surface that can withstand the most extreme workouts, day in and day out.

Recycled Rubber Mats image

Recycled Rubber Mats - Vulca-NO

Inspire confidence in every area of your facility with quality flooring underfoot. Our non-vulcanized process creates tough, odorless mats without the use of harmful solvents or VOC's. Whatever comes through your door,whether it's skate blades, metal cleats, rolling loads, or rough equipment edges, Dinoflex has got you covered.

Interior Flooring image

Interior Flooring - NEXT STEP™ Walk Soft

This radical interior flooring option has been exclusively engineered and manufactured to provide relief when long periods of standing are required. NEXT STEP™ Walk Soft components are exceptionally durable and were crafted to provide maximum enhancement of ergonomic properties. This series offers a softer, more comfortable feel while still giving users the durability and easy maintenance that makes recycled rubber flooring so versatile and long lasting. Walk Soft reduces the effect of back, hip, knee and ankle pain common to people who spend hours on their feet on a daily basis.
Interior Flooring image

Interior Flooring - NEXT STEP™ High Impact

NEXT STEP™ High Impact is an ideal product for gym and fitness applications that are subjected to elevated impact and force on a daily basis. NEXT STEP™ High Impact recycled rubber flooring provides an extremely durable surface while incorporating pre and post-consumer recycled content in the dense backing. Specifically engineered for impact absorption and sound reduction, NEXT STEP™ High Impact is perfect for gym and fitness center applications and is available in a wide variety of color options.
Interior Flooring image

Interior Flooring - NEXT STEP™ High Impact Extreme

For surfaces that are subjected to the most extreme amounts of impacts and abuse on a regular basis, NEXT STEP™ High Impact Extreme recycled rubber flooring is the premiere option on the market today. This radical new flooring has all the same characteristics as NEXT STEP™ High Impact; however, it incorporates a more substantial form factor, giving this product superior performance, impact and sound reduction qualities.
Interior Commercial Flooring image

Interior Commercial Flooring - NEXT STEP™ Luxury

Created for commercial and office spaces, NEXT STEP™ Luxury is a cost effective, durable flooring that requires less maintenance and up-keep in comparison to carpeted surfaces. With our lamination technology this line doesn™t require underlay like many alternatives; resulting in a one-step installation. With a vast array of color options and combinations, NEXT STEP™ Luxury flooring allows you to create a space that compliments your office atmosphere. With a dense backing and medium compressibility this flooring provides a comfortable surface day in and day out, providing high color flooring at a lower cost.
Recycled Rubber Flooring Infused with Cork image

Recycled Rubber Flooring Infused with Cork - Nature's Collection Series

The Nature™s Collection seamlessly blends the utility and versatility of recycled rubber with the style and sophistication of sustainably harvested cork. By infusing cork into our recycled rubber we have combined characteristics that are similar yet complimentary to one another giving you a product with superb performance and a visual dimension not typically found with rubber surfaces. With 20 colors to choose from, Nature™s Collection offers you a wide palette to create a unique space with subtle natural tones. Appling a treatment of DinoCoat is recommended for the best finish.
Interior Commercial Flooring image

Interior Commercial Flooring - Evolution

Our Evolution Commercial Flooring is one of the most versatile, durable and attractive recycled rubber products that Dinoflex has to offer. Designed to provide the look of more traditional commercial surfaces such as carpet, stone and even cork, Evolution tiles can be used in a variety of interior applications and will outlast many types of traditional flooring products. When you combine these striking color blends with high traction, underfoot comfort and superior sound reducing properties, this hard-wearing, sustainable recycled rubber tile flooring is perfect for a wide range of commercial applications. Evolution Tiles are stain resistant and remarkably easy to maintain without the use of harsh chemicals. These precision water-jet cut tiles are easy to install and come in straight edge, glued in place or a fully reversible interlocking format.
Stride Fitness Tiles image

Stride Fitness Tiles

Stride Fitness Tiles are the ideal flooring solution for workout areas located over occupied space. This non-laminated molded tile provides superior vibration absorption and unparalleled noise reduction properties. The grid back design on the 1" tile has been engineered to provide increased stability for cardio and weight equipment. The 1 1/2" tiles provide additional sound reduction for free weight areas. Our self-aligning dowel interlocking system is installed without adhesives and can even be installed over existing rubber flooring. Stride Fitness Tiles are available in a full range of standard colors and custom colors are available upon request, with low minimum quantities required.
Sport Mat image

Sport Mat

Dinoflex has the perfect product for indoor fitness and sports facilities. Our incredible Sport Mat Flooring is a high traction, durable, recycled rubber tile available in a precision cut interlocking format or square edge finish for glue down installation. The unique block production method pioneered by Dinoflex provides high density tiles that are made flat and stay flat for simple installation. Each tile has color throughout to stand up to skates, cleats, ski boots and heavy weights with no visible surface wear. When you consider the inherent sound reduction traits and FloorScore™ certification for indoor air quality, you quickly realize that you can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your customers and staff.
Acoustic Underlay image

Acoustic Underlay - Comfort Cushion

Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, these tiles are an affordable and easy to install alternative to other rolled underlayment™s or costly sound engineering systems. These 1 meter square tiles are primarily used under hardwood and engineered wood flooring to achieve superior sound reduction, creating a better interior living space and quieter work environment.
Interior and Exterior Black Rubber Mat image

Interior and Exterior Black Rubber Mat - Dinomat

This four by six foot recycled black rubber mat product is produced using the process of vulcanization, making it non-porous and extremely durable. Dinomats are suitable for small, high wear areas in both interior and exterior sport facilities but are not designed to be used as a full floor product.

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Exterior Rubber Tiles image

Exterior Rubber Tiles - NuVista

NuVista Tiles provide superior noise reduction and high traction surfacing for rooftop patios, decks or walkways for apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings, schools, restaurants and health care facilities. Their permeable nature allows for gradual water flow, improving storm water management. NuVista Tiles can also be used to provide a non-vegetative border when used with Green Roof systems, and can be used to create accessible walkways to roof mounted mechanical systems. Easy to maintain and replace, Dinoflex NuVista Tiles are the right choice for high performance green landscaping projects.
Rubber Pavers image

Rubber Pavers - CushionWalk®

These resilient, long lasting tiles are the perfect product for covering concrete patios, balconies and walkways. Made from recycled rubber, their impact absorbing and high traction qualities make for a safer and more comfortable walking surface. These 3/4" flat back tiles are often chosen for senior care facilities, exterior restaurant patios and many other commercial and residential applications. CushionWalk® Pavers are available in interlocking or glue down options, with a smooth or decorative brick pattern.
Playground Tiles image

Playground Tiles - PlayTiles®

Dinoflex PlayTiles® are specifically designed to reduce injuries from falls under the guidelines set out under the ASTM F1292 standards. These tiles are ideal for schools, parks, daycares, multi-family playgrounds, backyard play areas and can even be used with indoor or outdoor climbing walls. The unique interlocking system can easily be installed over concrete, asphalt or compacted gravel. In addition, these tiles provide you the option of incorporating designs and symbols into the surface to make it even more appealing to children - imagine hopscotch or the alphabet built right into your playground surface. Use Dinoflex PlayTiles® to create a fully accessible playground surface that can be used in virtually any weather and is tough enough to stand up to the most active children.

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Environmental Statement image

Environmental Statement

At Dinoflex, we are constantly seeking innovative new ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Environmental awareness is evident in the development of our products, our industrial processes, the materials we use, and every facet of our business. This is what designers and architects are looking for when they choose a Green product. Our manufacturing process does not pollute the air, ground or water.

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