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The Durable Corporation has been recycling tires into high quality industrial and commercial products for over 75 years. Our core product lines include both floor mats and loading dock bumpers from recycled post-consumer tires. Having grown and diversified over seven decades, we now offer complimentary products in both lines to provide our dealers and their customers with complete matting and loading dock protection products.


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Laminated Bumpers image

Laminated Bumpers - DURA-SOFT BUMPERâ„¢

Standard laminated bumper pads with patented loop design and steel face provide the ultimate in dock protection.
Molded Bumpers image

Molded Bumpers

Correct amount of resiliency to absorb pressure and impact shock without damage to truck or dock.
Wheel Chocks image

Wheel Chocks

Orange molded rubber wheel chock provides a safety appearance to our most popular wheel chock.
Corner Guards image

Corner Guards

Provides maximum protection in storage spaces, parking garages and loading docks.

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Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - Designer Dura-Tile II

Attractive carpet-like surface provides a touch of luxury in areas of frequent foot traffic. Traps dirt, absorbs moisture, and protects floors. Suitable for any entrance or as wall to wall floor covering.
Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - DURA-TILE II

Traps dirt, absorbs moisture & protects floors. Suitable for any entrance with heavy traffic.
Recycled Mats image

Recycled Mats - DURITE 108

This heavy-duty, recycled tire link mat is excellent for high traffic and wet areas.
Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - DURA-RUG 400

Carpet-like nap. Open-mesh construction. Resists wear & attracts debris & moisture. Rolls easily for storage.
Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - Stop-N-Dry

Extremely strong and durable. Wrinkle, mildew, and abrasion resistant. Quick drying and excellent for the harshest climates.
Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - DURALOOP

Excellent scraping action & multidirectional wlaking surface. UV stabilized to resist fading.
Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - Recessed Cocoa Matting

Tough fibers remove grit & water from shoes. Dries quickly. Easily cleaned.
Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - VYLON- 500 C

Stain resistant vinyl link matting. Can be used with high heel shoe traffic. Variety of colors. Mat available with custom logos.

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