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Since 1952, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has manufactured state-of- the-art noise control products and systems for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, educational and government applications. The companyís architectural acoustic panels provide a high level of sound absorption for spaces whose acoustics create an unhealthy or uncomfortable environment.

Eckelís sound-absorbing acoustic panels find wide use in large spaces such as gymnasiums, pools, auditoriums, places of worship, and correctional facilities. Industrial applications include water and wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. They also dramatically improve the acoustic environment in smaller spaces such as health clubs, enclosed racquet sport rooms, restaurants and meeting rooms.

Eckel also manufactures self-contained, sound-insulated enclosures such as audiometric rooms and booths for hearing testing; recording and voiceover rooms; and industrial enclosures for noise-producing machinery. Eckelís acoustic test facilities, such as anechoic chambers and reverberation rooms are considered the industry standard for acoustic testing in product design and development for automotive, industrial, audio, electronic and aircraft/aerospace equipment.


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Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFP) image

Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFP)

Eckoustic Functional Panels are high performance, sound-absorbing, fire resistant panels which can be spot located on walls or ceilings to achieve effective noise control.

EFPs are independent units that can be put into place without disturbing existing utilities. EFPs provide multi-functional and adaptive acoustic control and do so at considerably less cost than conventional continuous ceiling or wall treatment.
Flat Functional Panels image

Flat Functional Panels

Eckel Flat Functional Panels (FFP) are engineered to provide maximum sound control. They offer a simple and aesthetically pleasing method of efficiently reducing reverberation levels and background noise in commercial, office, retail, and institutional environments.

Due to the FFPs exceptional sound absorption properties and special design features, only a percentage of a room's wall and ceiling surfaces need effective noise treatment.
Acoustic Lay-in Panels image

Acoustic Lay-in Panels

Eckel Acoustic Lay-In Panels (ALPs) provide a convenient, attractive and economical system to increase the acoustical performance of any room via it's ceiling. Ideal for special purpose applications requiring maximum ceiling sound absorption, ALPs greatly improve the acoustical environment in rooms with marginal lay-in acoustic ceilings. .
Delta Acoustic Panels image

Delta Acoustic Panels

Eckel Delta Acoustic Panels (DAPs) are high performance "unit" sound absorbing panels designed to be flush mounted on wall and ceiling surfaces; Their unique design and edge geometry provide maximum sound absorption in flush mounted wall and ceiling settings. Sleek and refined, a Delta peforated metal acoustical panel system can be installed without disturbing existing utilities, such as lighting, ventilation, diffusers, sprinklers, etc.
Eckel Correctional Panels image

Eckel Correctional Panels

Eckel Eckoustic Correctional Panels (ECPs) are perforated metal acoustic panels designed specifically for security applications for use in Correctional Institutions, Jails, Detention Center and other high security facilities.

ECPs comprise 2" thick flat sound absorbing panels with a special security fastening system.

Eco-Logic Environmental Barriers

Eckel Eco-Logic Noise Barriers ameliorate unwanted noise in almost any exposed or outdoor setting.

Over the years we've encountered a wide variety of outdoor noise problems and have consistently provided effective turnkey solutions.

From subway systems, highway and airport barriers, jet engine blast barriers to rooftop generator, HVAC, outdoor pump stations and turbines, Eckel Eco-Logic Noise Barriers are engineered to deliver results.
Standard Facings and Trims image

Standard Facings and Trims

Eckel Industries metal perforated acoustical panel sheet facings are available in aluminum or steel of three different types; 22GA standard perforated, 0.032 embossed aluminum and 24 GA textured aluminum or steel. Five patterns are offered in widths up to 48", and lengths to 120". Trim accessories include 2" or 4" deep "J", "U", or "C" shaped channels. Acoustic filler will be 1.5 lb cu/ft sealed in 1.5-2 mil flameguard poly 30" wide.

Perforated facings are ideal for continuous wall and ceiling applications where full surface coverage is required. Facings are available finished with standard white paint, special colors, and mil finished aluminum.

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Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites image

Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites

Quality Engineered Sound Isolation Rooms for Audiologists, Doctors, Hearing Aid Specialists and Clinics

Used the world over, Eckel Audiometric Rooms provide the precise noise control environments neccessary for all variety of audiological testing. Over the past five decades Eckel has developed a broad spectrum of standard audiology booths, rooms and suites.

A choice of eight standard Audiometric Room models are available. Eckel also provides custom audiological & audiometric room design, fabrication and installation services.
Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites image

Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites - CL Series

We offer innovative audiometric rooms and suites for all audiological measurements and research and combine excellent performance with verstile design. Customers have a choice of eight standard models of 4" thick single-wall Eckel Audiometric Rooms.
Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites image

Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites - CL Series Lo Profile

Eckel offers audiometric rooms and suites for all types of audiological measurements and research. Our CL (CamLock) Series booths combine verstile modular design & industry-standard performance.

Choice of eight standard models of 4" thick single-wall CamLock Booths.
Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites image

Audiometric Rooms, Booths & Suites - G Series

Eckel offers a wide range of standard rooms and custom-made suites to meet audiological clinical and research requirements. Eckel's uniquely engineered G-Panel design affords tremendous noise reduction qualities for our G-Series Line.

Choose from 19 demountable (G-Series panels) standard models and custom-made rooms for your specific needs. Rooms are easy to install, and are modular, making them easy to take down, move and transport.
Audiometric Booth  image

Audiometric Booth - AB Series

Unique, Proven Design
Unitized all-welded construction ensures reliable acoustic performance and dependable noise reduction.

Comfortable and efficient, the Eckel AB Series Audiometric Booth offers ample interior space, yet is compact enough to readily pass through a standard door opening.

Easy, Comfortable Access
Our large side entry door allows ease of access to persons of all ages. The Eckel Audiometric Booths's roomy interior is spacious enough to accommodate a mother and child or those who would have difficulty entering and sitting in most mini booths.

Outstanding Performance
The Eckel Audiometric Booth has been specially engineered with features that maximize performance; double acoustic window, continuous magnetic seal on the access door, and silenced ventilation. Exclusive Eckel vibration damping design wall construction ensures acoustic integrity.

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Full/Hemi Anechoic Chambers image

Full/Hemi Anechoic Chambers

Full Anechoic Chambers
FULL ANECHOIC CHAMBERS are engineered acoustical structures that simulate "free field" conditions, where the walls, floor or ceiling absorb 99% to 100% of the incident sound energy. These chambers are constructed with noise attenuating outer structures of masonry or modular panels and have all interior surfaces lined with anechoic wedges.

Hemi-Anechoic Chambers
HEMI-ANECHOIC CHAMBERS have acoustical treatment on the walls and ceiling only and feature hard floors with no acoustical treatment. The solid floor of the hemi-anechoic chamber is common for testing large and heavy equipment such as automobiles, construction equipment, ATV's or white goods and appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, where the normal mode of operation is over a reflective plane such as a floor or hard road surface.
Portable Anechoic Chambers image

Portable Anechoic Chambers

Eckel Portable Anechoic Chambers (PACs) provide the essential environment for conducting a wide variety of acoustical studies.

PACs assist in:
Improving product performance
Establishing Quality control of components and systems
Designing products with reduced noise output

Applications of these chambers include:
  • Acoustical testing and analysis of small electronic, electrical, and mechanical devices
  • Calibration of microphones
  • Free field response testing of loudspeakers
  • Determination of hearing aid characteristics
  • Animal behavioral studies

Our high performance chambers are available in a broad range of sizes, with low frequency cuttoffs from 150 Hz. We offer a complete line of standardized models with various optional equipment available.
SuperSoft Test Chambers image

SuperSoft Test Chambers

The SuperSoft compact panel chamber lining offers a practical and economic alternative for many hemi anechoic testing applications, such as in automotive appliance components. Supersoft high performance perforated metallic modular absorber panels are installed using a track and batten system.The "V" ridged panel facings help maximize the panels performance.
Wedge and Chamber Construction image

Wedge and Chamber Construction

Attenuating Structures
In order to obtain a suitable sound environment, the anechoic lining is installed in a proper noise isolating structure. This enclosure may be one of several types of construction built on an isolated floor, or floated on springs or other vibration isolation material.
Reverberation Rooms image

Reverberation Rooms

Eckel Reverberation rooms are designed for the determination of noise output of sound sources, transmission loss of partitions, insertion loss of silencers, response characteristics of microphones, and random incidence absorption coefficients of materials.

Eckel reverberation rooms exceed reverberant test requirements and surpass specific interior sound levels and environmental requirements necessary for proper test measurements.

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Modular Panels & Enclosures image

Modular Panels & Enclosures

Eckel Eckoustic Modular Panel (EMP) Systems & Enclosures are the ideal solution for reducing and isolating excessive worksite noise. They offer effective long-term solutions to industrial noise problems...providing quieter, more productive and OSHA compliant work areas.

Our pre-engineered, structurally strengthened panels combine outstanding sound control properties with tremendous versatility. Eckel EMPs provide effective noise control for any application.
EMP: Type C Panel image

EMP: Type C Panel

Eckel EMP Type C panels are not only are individually removable and interchangeable, they also provide additional structural integrity to the enclosure or wall. The removability feature allows individual panels to be quickly disassembled from their structures for access/maintenance of enclosed machinery or equipment. EMP modular enclosures and wall systems can be easily expanded or reduced as needs change
EMP: Type H Panel image

EMP: Type H Panel

The industry leading Type H Fixed Panel Connection System utilizes a unique offset panel edge design. This design offers several distinct benefits. Of prime importance, the offset edge allows the panel battens to fully engage the top and bottom trim, thereby creating an acoustically tight enclosure. The offset edge and panel batten design forms a smooth face for mounting doors, silencers, and other accessories. Additional strength is another beneficial feature - The 16 ga "H" batten connectors are the strongest offered for permanent enclosures, as are the 16 gauge panel diaphragms.
Custom EMP Applications image

Custom EMP Applications

Eckel Noise Control Technologies designs and fabricates custom enclosures and barriers to suit virtually any unique requirement.
EMP Applications image

EMP Applications

EMPs effectively isolate personnel from noisy machinery and equipment, which can provide for a safer, more productive, OSHA compliant work environment.

EMPs offer a viable, reasonably priced method of quieting the industrial environment. They can be used as machinery enclosures to reduce noise levels around existing in-plant machinery.

Similarly, EMPs can be incorporated by manufacturers as part of an OEM "silencing" package for new machinery, eliminating the manufacturer's need for extensive, costly machinery redesign.

It is common to employ the panels to construct sound conditioned in-plant offices and control rooms. Such enclosures allow personnel to work in a comforatble acoustical environment. Personnel fatigue is lessened, accidents reduced, and communications improved.

Outdoor application include EMP barriers at water pumping stations, transformers, around various mechanical equipment and throughout transportation corridors.

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Applied Solutions

Eckel offers a wide range of standard and custom made studios, newsrooms, translation booths, etc.

All combine performance coupled with versatile design and economy.
Broadcast Studios image

Broadcast Studios

Studios for the Broadcast & Communications Industry
Featuring the Eckel Cam-Locking, demountable panel system
Standard design or custom engineering, we're ready to help you create your ideal studio setting.
Correctional Institutions and High Security Facilities image

Correctional Institutions and High Security Facilities

Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs)
Type HD EFPs - acoustic panels for reducing background noise and reverberation.

Eckoustic® Correctional Panels (ECPs)
Extremely rugged 2" thick flat sound absorbing panels with special security fastening system.

Eckoustic® Scurity Ceiling Panel System (ESC)
Continuous acoustic treatment with extra strong 2" thick acoustic panels.
Custom Enclosures image

Custom Enclosures

Eckel EMP Modular Panel Systems & Enclosures Provide the Ideal Solution for Isolating & Reducing Noise from Machinery and Equipment.

We Offer Industrial, Test and Research Enclosures.

A quieter workplace in manufacturing, processing plants, machine shops, industrial facilities and commercial operations can improve worker morale & productivity, lessen fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

Worker fatigue is lessened, personnel safety is improved; productivity is enhanced! Quite simple.
TEC Damping Sheet image

TEC Damping Sheet

Quieter Industrial Machinery and Office Equipment

The cost-effective acoustic material for vibration damping & noise reduction... in existing or new products.

The TEC Damping Sheet - a pressure-sensitive, asphaltic-based material - offers a practical means of acoustic and vibration control... effective noise abatement of radiating metal surfaces, wherever it is needed for protection of personnel, without interference in production operations.

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Custom Engineering image

Custom Engineering

Eckel engineers have extensive experience in designing engineered acoustical structures, from specially designed OEM enclosures to sound suppression blast fence at international airports.

Our engineering staff works with leading acoustical consultants and engineers worldwide to provide sound solutions for a broad variety of applications.
Jet Engine & Gas Turbine Silencers image

Jet Engine & Gas Turbine Silencers

The competence of Eckel acoustical engineers in the field of jet engine sound suppression has long been recognized by aircraft engine manufacturers. Eckel Industries provides complete service from initial planning and design through installation and testing.

Silencing gas turbine installations in industrial, military, and comercial environments requires the attenuation of noise from the turbine's atmospheric inlet and exhaust openings.

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Projects image


Since 1952 Eckel Noise Control Technologies.has done thousands of projects providing sound solutions to noise problems.

From industrial noise control enclosures to anechoic chambers and architectural acoustic panels, Eckel's products and systems have been incorporated in projects by different industries and applications throughout the world.

The current projects focus primarily on recent acoustic test facility projects. Future projects will include features on noise control panels and enclosures.

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Acoustic Panels Reduce Noise and Boost Productivity at Adelphi University image

Acoustic Panels Reduce Noise and Boost Productivity at Adelphi University

Libraries are notoriously quiet, or at least theyre meant to be. But what happens when students need to interact for studying and project work? How can libraries effectively accommodate these activities and keep the noise down for other patrons?
Columbus, Ohio Wastewater Treatment Plant improves working  conditions with Eckel acoustic panels image

Columbus, Ohio Wastewater Treatment Plant improves working conditions with Eckel acoustic panels

Its a fact of life in every industrial facility: Heavy machinery and a cavernous room are a bad combination. The noise generated in such an environment quickly becomes intolerable, not to mention dangerous for those working there. Facility managers and operators at the Southerly and Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plants in Columbus, Ohio, as well as officials in the Citys Division of Sewerage and Drainage, are on alert for those conditions and the associated risks.
Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant image

Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Industrial plants are known for being loud, acoustically-harsh environments. The combination of high ceilings, reflective surfaces and the din from heavy machinery creates an optimal environment for reverberation and noise. Such conditions can decrease productivity and increase safety hazards, creating a unique challenge for facility managers. That is the problem the Coney Islan Wastewater Treatment Plant faced after an evaluation of the acoustic levels in its facility.
Noise Takes a Dive at Fremont Ross High School Natatorium image

Noise Takes a Dive at Fremont Ross High School Natatorium

When you combine loud activity and a raucous crowd in a space surrounded by hard surfaces, you get an acoustic nightmare. Sound bounces all over the place, reverberating in ways that are unintelligible, distracting and unpleasant. This is exactly the scenario encountered in buildings with indoor pools, also known as natatoriums, and its a problem that Fremont Ross High School in Fremont, OH needed to solve. Eckoustic Functional Panels from Eckel Noise Control Technologies provided the remedy, transforming the schools natatorium into a space acoustically suited for every intended purpose.
Eckel EFPs Transform Malone University Gym into Acoustic  Champion image

Eckel EFPs Transform Malone University Gym into Acoustic Champion

Universities, colleges and schools need to accommodate a variety of academic and extra-curricular functions, as well as community activities. But its entirely impractical and prohibitively expensive to build a separate venue for each purpose. So, academic facilities are left with a common challenge: How to maximize the usability of on- campus space to serve multiple functions. When the space in question is a gymnasium, it adds extra layers of difficulty. This is the challenge that Canton, Ohios Malone University faced, and one that Eckel Noise Control Technologies EFPs solved.
Eckel Recording Room Captures Sounds of The Big Easy image

Eckel Recording Room Captures Sounds of The Big Easy

A U.S. Mint-turned-museum boasts high-tech recording capabilities devoted to the music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana
Eckel Orchestrates Sound Solution for Great Salt Bay School Gym image

Eckel Orchestrates Sound Solution for Great Salt Bay School Gym

Anyone who has ever attended a childs school concert will tell you that the quality of the sound can be the difference between an enjoyable experience and a blistering headache. Great Salt Bay Community School in Damariscotta, Maine utilizes its gymnasium not only for athletics, but also for concerts and presentations. After a sound system failure forced faculty to prematurely end a concert school administrators knew it was time to upgrade the space.

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