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With expertise in creating optimal sound environments, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has been at the forefront of acoustic analysis and design since 1952. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eckel helped to create the world's first Anechoic Chamber at Harvard University. Since then, the company has pioneered chamber design for use in product testing from cell phones to cars to jet engines helping engineers and manufacturers achieve exceptional quality standards.

Building on the science behind its Anechoic Chambers, Eckel set the standard for the design and manufacture of other types of noise control solutions. Audiometric Rooms & Studios create the ideal controlled environment for hearing testing, recording and other sound isolation applications. Acoustic Panels provide precise control of reverberation and background noise in any setting from auditoriums and gyms to concert halls and industrial facilities. Industrial Enclosures offer custom-engineered options for worksite noise isolation.

No matter the acoustic challenge, Eckel has a sound solution.


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Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFP) image

Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFP)

Eckoustic Functional Panels are high performance, sound-absorbing, fire resistant panels which can be spot located on walls or ceilings to achieve effective noise control.

EFPs are independent units that can be put into place without disturbing existing utilities. EFPs provide multi-functional and adaptive acoustic control and do so at considerably less cost than conventional continuous ceiling or wall treatment.
Acoustic Lay-in Panels image

Acoustic Lay-in Panels

Eckel Acoustic Lay-In Panels (ALPs) provide a convenient, attractive and economical system to increase the acoustical performance of any room via it's ceiling. Ideal for special purpose applications requiring maximum ceiling sound absorption, ALPs greatly improve the acoustical environment in rooms with marginal lay-in acoustic ceilings. .
Specialty Acoustic Panels image

Specialty Acoustic Panels

Using the same acoustic design principles of our EFP sounds absorbers Eckel offers an array of Specialty Acoustic Panels to meet very specific needs, such as high security applications (prisons), outdoor settings and highly corrosive industrial applications.

Flat Functional Panels (FFPs)
Delta Acoustic Panels (DAPs)
Eckel Correctional Panels
Eco-Logic Environmental Barriers

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G Series and CL Series (Standard) Rooms image

G Series and CL Series (Standard) Rooms

Eckel™s G Series and CL Series Room are the standard of the industry. These premium quality, innovative rooms are available in eight standard sizes, and offer a range of options. Designed for a wide array of audiological and hearing research applications G & CL series rooms provide unsurpassed value for their combination of price and performance.

G and CL series rooms are designed and built with superb acoustic characteristics to maximize external noise isolation and create a testing environment ideally suited for clinical level audiological exams. The walls, ceilings, and floor panels of all CL & G series rooms are STC rated to provide outstanding acoustic performance within the rooms and can be upgraded to a double-wall design for high ambient noise applications.

Both the G Series and CL Series Rooms are comfortable and easy to use. The interiors are spacious and ADA compliant, and if additional space is necessary, a two-room suite design is available.

Available with a wide selection of interior and exterior finishes the Cl & G series can be custom designed to fit the desired aesthetic of any setting.
Custom Solutions image

Custom Solutions

Eckel™s custom audiology rooms can be tailored to specific space requirements, including the ™Room within a Room™ design to provide the ultimate in acoustic insulation. Custom rooms feature high performance acoustic windows and doors, fully isolated floors, custom interior wall coverings and carpeting, suspended tile ceilings, and low noise ventilation or air-conditioning systems. Options can include multi-glazed observation windows, Lo-Profile Door and emergency lighting.
AB Series Booths image

AB Series Booths

Eckel™s pre-assembled AB Series Booths offer high performance in a small package. The booths are unique to the market given their size, acoustic integrity, durability and utility. They come fully assembled and ready to use upon delivery.

The unitized, all-welded construction and continuous magnetic door seal are innovative and proven designs that contribute to the AB Series™ outstanding acoustic performance. The large entry door allows ease of access and the roomy interior is designed to allow test subjects to move unimpeded in the room.

Known for their compact size and practicality, the AB Series booths are small enough to fit through a standard 30 in. doorway. Additionally, the optional cam-lock construction facilitates disassembly for moving, storage or shipping.

While the booths are ™mini™, the interior space is roomy and comfortable™featuring double acoustic windows and quiet forced-air ventilation. The AB Series booths are available with lighting, carpeting, vibration isolators or heavy-duty castors, and universal jack panel (adaptable to any audiometer).

Eckel™s AB Series Booths are ideal for small-footprint applications, such as medical offices, clinical laboratories, schools, and business or industrial settings. They are often incorporated intro trailers and cargo vans widely used in mobile test facilities. Eckel™s Unique Cam-Lock Design
Eckel™s audiometric rooms and studios are modular designs available with a unique cam-lock system to facilitate on-site installation, and if needed, relocation. This unique feature helps ensure the acoustic integrity, durability and utility of each room when it is installed and likewise, if the room needs to be relocated, it also ensures the room can be disassembled, moved and re-assembled without compromising the performance or integrity of the room once it™s been re-commissioned. No other audiometric room or booth on the market features this innovative design.
Voiceover Rooms and Studios image

Voiceover Rooms and Studios

Eckel™s Voiceover Rooms and Studios offer an ideal environment for vocal and other recording studio applications. Eckel studios and voiceover rooms create the perfect acoustic setting for audio engineering and the recording of live performances in a controlled setting.

Engineered and built using the same technology found in our clinical grade audiometric rooms voiceover rooms and studios offer the same design qualities and performance capabilities. The walls, windows, ceiling and door systems incorporate acoustic treatment and provide an ideal environment for all types of recordings. The doors seal with double magnetic gaskets, and all doors and optional windows are STC-rated assemblies, providing a high degree of sound separation between the recording room and the control room. Additionally, isolated floors prevent the transmission of low-frequency vibration noise. Rooms and studios feature a quiet ventilation system, ceiling lighting and AC outlets. Audio cables provide microphone and amplifier connections to the control room. And, like our Audiometric Rooms, installation is easy with our unique cam-lock modular construction.

Eckel™s Voiceover Rooms and Studios provide the ideal environment for vocal recording, overdubs, performance enhancements and other studio applications. While the array of applications is endless, the rooms are often used for production, recording and broadcasting of live musical and theatrical performances, lectures, symposia, oral histories and video interviews.

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Full/Hemi Anechoic Chambers image

Full/Hemi Anechoic Chambers

Eckel™s Full and Hemi-Anechoic Chambers are custom-engineered structures designed to create the ideal acoustic environment in which to conduct testing and research within an array of industries and disciplines. These state-of-the-art echo-free enclosures have a sound energy absorption level of 99+% and are precision-designed and custom-fabricated to the meet the frequency specifications required to achieve exacting scientific and product testing goals.

Eckel helped lay the groundwork for anechoic testing by assisting in the development of the first chamber ever constructed and in the more than 65 years since then has continued to be a pioneer in the field of acoustic research having built facilities worldwide for a wide array of customers within the automotive, telecommunications, consumer product, aircraft/aerospace, audio, high-tech and academic communities
Portable Anechoic Chambers image

Portable Anechoic Chambers

Eckel™s Portable Anechoic Chambers (PACs) are full anechoic chambers scaled to a size that makes them ideal for a range of uses including acoustic testing of small devices, calibration of microphones, free field response testing of loudspeakers and behavioral studies of small animals.

These high performance chambers are available in a range of sizes with low frequency cut-offs of 150, 200, 250 and 450-500 hertz. As their name implies PACs are designed for versaility and portability and are available as complete pre-assembled chambers or in a sectional design that can be readily bolted or cam-locked together on-site for fast and easy assembly.

PACs are constructed utilizing a 2″-4″ thick sound attenuating outer wall structure with pre-tested anechoic wedges lining the interior walls, ceiling and door of the enclosures. Available wedge designs include perforated metallic , standard fiberglass , fiberglass cloth covered and standard E-element. The non-reflective floors provide a maintainable sound absorption level inside the chamber. Optional features and accessories include vibration isolation mounts, floor grating, ventilation, and instrument supports and hangers.

PACs provide an optimal acoustic environment within which to perform a range of R&D tests related to the effect of noise and vibration on product performance and can reliably establish quality control benchmarks of mechanical and electric components and component systems. PACs also provide the ideal environment to test and evaluate a range of performance metrics and sound output levels of small audio devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptop computers.
SuperSoft Test Chambers image

SuperSoft Test Chambers

Eckel™s Supersoft Test Chambers offer a practical and economical alternative for many hemi-anechoic testing applications. Supersoft chambers utilize proprietary low-profile corrugated panels as the interior acoustic treatment to achieve baseline performance that meets ISO 3744 test standards and can also be engineered to meet lab grade testing criteria of ISO 3745.

SuperSoft panel linings can be installed in a new or existing structure. They cover the walls and ceiling using a track and batten system. Fill density and panel spacing from the walls determine the acoustic performance. The ™V™ ridge facing design of the perforated metal panels enhances acoustic performance by reflecting unabsorbed energy back into the acoustic treatment rather then back into the host room.

SuperSoft chambers are suitable for a range of acoustic test facility projects where a lab grade full or hemi-anechoic chamber is not needed or is cost-prohibitive. They are particularly useful for testing products that will be used on a solid surface, such as vehicles, construction machinery and major appliances.
Reverberation Rooms image

Reverberation Rooms

Eckel™s Reverberation Rooms are designed for the determination of the strength of noise sources, transmission loss of partitions, insertion loss of silencers, response characteristics of microphones and sound absorption coefficients of materials.

Eckel reverberation rooms exceed reverberant test requirements and surpass specific interior sound levels and environmental requirements necessary for proper test measurements.

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Industrial Enclosures image

Industrial Enclosures

Eckel™s Industrial Enclosures are designed to reduce and isolate sound in factories, plants and other industrial facilities where excessive noise is a persistent condition. They can be used to create viable and cost-effective noise control for in-plant:
  • machinery and equipment containment areas
  • offices and control rooms
  • plant-floor testing or research laboratories

Individual standard panels can be used as sound barriers in various interior and exterior scenarios. Outdoor applications include placement around:
  • water pumping stations
  • electrical transformers
  • mechanical equipment
  • transportation corridors

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Acoustic Panels Reduce Noise and Boost Productivity at Adelphi University image

Acoustic Panels Reduce Noise and Boost Productivity at Adelphi University

Libraries are notoriously quiet, or at least they're meant to be. But what happens when students need to interact for studying and project work? How can libraries effectively accommodate these activities and keep the noise down for other patrons?
Columbus, Ohio Wastewater Treatment Plant improves working  conditions with Eckel acoustic panels image

Columbus, Ohio Wastewater Treatment Plant improves working conditions with Eckel acoustic panels

It's a fact of life in every industrial facility: Heavy machinery and a cavernous room are a bad combination. The noise generated in such an environment quickly becomes intolerable, not to mention dangerous for those working there. Facility managers and operators at the Southerly and Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plants in Columbus, Ohio, as well as officials in the City's Division of Sewerage and Drainage, are on alert for those conditions and the associated risks.
Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant image

Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Industrial plants are known for being loud, acoustically-harsh environments. The combination of high ceilings, reflective surfaces and the din from heavy machinery creates an optimal environment for reverberation and noise. Such conditions can decrease productivity and increase safety hazards, creating a unique challenge for facility managers. That is the problem the Coney Islan Wastewater Treatment Plant faced after an evaluation of the acoustic levels in its facility.
Noise Takes a Dive at Fremont Ross High School Natatorium image

Noise Takes a Dive at Fremont Ross High School Natatorium

When you combine loud activity and a raucous crowd in a space surrounded by hard surfaces, you get an acoustic nightmare. Sound bounces all over the place, reverberating in ways that are unintelligible, distracting and unpleasant. This is exactly the scenario encountered in buildings with indoor pools, also known as natatoriums, and it's a problem that Fremont Ross High School in Fremont, OH needed to solve. Eckoustic Functional Panels from Eckel Noise Control Technologies provided the remedy, transforming the school's natatorium into a space acoustically suited for every intended purpose.
Eckel EFPs Transform Malone University Gym into Acoustic  Champion image

Eckel EFPs Transform Malone University Gym into Acoustic Champion

Universities, colleges and schools need to accommodate a variety of academic and extra-curricular functions, as well as community activities. But it's entirely impractical and prohibitively expensive to build a separate venue for each purpose. So, academic facilities are left with a common challenge: How to maximize the usability of on- campus space to serve multiple functions. When the space in question is a gymnasium, it adds extra layers of difficulty. This is the challenge that Canton, Ohio's Malone University faced, and one that Eckel Noise Control Technologies EFPs solved.
Eckel Recording Room Captures Sounds of The Big Easy image

Eckel Recording Room Captures Sounds of The Big Easy

A U.S. Mint-turned-museum boasts high-tech recording capabilities devoted to the music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana
Eckel Orchestrates Sound Solution for Great Salt Bay School Gym image

Eckel Orchestrates Sound Solution for Great Salt Bay School Gym

Anyone who has ever attended a child's school concert will tell you that the quality of the sound can be the difference between an enjoyable experience and a blistering headache. Great Salt Bay Community School in Damariscotta, Maine utilizes its gymnasium not only for athletics, but also for concerts and presentations. After a sound system failure forced faculty to prematurely end a concert school administrators knew it was time to upgrade the space.
Eckel Acoustic Panels Dramatically Reduce Centrifuge Roar at Albuquerque Solids Dewatering Plant image

Eckel Acoustic Panels Dramatically Reduce Centrifuge Roar at Albuquerque Solids Dewatering Plant

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (Albuquerque, NM) operates a 76 million gallon/day (rated capacity) wastewater treatment plant that treats a daily average of 5 million gallons of sewage from New Mexico'''s largest city and its surroundings.

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