Brick and Patio Pavers


57120 707th Rd.
Endicott, NE 68350
Fax: 402-729-5804


Who would have thought back on January 6, 1920, when Herman Fairchild submitted his $15,550 order for brick making equipment that we'd still be manufacturing today? We've grown from a plant that serves a local market to a nationally recognized manufacturer. We have a recipe that makes it all possible - devoted employees, wonderful clay, and a passion for excellence.

Adhering to our standards is hard work and we wouldn't want it any other way. As the saying goes....nothing worth doing is easy. Embracing a strong work ethic our employees are dedicated to manufacturing quality brick, thin brick, pavers and tile. We're large enough to offer professional opportunities yet small enough that everyone makes a significant contribution day in and day out.

We make something tangible. Something real. Something sustainable that people admire for generations on schools, churches, homes, and skylines all over North America. The permanency of what we do is our daily inspiration.

We're proud of our products, our company, and our employees!


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Last Update: 2019-01-04