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Futura Transitions is the largest manufacturer and distributor of anodized aluminum flooring trims and transitions in the country, offering a comprehensive list of LVT, carpet and ceramic transitions and trims. Manufactured and designed to the highest level of precision, Futura Transitions. flooring trims are made using a standardized fabrication process so that installation is minimal and product quality is uniform among all our extruded aluminum flooring trims.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Flooring Trims and Futura Transitions Overview

Aluminum Flooring Trims by Futura Transitions image

Aluminum Flooring Trims by Futura Transitions

Futura Transitions manufactures flooring trims in a variety of materials and in dimensions that coordinate with current flooring products. With over 20 finish options available, finding an attractive way to finish a flooring project or design has never been easier. 

The resilient flooring category including luxury vinyl tile and plank is the fastest growing floor covering in the nation.  Futura Transitions is the national leader in creating innovative and attractive trim and transition solutions.  With over 70 designs that cover stair nosings, transitions to different floor types and heights and various trim solutions, Futura Transitions has what you need to complete the largest commercial project or a simple residential redo.

Ceramic Tile Trim image

Ceramic Tile Trim - Edgetek™

Edgetek™ is Futura Transitions newest and best line of contractor approved tile trims, which includes 10 different finishes and 7 profiles in a patented. Edgetek™ is a contractor accepted tile trim profile that prevents cracking and chipping of tile as well as enhances the beauty of any project. Edgetek™'s patented design allows for consistency and is engineered to create the perfectly straight grout line that holds the tile a precise and accurate distance from the reveal along the length of the trim. Available in a multitude of shapes and finishes to suit any project, you will love the durable everyday protection and handsome appearance of Futura Transitions' Edgetek™ tile trim profiles.

Carpet Trim image

Carpet Trim

Chances are, if you have carpet in your home or office, you have a Futura Transitions product finishing the look.  Our aluminum flooring trims are crafted to exacting standards, including sharper fabricated teeth, countersunk nail holes, and a full trimmed down design language.  This attention to quality and design is what makes Futura Transitions products the lasting solution for flooring installers and distributors.

{{}} {{this.hide}} LVT No-Lip Ramps

No-Lip Ramps image

No-Lip Ramps

Futura Transition's LVT120 series profiles are used to create a seamless transition between luxury vinyl and carpet tile or a resilient product of a different height. LVT120 series gradually increases the height luxury vinyl to match the height of the adjoining carpet tile or similar. LVT120 series is available in mill finish.

{{}} {{this.hide}} LVT Stair Nosings

LVT Stair Nosings image

LVT Stair Nosings

Futura Transitions' LVT600 stair nosing profiles are designed to simply the transition process when installing luxury vinyl or carpet tile on stairs.
Futura Transitions LVT600 series stair nosing profile takes the labor out of installing material on stairs by providing material tucks on both the riser and the tread. No need to scribe to the transition; install the luxury vinyl or carpet tile on the riser, install the metal, and slip the tread material into the slot.

{{}} {{this.hide}} LVT Stair Corners

LVT Stair Corners image

LVT Stair Corners

Futura Transitions' edge of a step. The transition between luxury vinyl, LVT trim, and back to luxury vinyl is seamless creating a clean and modern look. These trims can also be used in inside/outside corners of a wall application.

{{}} {{this.hide}} LVT to Carpet

LVT to Carpet image

LVT to Carpet

Futura Transitions' LVT130 and LVT150 profiles are designed to be used a transition between 3mm or 5mm luxury vinyl and carpet tile. This profile covers the edge of both the luxury vinyl and the carpet tile which means that it can hide any imperfections in the cut of the luxury vinyl, and any loose loops from the carpet tile can be hidden by tucking the carpet under the rollover feature in the extrusion.

{{}} {{this.hide}} LVT Reducers

LVT Reducers image

LVT Reducers

Futura Transitions' LVT113 and LVT115 profiles reduce LVT of 3mm and 5mm in height down to nothing with a gradual slope. The LVT160 profile offers a rounded edge creating a thinner line.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Square Caps

Square Caps image

Square Caps

Futura Transitions' LVT900 Series aluminum caps can be applied to the exposed edge of luxury vinyl. The trims can be used to protect the edge of the luxury vinyl as well as to add an attractive accent to any project. Select the profile that matches the thickness of the luxury vinyl to be used.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Bevel Caps

Bevel Caps image

Bevel Caps

Futura Transitions' LVT400 Series aluminum caps can be applied to the exposed edge of luxury vinyl or other resilient. The trims can be used for edge protection as well as to add an attractive accent to any project. In a cove cap application the bevel cap is ideal as it collects less dust and other impurities. Select the profile that matches the thickness of the luxury vinyl to be used.

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Joiners image


Futura Transitions' LVT103 and LVT103 joiners are used to join 3mm or 5mm LVT of the same height where a seem is needed. The LVT102 offers a barbed leg that secures it between LVT of the same height.

{{}} {{this.hide}} LVT to Tile

LVT to Tile image

LVT to Tile

Futura Transitions' LVT230 and LVT235 transition from 3mm LVT to either 5/16" tile or 3/8" tile.The gradual slope provides a safe and attractive alternative that also protects the edge of both flooring products.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Anodized Finished

Anodized Finishes image

Anodized Finishes

Futura Transitions trims and transitions are available in a variety of finishes to compliment today's most popular fixtures and designs. The anodizing process means
Futura Transitions trims and transitions offer a finish that is resilient and refined.

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