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The Garaventa Lift Group is a global organization that provides solutions to improve the quality of life for people worldwide. Our name stands for reliability, safety and innovation.

Reliability: Reliable products, reliable services, on-time deliveries.
Safety: Passenger safety, public safety, safe practices.
Innovation: Innovative products, design creativity, unique solutions.

What we stand for: We promise to always look for the best possible solutions.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Residential Elevator

Home Elevator image

Home Elevator - Elvoron

Elvoron Home Elevator Designed for private residences Two drive systems- hydraulic or in-line(machine room-less) Fits within vertical elevator hoistway Stops level with bottom floor thus small pit is required.

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Home Elevator - Elvoron Door Options image

Home Elevator - Elvoron Door Options

All elevator car entrances are equipped with either a full height accordion style gate or a side sliding elevator door. These are attached directly to the car and move up and down with the elevator.

In addition, every landing has a door installed in the hoistway wall. These doors are always fitted with certified elevator interlocks to ensure that the door will not open unless the car is present at the same landing. These doors can be swinging passage doors provided by others or side sliding elevator doors which work in tandem with sliding doors on the car.
Home Elevator  Elvoron Fixtures image

Home Elevator Elvoron Fixtures

Garaventa Home Elevators come standard with high quality, durable fixtures including the Car Operating Panel (COP), hall stations and handrails. Optional Premium Fixtures are available for added style and elegance.

Standard Fixtures 

The Standard Door Package includes swinging hall doors by others with the accordion car gate. Power hall doors and power car gates are available options. Accordion gates are available standard with black, white or antique white panels. Optional panel materials are bronze acrylic, clear acrylic or perforated aluminum. All accordion gates are available with or without 3 clear acrylic vision panels located closest to the handle.

Premium Fixtures 

Premium Home Elevator fixtures feature stylish Italian COP and hall station designs and full-return, radiused handrails. The matching COP and hall stations are offered in four gorgeous finishes. Handrails are available in brass or stainless steel with either a brushed or polished finish.

Premium Fixtures Brochure

Residential Elevator image

Residential Elevator - Elvoron Stella

Elvoron Stella 

Designed as heavy-duty luxury residential elevator 

Fully automatic 

Same lifting mechanisms and load capacity as small commercial elevator 

Features two speed sliding doors and offset wall panels 

Automatic car lighting upon entry

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} LULA Elevators

Elvoron LU/LA  (Limited Use / Limited Application) Elevator image

Elvoron LU/LA (Limited Use / Limited Application) Elevator

Elvoron LU/LA

  • Limited use application for low rise and low occupancy buildings

  • Fully automatic

  • Similar in look and feel to large commercial elevators

  • Provides vertical access for everyone including able-bodied passengers,

  • Individuals with disabilities and children in strollers

  • Compact elevator can be used in luxury residential applications

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Vertical Lifts

Commercial Platform Lift image

Commercial Platform Lift - Elvoron CPL

The Elvoron CPL is a commercial vertical platform lift

  • Equipped with a full height cab and a non-load bearing ceiling

  • Looks and feels like a small elevator

  • Costs much less than small elevator

  • Provides access for people with disabilities in commercial buildings

  • Simple constant pressure operation and swing door access ensure reliability

  • Easy to operate

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Genesis Vertical Lift image

Genesis Vertical Lift - Enclosure Model

The Genesis Enclosure Model is

  • Complete, self-contained vertical platform lift

  • Includes its own pre-fabricated shaftway enclosure with integrated doors and gates

  • Can also be fitted with a Plexiglas dome for weather protection.

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Genesis Vertical Lift image

Genesis Vertical Lift - Shaftway Model

The Genesis Shaftway Model fits inside a vertical runway that is built by others in accordance to Garaventa specifications.

This vertical platform lift system includes:

  • Drive mast

  • Passenger platform

  • Doors and gates

  • Can be completely enclosed, much like an elevator shaftway

  • Or can be open at the upper landing.

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Genesis Vertical Lift image

Genesis Vertical Lift - OPAL Model

The Genesis OPAL Model is a short rise vertical elevating system

  • Can be installed directly on the floor or in a pit

  • It is durable

  • Easy-to-use unenclosed vertical platform lift

  • ADA compliant

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation up to five feet

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Incline Lifts

Garaventa Incline Stair Lifts image

Garaventa Incline Stair Lifts - GSL Artira Wheelchair Lifts

GSL Artira Inclined Stair-Lifts provide

  • Accessibility solution for people in wheelchairs

  • For those who have difficulty climbing stairs

  • Are custom designed and manufactured for each individual project

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

  • Durability

  • Safety features

  • User-friendly control system

  • Is used for both straight and curving stairways

  • Can go up several flights of stairs and across horizontal landings

  • Available in a variety of finishes and design options

  • Can be customized for each application

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Garaventa Incline Stair Lift image

Garaventa Incline Stair Lift - Xpress II Model

The Xpress II inclined platform wheelchair lift

  • Ideal accessibility solution for straight stairways with two landings

  • Provides design versatility

  • Can be mounted on either side of the stairway depending on the stairway design and location

  • Can be installed with little or no structural modifications

  • Available in a variety of platform sizes

  • Can be custom powder coated in any RAL color

  • ADA and elevator code compliant

  • Utilize Mains power

  • Have a capacity of 495 lbs.

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X3 Battery Powered Inclined-Platform-Lift  image

X3 Battery Powered Inclined-Platform-Lift

Often the home we have lived in for years suddenly presents challenges when we are unable to use or have difficulty climbing the stairs.

The Garaventa X3 Battery Powered Incline Lift

  • Allows travel up and down the stairs with ease when stairs present challenges.

  • Can be used for residential and commercial applications

  • Simple and robust inclined lift

  • Features a 550 lb. load capacity

  • Battery operated

  • Wireless call stations

  • Fast and easy to install

  • Safe and reliable

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Portable Lifts

Genesis Portable Vertical Lift image

Genesis Portable Vertical Lift - Staage

The Genesis STAAGE lift is

  • Safe

  • Simple and cost effective accessibility solution for low-rise vertical barriers such as stages and podiums

  • Is easy to use and can be wheeled out of sight when wheelchair accessibility is not required.

  • The STAAGE has all of the functionality and safety you would expect from Garaventa.

Click Here to View Genesis Portable Vertical Lift - Staage Brochure

Garaventa Super-Trac image

Garaventa Super-Trac

The Garaventa Super-Trac is

  • world's only portable inclined platform wheelchair lift

  • provides instant, affordable accessibility where stairways are a barrier

  • features an unique, large platform design will accommodate all types of wheelchairs, including power, child, sports and conventional

  • adult wheelchairs

  • is ideal for public and residential buildings.

  • simple to operate

  • Incorporates many safety features.

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Garaventa Stair-Trac image

Garaventa Stair-Trac

The Garaventa Stair-Trac is for manual wheelchairs

  • easy-to-use

  • portable wheelchair lift designed to attach under most manual wheelchairs

  • Features a powerful motor allows a small attendant to safely transport a larger passenger up and down stairways

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use in public buildings and private home

  • A cost-effective and reliable, portable access solution.

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Garaventa Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Garaventa Portable Lift image

Garaventa Portable Lift - Garaventa Evacu-Trac

Designed so that a small attendant can easily move a much larger passenger down the stairs, the Evacu-Trac is

  • easily set up

  • ready for a passenger to transfer from their wheelchair to the comfortable sling seat

  • Evacuation chair's durable rubber tracks firmly grip the stairs

  • The safety brake can stop the unit on the stairs if necessary

  • Is completely stable and self-supporting on flat surfaces and during descent.

Would you like to see how this evacuation chair works?

Click here view your Garaventa Evacu-Trac video

Click here view Evacu-Trac Brochure

Garaventa Portable Lift image

Garaventa Portable Lift - Power-Trac

The Power Evacu-Trac is a versatile stair-climbing chair that can be used for emergency evacuation from below ground level to the exit level. It can also be used to provide a versatile stairway access solution for the elderly or those unable to climb stairs. A powerful motor and battery allow a small attendant to easily move a heavy passenger up and down stairs with the push of a button. Rubber tracks securely grip the stairs.

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