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Over 50 Years Experience
Over 50 years experience manufacturing the finest quality toilet partition in the industry. We at General Partitions Mfg. Corp. are proud of our reputation. We fabricate and ship on time. Our customer service is handled by people who care and can answer your questions. At General Partitions, we manufacture toilet partitions not excuses.

Custom Designs
We work with the architect and owner to incorporate the latest materials and design features for a given product. We will work up a cost base for estimating purposes and assist in engineering the project.

General's standard panel with Ribcore sound deadening reinforcement is offered as a standard at no extra charge. Sheet metal skins are bonded under pressure, to each cell of the core with an adhesive impervious to moisture. Lighter weight, greater strength and permanently flat panels are provided through this type of construction.

Our Guarantee
General Partitions Mfg. Corp. guarantees all work supplied or installed against defects resulting from the use of inferior materials, hardware, or workmanship, for a period of one (1) year from the date of final completion, when properly stored, handled, and maintained under normal usage. Stainless Steel, S.P.C. (Solid Phenolic Core), H.D.P. (High Density Polymer), F.R.P. (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) are all guaranteed for fifteen years.


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Powder Coated Steel image

Powder Coated Steel

General''s Powder Coated galvanized-Bonderized Steel is available in all styles for toilet partitions, showers, and dressing compartments. The exclusive use of galvanized-bonderized steel provides additional protection while enhancing paint adhesion. The finish is a superior quality powder coated Hybrid Epoxy '- polyester applied electrostatically, and baked until fully cured.
Stainless Steel image

Stainless Steel

General's exclusive use of type 304 stainless steel polished to a No. 4 finish offers the ultimate in toilet partitions. The finish is protected in the manufacturing process and in shipping by a P.V.C. film which is removed at the time of installation. Scratches can be removed, and the original beauty restored by buffing. Also available with a deep textured surface, or powder coated.
Plastic Laminate image

Plastic Laminate

Toilet partitions manufactured in our plastic laminate line utilizes High Pressure laminates that meet or exceed NEMA standards. Standard core is particleboard and not recommended for high moisture areas. For high moisture areas, Solid Phenolic Core or High Density Polymer should be used.
Solid Phenolic Core image

Solid Phenolic Core

Solid Phenolic toilet partitions are composed of melamine impregnated decorative surface papers superimposed over a varying number of Kraft phenolic core sheets to achieve a desired thickness, forming a one piece panel which will not delaminate.
High Density Polymer image

High Density Polymer

General''s H.D.P. toilet partitions, showers, and dressing compartments are manufactured using high-density polymer resin. Color is solid throughout. Compartments can not rust, rot, delaminate, or absorb odors.
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic image

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

General's F.R.P. is a highly durable toilet partition system with a resin rich surface that is tough and easy to clean. Bonded to solid 90% wood substrate core manufactured with phenolic resins for moisture resistance. Virtually 100% of our wood supply comes from managed forestlands and all materials we use would either be burned or go to waste.

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Compartments image


Available in baked enamel, stainless steel, S.P.C. (Solid Phenolic Core), F.R.P. (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), and H.D.P. (High Density Polymer). Like our toilet partitions, the materials are nonabsorbent, completely water resistant, impervious to steam, soaps and detergents and will not mildew. These features, coupled with the finest hardware available, makes an unbeatable combination.
Shower Design image

Shower Design

Styles and finishes may be combined in various ways. We recommend for example, on projects such as school shower and locker rooms and in dormitories, Stainless Steel, SPC, HDP, or FRP panels should be specified for shower dividers on curbs by others. State colleges and schools are using this type of material and finish because of moisture resistance, strength, and economy.
Shower Cabinets & Partitions image

Shower Cabinets & Partitions

General's shower cabinets are available in standard sizes and in finishes to match our toilet partitions and dressing compartments. They may be used in units or battery-type installations for institutional projects such as schools, dormitories, clubs, hospitals and industrial buildings.
Double-Wall Showers in Powder Coat Steel, or Stainless Steel image

Double-Wall Showers in Powder Coat Steel, or Stainless Steel

General Partitions'' shower is the finest in double-wall unit shower construction. It features a double-wall Ribcore insulation, with pre-cast terrazzo receptor. Available in stainless steel Series 300, or powder coated enamel on galvanized bonderized steel. Available sizes'-32'" x 32'" x 82'", 36'"x 36'"x 82'", 40'"x 40'" x 82'" Neocorner, 40'" x 40'" x 82'" or 40'" x 48'" x 82'" Handicapped.

Also Available in SPC (Furnished in 1/2'" or 1'" Thickness), HDP, and FRP.

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Wall Hung (WHS) image

Wall Hung (WHS)

Screen is 1'" thick insulated panel sealed with locking bar and mitered corner reinforcements. Hung from three chrome-plated '"T'" brackets.
Wall Hung Flange (WHF) image

Wall Hung Flange (WHF)

Screen is 1'" thick insulated panel with continuous anodized aluminum channel.
Floor Braced Screen (FBS) image

Floor Braced Screen (FBS)

Screen is 1'" thick insulated panel supported by a floor supported pilaster (see Series 30 toilet partitions specification).
Floor Supported With Headrail (FSH) image

Floor Supported With Headrail (FSH)

Headrail braced 1'" thick double-wall panel (see Series 40 toilet partitions specification). Panel set into extra-heavy wall extruded aluminum pilaster. Stainless steel floor shoe.

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Replacement Hardware

100's of items to repair or remodel your toilet partitions, shower compartments and urinal screens.

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Solid Plastic HDP Lockers image

Solid Plastic HDP Lockers

General Partitions solid plastic locker is constructed of a one-piece HDP body with no mechanical fasteners or hardware. The locker frame is attached using full length dado joints secured by continuous plastic welds. The continuous spring-loaded latch mechanism provides a vertical lift that is designed to accept a padlock. The latch mechanism is attached to the length of the door, providing a continuous, secure latch. Our Door Hinge is also continuous and contains no metallic knuckles or pins.

Solid Plastic benches with pedestals available to match. the lockers.

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