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ASI Global Partitions, the most widely specified manufacturer 1of toilet partitions in the industry, has offered architect and building owners more choices in toilet partitions, from powder coated steel, stainless steel, and solid plastic to black core phenolic, color-thru phenolic and plastic laminate in any mounting styles. And, we offer the greatest selection shipped in 48 hours as well.

Building on choices, we now offer our newest European Style Privacy Partitions - the Alpaco Collection, a marriage of European design and American manufacturing ingenuity. ASI Global Partitions - LEED Friendly, Designer Friendly, ADA Friendly, Customer Friendly.

ASI Global Partitions is a proud member of the ASI Group family of companies. Visit the ASI Group site to learn about all our other product offerings in Division 10.

With operating units and offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the UK, the Middle East, Mexico, and China and with sales in over 50 countries, and the ASI Group has expanded its ability to serve Architects, Building Owners and Contractors the world over.

The ASI group is known for innovative products, speed to market, and the widest offering of material and products in Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and other storage devices. Our family of companies work together with one mission in mind - "To make our customers successful by providing a value greater than price and an excellent service experience". Privately owned and operated since inception we maintain flexibility, to deliver unique products to suit your needs, and a nimble managing philosophy - we have built processes that allow us to ship more products in 48 hours from when you order them than anyone else in our industry.

Please call on one of our divisions and you will find a common thread tying them together - our customers are the focal point around which our businesses revolve. Architects, Contractors, Building Owners, School Districts and Universities, Chain Stores, Hospital, Airports, Government Buildings and a variety of other building types have come to rely on our experience, quality and ease of doing business for many decades.


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Powder-Coated Metal Partitions image

Powder-Coated Metal Partitions

Provide high-tech quality at an economical price.
Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions image

Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

Are virtually indestructible and retain their gleaming beauty indefinitely.
Solid Plastic HDPE Polymer Toilet Partitions image

Solid Plastic HDPE Polymer Toilet Partitions

Are the ideal choice for high-traffic public facilities, parks and schools.
Color-Thru Phenolic Partitions image

Color-Thru Phenolic Partitions

True to its name, color-thru is made with surface color through and through, to help resist damage; and even discourage vandalism and abuse.
Black Core Phenolic Toilet Partitions image

Black Core Phenolic Toilet Partitions

ASI Global Partitions black-core phenolic partitions are the material of choice where durability and strength are required.
Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions image

Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions

Provide a superior combination of economy and design flexibility.
ALPACO Classic Collection image

ALPACO Classic Collection

A marriage of simplicity and functionality creates a collection that has ASI's exclusive Ultimate Privacy at its heart. Zero sightline doors and pilasters meet in a flush finish with routed, overlapping closures for guaranteed privacy.
ALPACO Elegance Collection image

ALPACO Elegance Collection

This visually appealing collection is ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications. The signature stainless steel top rail provides structural stability and style, while the corners and door panels are perfectly rounded for a refined and elegant appearance. And the self-closing doors create a clean look throughout the bathroom even when unoccupied. Elegant hardware and adjustable pedestals seamlessly complete the look. If you're looking for strength, comfort, beauty and durability, the Elegance collection has it all.
ALPACO KIDS Collection image

ALPACO KIDS Collection

Our child friendly partitions are engineered to offer the best and safest features. Door and panel heights are sized to be more appropriate for children, and doors are finished at the top in a semi-circle for a playful look and feel. For safety, doors have only fixed knobs, so caretakers have access to the partitions.

{{}} {{this.hide}} ASI Global Mounting Styles

Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced image

Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced

Clean lines, modern appearance, and solidly braced for new construction or modernization independent of floor condition. The unique pilaster construction, combines with anti-grip headrail bracing for structural rigidity. Can be used with light weight concrete or wood floors.
Ceiling Hung image

Ceiling Hung

Open design at the floor means easy access for better maintenance and reduced operating cost. Goes hand-in-hand with wall-hung fixtures for full floor accessibility. Proper installation requires attachment to structural ceiling support.
Floor Anchored image

Floor Anchored

Perfect for low-ceiling washrooms. Sleek line across top of partitions adds a modern accent. Design and construction ensures easy installation. For concrete floors only, this style requires 2" minimum penetration into floor. Junior Height sizes are available.
Floor and Ceiling Anchored image

Floor and Ceiling Anchored

This construction style is extremely stable and durable and is recommended for busy washrooms where abusive treatment is prevalent and vandal resistance is critical. Requires concrete floor and structural ceiling supports.

{{}} {{this.hide}} ASI GLOBAL Shower Dividers and Dressing Booths

Shower Dividers and Dressing Booths image

Shower Dividers and Dressing Booths

ASI Global Partitions Shower Dividers and Dressing Booths are strong and durable to hold up in public shower areas. GLOBAL offers materials that resist penetration by water, steam, mildew, odors and soap. The clean, modern design is attractive as well.

ASI Global Partitions Dressing Booths enhance shower installations - available with door or curtain options. Choose from solid plastic, phenolic, stainless steel or powder coated steel materials.

{{}} {{this.hide}} ASI GLOBAL Privacy and Urinal Screens

Privacy and Urinal Screens image

Privacy and Urinal Screens

ASI Global Partitions Privacy and Urinal Screens are available in three, easy to maintain mounting configurations and are offered in six materials: polymer, plastic laminate, phenolic-black core, phenolic-color-thru, stainless steel and powder coated. Construction styles include wall hung, floor anchored and post-to-ceiling screens.


Ultimate Privacy™ designs are available in Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Steel, Phenolic, and Solid Plastic materials. Doors and panels up to 72″, plus our No-Sight System - continuous strike keeper and continuous hinge side filler that eliminates sightlines into the compartment - guarantee privacy. You don't need to build private rooms to achieve Ultimate Privacy™.


Zero sightlines, doors and pilasters that meet in a flush finish rebated closure all ensure guaranteed privacy. Style and stability have not been sacrificed in this collection, with robust octagonal head rails.


The signature top rail provides structural stability and style. If you're looking for strength, comfort, aesthetics and durability, the Elegance collection has it all. 

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ASI GLOBAL Replacement Hardware image

ASI GLOBAL Replacement Hardware

ASI Global Partitions offers replacement hardware for doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens for all of its product lines.

Flammability Test

This document provides results from an independent fire test laboratory on Global Partitions' toilet partitions materials.

LEED Certification Info

LEED Certification


ASI Global Partitions warrants that its products will be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal usage from the date of invoice for a period as stated below.

  • Powder Coated Steel: Three (3) years against chipping, flaking, cracking or discoloration
  • Stainless Steel: Five (5) years against corrosion or discoloration
  • Moisture Guard™ Plastic Laminate: Five (5) years against discoloration or delamination
  • Legacy Plastic Laminate: Two (2) years against discoloration or delamination
  • Black Core/Color-Thru Phenolic: Twenty-five (25) years against delamination, breakage or corrosion
  • Solid Plastic (HDPE): Twenty-five (25) years against delamination, breakage or corrosion 

Last Update: 2019-12-02