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HALFEN is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of anchoring systems for the construction and engineering markets. Well known and respected internationally for over 80 years, the company offers a comprehensive range of pre-engineered and environmentally focused anchoring systems for faster, easier installation of building facades, mechanical services, structural components, civil engineering and tunnelling components.


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HTA - Anchor Channels image

HTA - Anchor Channels

Besides offering excellent adjustability HTA Anchor Channels enable fast-track construction and cost savings through a simple and quick installation.

HALFEN Anchor Channels offer the ideal solution for easy-to-install, adjustable connections. HALFEN Anchor Channels can be used to create any construction connections: faCade, precast construction, residential construction, traffic engineering (e.g. tunnels), lift construction, and infrastructure such as bridges or crane runway connections.
HZA - DYNAGRIP® Toothed Anchor Channels image

HZA - DYNAGRIP® Toothed Anchor Channels

Besides offering excellent adjustability HALFEN DYNAGRIP Toothed Anchor Channels enable fast-track construction and cost savings through a simple, quick installation and provide an optimized longitudinal load capacity.

HALFEN HZA DYNAGRIP® Anchor Channels are manufactured with a toothed surface on the inside of the channel lips. In combination with serrated T-bolts, the system guarantees a positive mechanical connection. This results in the enhanced longitudinal and dynamic load capacities of the DYNAGRIP Anchor Channel.
HGB - Handrail Connections image

HGB - Handrail Connections

To maximize your clear, usable floor space, HALFEN HGB Handrail Connection allows you to move the handrail post from the perimeter of the balcony floor to the edge of the concrete slab.

HALFEN HGB Handrail Anchor Channels have been developed to enable safe and secure connections of the guide rails to thin edges of balcony slabs.

The HGB Handrail Connection System is easy to use. It consists of two components: a specially designed anchor channel and a high-tension T-bolt.

The HGB channel with the forged anchor head provides a secure connection in slabs with a minimum thickness of 4".
HMS - Brick Tie Channels image

HMS - Brick Tie Channels

Brickwork restraint systems are efficient and reliable connections designed to tie brickwork to low bearing components/ elements such as: concrete walls, columns, wood, or steel structures.
HTU - Anchor Channels image

HTU - Anchor Channels

HALFEN HTU Anchor Channels offer the ideal technical solution for attaching windows and sliding doors to concrete walls or concrete slabs. The HTU Channel is cast into the concrete, and offers an economical solution to anchor window components or door elements with self-tapping screws into the concrete members.
HCW Curtain Wall System image

HCW Curtain Wall System

HALFEN HCW Curtain Wall System is used to attach curtain wall faCade elements quickly, securely, and economically to the main structure of a building.

Different brackets are available which allow either assembly on the top or on the edge of concrete slabs. Three dimensional, adjustable connection is possible for quick installation and efficient compensation for on-site tolerances when using the HALFEN HTA Anchor Channel or HZA DYNAGRIP®.

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HIT Insulated Connection image

HIT Insulated Connection

As a planner, architect or building contractor you are fully aware that cantilevered structural components and balconies must be considered in the design of the thermal insulation of a building.

Various demands are placed on balcony connections:
  • Effective thermal insulation of the balcony slab to guarantee a high level of interior comfort
  • Maximum demands on the fire protection
  • Simple and efficient installation for to ensure construction deadlines are met

HALFEN HIT Insulated Connection are the perfect solution to achieve the highest standards of quality. Two product lines are already available:
  • HIT-HP High Performance with an insulation thickness of 80mm
  • HIT-SP Superior Performance with an insulation thickness of 120mm
HALFEN Impact Sound Insulation image

HALFEN Impact Sound Insulation - HBB, HTF, HTT

Sound transmission caused by footsteps on staircases can be an unpleasant experience. Whether it is your good nights sleep in a hotel, or your recovering in a hospital--insufficient impact sound insulation can cause discomfort to your rest or to your recovery.

HALFEN has engineered and designed a diverse range of sound insulation products which can be used individually or in combination with each other to provide maximum sound insulation.
HBT - Rebend Connections image

HBT - Rebend Connections

HALFEN HBT Rebend Connection is an engineered system which provides a simple, time-saving, and cost effective solution to maintain reinforcement continuity across structural joints in concrete members. Special reinforcement bars are utilized to make sure the structural integrity and ductility of the reinforcement is maintained after installation.

The HBT Rebend Connection is cast into the concrete member leaving the reinforcement legs housed inside of the steel casing until the contractor is ready to pour the adjoining member. The special casing is engineered to provide sufficient shear friction within the joint thus eliminating the need for traditional joint preparation which can be costly and time consuming.
HUC - Universal Connection image

HUC - Universal Connection

HALFEN HUC Universal Connection System is a group of components that together provide effective solutions for transferring high structural loads into concrete structures. The HALFEN HUC System consists of the HSCC Steel Corbel and the HSC-B Structural Steel Connector. The wide load range and adaptability of these components enable the HUC System to offer a wide range of connection applications. These include connections for steel beams, steel corbels, and anchor points for the HALFEN DETAN Rod System.
HCC Column Shoe image

HCC Column Shoe

HALFEN HCC Column Shoes provide a convenient solution for anchoring pre-cast columns to foundations as well as coupling of precast columns for multi-story construction.

The HALFEN HCC Column Shoe is used in conjunction with the respective HAB Anchor Bolts to provide quick and easy installation. The provided connection is simple to adjust and is immediately able to bear load. This eliminates the need for assembly bracing and optimizes crane occupancy.

A convenient fitting template is available to ensure the anchor bolts are accurately installed. This prevents displacement of the bolts during the pouring of the concrete.
HSC Stud Connectors image

HSC Stud Connectors

HALFEN HSC Stud Connectors are an innovative and economical alternative to complicated reinforcement configurations associated with concrete corbels and frame corner connections.

This system provides the full capacity of reinforcement bars with extremely small embedment lengths. The HALFEN HSC Stud Connector offers time and cost savings while providing a high level of safety.

The system is available as double headed bar called HSC-HD, or as a set comprised of the HSC-S coupler and HSC-A threaded bar.
HSD - Shear Dowel System image

HSD - Shear Dowel System

HALFEN HSD Shear Dowel Systems are designed to distribute shear loads through construction joints. The shear dowels allow relative displacement, reducing internal stresses and thus eliminating cracking of the concrete.

HALFEN HSD Shear Dowels provide solutions for a variety of applications, loads, slab depths, and joint widths. Each connector is a two-part assembly comprising of a sleeve and a dowel component. The sleeve is nailed to the formwork ensuring subsequent alignment with the dowel and that the system works as intended.

HALFEN Shear Dowels are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance with no requirements for additional protection.

HALFEN HSD Shear Dowel Systems are ideal for use in expansion joint applications and provide a more efficient alternative to corbels. Eliminating the custom formwork and congested reinforcing associated with traditional concrete corbels reduces overall cost and construction time.
HSD-LD Lockable Dowels image

HSD-LD Lockable Dowels

HALFEN HSD-LD Lockable Dowels have been designed for use in temporary movement joints, most commonly found in post-tension concrete slabs. These dowels allow for initial shrinkage to take place and then are locked in position with a mechanical plate and a controlled amount of epoxy resin. When locked, the dowels continue to transfer shear, but prevent further movement from taking place.

The use of HALFEN HSD-LD Lockable Dowels can save a significant amount of construction time, labor, and material over other building methods. Concrete shrinkage has traditionally been accommodated by leaving gaps in slabs called "pour-strips" or 'closure-strips.' These strips are filled once movement has ceased; however, until they are filled, the slabs must be temporary supported restricting site access and delaying construction progress.

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FPA - Precast Panel Anchors image

FPA - Precast Panel Anchors

HALFEN FPA Precast Panel Anchor offer effortless installation of concrete faCade panels to concrete or steel framed structures. The system consists of a mounting and an installation element. The mounting element is cast into the faCade panel at the pre-cast facility. The installation element is required on-site to mount the panel to the structure.

HALFEN FPA is a versatile system that provides a broad range of engineered solutions for various faCade panel mounting conditions. The system is available only in stainless steel.
BRA-L4 - Parapet Corbels image

BRA-L4 - Parapet Corbels

HALFEN BRA Parapet Corbel System is used to connect precast parapets or faCade panels to reinforced concrete slabs. Engineered to safely transfer tension, shear, and bending moments into the structure, BRA System also offers a high level of 3D adjustability.

The BRA System is designed to be cast into a precast faCade panel and then bolted to the structure. When used in conjunction with the HALFEN Anchor Channels, maximum adjustability and ease of installation are achieved.

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FK4 Brickwork Support System image

FK4 Brickwork Support System

HALFEN FK4 Brickwork Supports are the eco-efficient alternative to traditional shelf angles. The increased demand for energy efficient structures has led to requirements for thicker insulation, resulting in larger wall cavities. HALFEN FK4 Brickwork Supports are able to accommodate this challenge using a thinner, lighter system than that of a traditional shelf angle. This system can be used in combination with HALFEN Anchor Channels to allow for an easy and adjustable connection.

HALFEN FK4 Brickwork Supports are offset from the main structure allowing insulation to span continuously behind. This increases the energy efficiency of the outer shell by reducing thermal bridging.

The hot dipped galvanized system provides a high level of corrosion resistance. The HALFEN HK4 Brickwork Supports are a stainless steel alternative for more extreme environmental conditions.

The FK-4 system allows for continuous span of insulation, increasing the overall efficiency of the structure.
HCL Concealed Lintel System image

HCL Concealed Lintel System

Virtually any flat or radiused masonry opening can be built without exposed steel using the HALFEN Adjustable Concealed Lintel (HCL) System. Commercial, government, institutional, religious, and high-end residential projects can now have all brick masonry openings that are aesthetically pleasing and maintenance free.

HALFEN's technical department uses the architect's conceptual design to engineer a support system for each specific opening. Unlimited combinations using different brick size, span, coursing, soffit depth, and arch geometry can be designed and manufactured to meet project specifications.
HFA Fleming Anchor System image

HFA Fleming Anchor System

HALFEN HFA Fleming Anchor system is used to restrain exterior masonry faCades that are subjected to both transverse and longitudinal loads, e.g., wind and seismic loads.

The system consists of the Fleming Anchor Channel and the Fleming Anchor. The Fleming Anchor Channel is secured to the substrate and one end of the Fleming Anchor is inserted into the channel. The other end of the Fleming Anchor is bonded into the faCade's horizontal mortar joint. The joint is reinforced with horizontal wire reinforcement.

The HFA Fleming Anchor system allows for efficient load transfer of both positive and negative loading into the main structure.


Helifix is the market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty helical wall tie anchors and masonry repair systems.

The vast range of Helifix products is based on Helifix' own unique helical design. Helifix has developed a range of high performance stainless steel ties, fixings and masonry repair and reinforcement systems that combine the required strength with flexibility, durability and great holding power in all commonly used building materials

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Body Anchors image

Body Anchors

HALFEN Body Anchors form a versatile range of natural stone supports. HALFEN Body Anchors accommodate insulation gaps up to 10" while providing superior performance.

HALFEN Body Anchors can be used in conjunction with HALFEN Anchor Channels to provide 3D adjustability. This ensures accurate placement of stone facades for any application.

HALFEN Body Anchors can be used in both vertical and horizontal joints. Their ability to immediately resist loading allows work to progress quickly and reduces overall construction time. HALFEN Body Anchors can resist both horizontal and vertical forces.
UMA / UHA Grout-In Anchors image

UMA / UHA Grout-In Anchors

HALFEN UMA/UHA Grout-In Anchors are the evolution of traditional natural stone faCade anchoring methods. They can accommodate wall cavities up to 11" while still providing high load resistance. The anchor's circular cross section allows for the use in both horizontal and vertical joints.

HALFEN UMA Support Anchors are engineered to resist transverse (gravity) loads and longitudinal (i.e. wind & seismic) loads. Three dimensional adjustability is obtained utilizing oversized holes. Six UMA anchor designs are available to meet any project's needs.

HALFEN UHA Restraint Anchors are used in combination with the UMA Anchors to provide longitudinal resistance. They are capable of resisting tensile and compression loading only. The UHA Anchors are commonly used in vertical joints and at edges and corners where vertical support of the faCade is not required.
SUK Sub-Structure Systems image

SUK Sub-Structure Systems

The HALFEN SUK Sub-Structure System is an adjustable faCade support system suitable for wall cavities greater than 6 in. The SUK system is ideal for new construction as well as retrofits of existing structures. The HALFEN SUK system consists of a series of vertical rails hung from the structure to which the wall panel supports and restraint brackets are connected.

The vertical rails are fixed back to the structure at comparatively large spacings, reducing the number of penetrations into the structure. This allows for quick and easy installation and minimizes the overall impact to the building envelope.

The SUK is a stainless steel system and is extremely durable. It can be used in almost any environment. HALFEN SUK Sub-Structure system is also suitable for connecting building cladding elements. Furthermore, using a pre-installed sub structure system allows for fast and economical installation of cladding.

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DETAN Rod Systems image

DETAN Rod Systems

HALFEN DETAN Rod Systems are designed to enable the architect to bring to life structurally sound creations without compromising on aesthetics.

DETAN Rod Systems are used for structural bracing (tension and compression) where an architectural or aesthetic quality is desired. Available in high strength carbon and stainless steels, DETAN has a vast range of rod diameters and lengths, making it suitable for limitless applications.

Engineering support provided throughout the design phase.

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Mounting Channels and HALFEN T-Bolts image

Mounting Channels and HALFEN T-Bolts

HALFEN Mounting Channels allow machine designers and manufacturers to move towards a modular design concept to meet individual client demands for custom machinery from a common platform.

Mounting Channels provide an infinite range of fixing positions along the length of the channel. The engineer does not need to know the final location of all connections at the time of design.

Upgrades, design modifications, and retrofits are made with simple hand-tools - throughout the product's life cycle.

No need for welding, drilling, or grinding - no damage to paintwork or other finishes.

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Powerclick image


The patented HALFEN Powerclick System consists of four basic components which can be used to create nearly all pipe support configurations.
  • one core profile for all constructions
  • one corner connector in two designs for cantilevers and trapezes
  • one base plate in 3 sizes for connection to steel and concrete
  • one universal clamp for all beam flanges

Designed for high beam and column loads, Powerclick replaces much heavier site or shop fabricated structural steel pipe support frames with equivalent torsional rigidity. Extremely versatile, the System's small number of components can be combined to create a huge variation of support applications.

Simply cutting the POWERCLICK profile to the required length and bolting it to the other 3 key components does away with custom welded fabrications; saves a significant amount of design and installation time; and does not require hot-work permits or plant shutdown.

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