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Hayn Lines are manufactured by Hayn Enterprises, a 50-year-old family-run business, better known as Hayn Marine, a leading supplier of turnbuckles and related hardware for the marine field. This technology has been adapted over the last several years for use in the architectural field. From the high tech look of stainless steel, chrome, glass, etc. to the warm look of wood or brass, Hayn lines will accent any decor. With a 50+ year reputation for quality, delivery, pricing, and customer support, Hayn is now the #1 choice for architects and designers.


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Stud Tensioning Internal Adjuster System image

Stud Tensioning Internal Adjuster System

Attachment: This internally threaded tension adjuster is used with our LLP Swage Studs for short to medium cable runs. Simply tension with standard 3/16" or 1/4" hex key for hidden tensioning.

Other Information: Can be used with any of our swage studs that have 1/4" thread including handy crimp studs. 316 grade stainless steel.
Termination Stud System image

Termination Stud System

Attachment: Our Termination Stud System is very simple to setup and install. Simply drill holes in your verticals for the cable to pass through. The termination cap pulls against the last vertical to tension.

Applications: This system is very good for retrofitting existing rails to meet current codes. Termination Studs are a very cost effective and clean method of installing and tensioning cable assemblies because they can be used with any type or style of post. The termination shaft on the turnbuckle is available in different lengths to pass through various post sizes.

Other Information: Our standard termination stud turnbuckle can be used for up to a 2" OD post on a level or angle run. Rods are also available for 6", and 12" posts.(316 grade stainless steel).
Countersunk Termination Stud System image

Countersunk Termination Stud System

The Countersunk Termination Stud system demonstrates similar features as our Termination Stud system, except the end fittings are sunk into the end verticals in the run for a flush look. This system supports flat bar or tube style posts in wire sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/16". Standard Termination Stud end fittings listed are for 2" - 4" - 6" thick post configurations; however, Termination Studs are available for up to 12" thick post configurations. Installation is simple, by using a standard 82'° countersink on your end verticals/posts the fitting will insert flush with the face. All hardware is made from high quality 316 grade stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
Threaded Termination Stud System image

Threaded Termination Stud System

Attachment: Our Threaded Termination Stud System is very easy to setup and install. Simply drill holes in your verticals for the cable to pass through. Nuts and cap nuts pull against the last vertical to tension. Cables in this system are fabricated to allow the threaded studs to pass through to the outside of the end posts. You then secure and tension the cables by threading a stainless hex nut onto the stud. You tighten the hex nut against the outside of your end post until the cable is tensioned properly. End of stud will be capped off with a stainless acorn cap nut, dome nut, or ball end.

Applications: Threaded termination studs can be a very clean and cost effective method of installing and tensioning cable assemblies. This system is very good for retrofitting existing rails to meet current codes. These can be used in conjunction with our termination stud system, using a termination stud on one end and a threaded stud on the other can support a run of up to 20 feet. Using a threaded stud on both ends will support a run of 30-40 feet.

Other Information: The threaded stud on the turnbuckle is available in different lengths to pass through various post sizes. Use with washers, and cap (acorn) nuts, ball ends, or dome nuts. 316 grade stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
Toggle Jaw System image

Toggle Jaw System

Attachment: Features fork style ends for attachment with screws and nuts (supplied) for a variety of post styles including: tee-stock, angle iron, flat bar welded to post, loops attached to post, eyebolts (shown below), etc. The toggling feature allows for angled takeoff.

Applications: Cable rails, hanging signs or shelving, even structural applications such as canopy supports, collar tie cables, or fabric structures.

Other Information: Attachment size corresponds to width of clevis, ex. 1/4" pin=1/4" opening. Toggles come supplied with cotter pin and ring pins, or screws and lock nuts. Toggle jaws may also be combined with any other system. (316 grade stainless steel). Fixed fork hardware is used for cable sizes 1/2" through 1". Fixed fork clevis hardware is also available for smaller sizes as a special order.
Deck Toggle System image

Deck Toggle System

Attachment: is by two screw holes in the deck toggle base. Deck toggles are excellent for attaching to wood posts or blocking (requires minimum 3" wood blocking). Please note that the cable strength is based on the attachment screws and the attachment material.

Applications:Our Deck Toggle System is used for cables that need to be face mounted or where an angled takeoff is required.These toggles can be used with any post configuration and are excellent for angled cable runs as our deck toggle fittings articulate more than 90 degrees.

Other Information: Deck toggles can be attached to either side of a common post by through bolting or if wall thickness of post is thick enough you can drill and tap posts to accept machine screws. Components can be mixed and matched with other systems for versatility. 316 grade stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
Lag Turnbuckle System image

Lag Turnbuckle System

Attachment: Pre-drill your holes to minimum size nessecary. Different woods require different hole sizes. Use of a lubricant such as soap or wax will allow easier installation of lag into the post. Use caution not to use a materail that will stain your posts. Our lag studs require a minimum of 3 inches of wood blocking.

Applications: Our lag system is designed for direct attachment into wooden surfaces.

Other Information: Lag hardware should be fully engaged before tension is applied to cables. Since these cables are only as strong as the lag holding power and mounting material (solid wood blocking is required), they are only recommended for light duty use and not for commercial use. (316 grade stainless steel)
Tension Rod System image

Tension Rod System

Made from 316 grade stainless steel, this elegant fork system is used for both rod and cable applications and is engineered for strength as well as aesthetic appeal. The fork end fittings are offered from 1/4" - 2" pin diameter. The system includes left and right hand thread configurations as well as wrench flats to facilitate tensioning. Fork pin configurations include a standard clevis pin with cotter pin retention or an upgrade to a double headed clevis pin for a smooth look. Architectural lock nuts are engineered to complement the aesthetics of the mating fork assembly.

Threaded Stud System image

Threaded Stud System

The most cost effective cable attachment and tensioning solution offers a very "clean" look. This system normally uses a Flat Washer and Hex Nut for tensioning against the end verticals/posts in the run. A Cap (Acorn) Nut is installed on the protruding threads to finish off the attachment and lock the tensioning nut in position.
Trellis Cable Hardware image

Trellis Cable Hardware

Hayn Lines now offers a line of stainless steel trellis cable fittings to complement our complete line of turnbuckles, cable fittings and cable assemblies for railing infills, structural supports, fabric structures, canopies, fixture hanging, seismic bracing, exercise equipment, and anywhere a high quality stainless steel cable is required.

Posts are used to terminate cables at corner or end conditions. Through hole in base allows mounting bolt (not included) to attach to wall with concrete shield, through bolts, etc. Single hole for one cable termination, 2 holes for corner conditions. (316 SS)

Mounting base also available, provides large diameter base for stability and to offset post from wall. Catalog Number LPB62-4.

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Wire Breaking Strengths

All Hayn Rigging Turnbuckles are designed to exceed the breaking strength of 1x19 stainless steel rope in their corresponding wire size. However a safe working load of 40% of these amounts should not be exceeded!

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