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Helo has become the world's largest sauna and steam manufacturer through innovation, product development, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Helo saunas, at first glance, are very impressive: the become even more so upon careful examination.

Helo quality is immediately evident by our styling and design - with innovative use of glass, curves, and lighting. It continues with our use of hand selected woods - clear and graded to the lightest colors. Select Western Red Cedar is standard. For those wanting wood that is lighter and more consistent color, or wood specific for hypoallergenic purposes, consider Helo's vertical grain Canadian Hemlock.

To maximize form and function, all Helo saunas are matched with sleek, contemporary heaters and user-friendly controls. Helo means superior value and years of satisfaction delivered in the name of relaxation and good health.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy the finest saunas available. Whichever package you choose, you'll enjoy the quality only found in Helo.


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Custom-Cut Sauna image

Custom-Cut Sauna

FOR THE DO-IT-YOURSELFER AND THE CONTRACTOR The custom-cut interior sauna package contains everything you need to finish and equip the sauna interior after the room has been framed, wired, and insulated. Many elements are uniquely included or improved. The package is flexible to any dimensions and custom modifications.

Custom-Cut Sauna Packages Include:
  • Wall and Ceiling Paneling
  • 1x4, V-joint, T&G, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar
  • Wall boards are mounted vertically if any wall is longer than 8'.
  • Ceiling at 7' to keep the heat downward
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Panel-Built Saunas image

Panel-Built Saunas

Your room will look almost identical to one built from a custom-cut interior package, but it will require far less labor. You can erect your free standing panel-built sauna in an afternoon - without special skills. Wall and ceiling panels, benches, guard rail, and duckboards are all pre-assembled and pre-drilled to fit perfectly. Interior and exterior trim is precisely cut to length. Because it is easily assembled in sections, it is also mobile. Clear, explicit instructions and job-specific drawings remove all the confusion and risk. The assembly is so easy, it's fun!

Enhance any part of your home with a Helo sauna. Meticulously designed for beauty, they are of exceptional quality and offer efficient assembly in as little as 60 minutes.
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Viki Heater - Wall Mounted  image

Viki Heater - Wall Mounted

For saunas up to 425 cubic feet, the Viki digital heater with the SaunaLogic Control is easy to use and is a terrific value. Stainless steel construction.
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Designer S - Wall Mounted  image

Designer S - Wall Mounted

Designer S offers external control of your sauna. Pair with SC-9, SC-60, or SC-Club control.
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Pro - Floor Standing image

Pro - Floor Standing

Freestanding Pro heaters have been the standard of the industry for more than 20 years. Designed for large, commercial-sized sauna rooms. Use with separate control panels. Stainless steel exterior and junction box. Separate contactor box required. Use with SC or Digi Series Controls.
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Commercial Sauna Controls image

Commercial Sauna Controls

Offering both mechanical and programmable / digital technology, Helo controls are state-of-the-art, reliable, and very friendly to the user. Whether built into the heater or wall mounted, Helo controls are compact and attractive.
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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Helo Commercial Sauna Doors

Commercial Sauna Doors image

Commercial Sauna Doors

A quality Helo sauna door is shipped with every sauna room package and is also available as a separate component.

Standard Door - F24P
  • 2'0" x 6'8" x 1-3/4" door with a 4-5/8" or 5-3/8" jamb. Provide a 26" x 82" rough opening. (A 24" door is generally recommended to maximize bench space and to minimize air movement during passage.)
  • Vertical grain Douglas Fir rails for resistance to damage and warping.
  • 16" x 67" clear, insulated (double sealed), tempered safety glass. Takes away the "closed-in" feeling of ordinary saunas.
  • Pre-hung door includes hinge and wooden handles.

Optional Doors
  • Douglas Fir doors available in 2'0", 2'6", and 3'0". Custom Cedar doors are also available.
  • All-glass doors: 5/16" bronze tinted glass (no wood on the door itself), mounted on 2" thick jamb. Available 2'0" x 6'0", 2'0" x 6'8", and 3'0" x 6'8".
  • Douglas Fir doors with fir grid. Same specs as F24P but with attractive grid insert.
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Light Commercial Steam by Amerec image

Light Commercial Steam by Amerec

Whatever the size of your facility, these days it is more important than ever to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. Amerec's 3K and 3T Series steam generators help you create added value for guests cost effectively. Easy to maintain and service, the 3K and 3T Series steam generators are designed for use in smaller commercial steam baths that are operated for short, intermittent periods of time. Their relatively compact size means they can be fitted even when space is at a premium, allowing you to turn underused space into a wellness center that will be appreciated. At the same time, they are powerful enough to provide a steady flow of soft, gentle steam at even temperature, ensuring maximum guest comfort.
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Heavy Commercial Steam by Amerec image

Heavy Commercial Steam by Amerec

AI boilers are the steam generators of choice for large commercial steam rooms and can help you create an inviting, relaxing environment that adds real value and generates positive word of mouth and returns for your business. The AI Series is specially designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation. From their corrosion-resistant exteriors to their multiple safety features, AI boilers provide a welcome, genuine steam bath experience at less cost and with less hassle.


AI boilers feature all-steel construction with powder coat exterior, brass fittings, and stainless steel feet to prevent corrosion. Designed to minimize downtime, AI boilers are easy to access and service, with integrated diagnostic systems using LED indicator lights to alert you to any problems.
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Residential Steam by Amerec image

Residential Steam by Amerec

Amerec supplies quality steam bath generators, controls and equipment for homes and businesses. Steam is our specialty; we know how to create the perfect steam bath environment, because we appreciate and respect its long history as a healthy way to purify both body and mind.

Over the years, we''ve built a reputation for providing the innovative, high quality products and services that make it easy to capture your moment daily'-in a healthy, comforting and refreshing cloud of pure, clean steam. Our ongoing goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of steam bathing every day.
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Commercial Steam Doors image

Commercial Steam Doors - Club 190

The steam door features 1/4" tempered glass with a sturdy aluminum frame, excellent for high-volume-use commercial applications. Optional 1" insulated glass panel provides increased thermal efficiency. Push/pull handles and hydraulic closer included.

  • Steam doors MUST swing out
  • Door is 36"x84"; frame size is 39-1/2"x85-3/4" for 40"x86" Rough Opening
  • Custom sizes available - Please call or email for quote
  • Vinyl sweep (mounts to bottom exterior of door)
  • Hydraulic closer included (to be mounted on exterior side of door)
  • Push/Pull handles included
  • 31-3/8" x 70-1/8" clear 1/4" tempered glass
  • Optional 1" insulated glass provides increased thermal efficiency
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Elysee Modular Acrylic Steam Rooms image

Elysee Modular Acrylic Steam Rooms

Constructed of white, high-gloss, easy to clean panels that provide a bright bathing environment Extra wide35-1/2" tinted safety glass door with flat sill (no raised threshold) and anodized aluminum handles Integral recessed LED light installs above each seat section to provide subdued lighting Smoked, tempered safety glass front wall in a frame of anodized aluminum (optional) Exterior surface and floor not provided.
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Excellent Modular Acrylic Steam Rooms image

Excellent Modular Acrylic Steam Rooms

Constructed of white, high-gloss, easy to clean panels that provide a bright bathing environment Extra wide 35-1/2" tinted safety glass door with flat sill (no raised threshold) and anodized aluminum handles Wide, comfortable benches in white lacquered aluminum. Exterior surface and floor not provided
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Custom Infrared Saunas image

Custom Infrared Saunas

The Helo Custom IR sauna has combined its CarbonFlex far-infrared technology into virtually any sauna room design - available with other sauna upgrades such as special bench designs, special lighting, etc.

Let your imagination go. For the first time in the worldwide sauna industry, there are now IR options to give you exactly what you want.

Custom Infrared on Your Framed Walls
  • New construction, remodeling
  • Convert existing sauna into an infrared sauna

The options with our Custom IR are endless...with innovative use of glass windows and all-glass doors, angles, curves, special lighting, and sound systems. Your design (or with our free design service incorporating your ideas), in partnership with Helo experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function.

Handcrafted to your plan, we'll precut the finest hand-selected wood for your walls and ceiling, we'll pre-build the benches and door, and include a CarbonFlex IR Panel Kit sized for your room - all for installation on you framed walls. Simply provide the inside dimensions of the framed walls, the door location, and your preference for bench configuration - and we'll do the rest. Need design assistance to overcome potential challenges? Complete the form in the right column.

Custom Infrared Saunas are perfect for new construction or remodeling: residential, hotels, health clubs, condos, and apartments.
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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Continue Education

Continue Education Credits image

Continue Education Credits

Adding small pockets of luxury to a home has become commonplace in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Personal saunas are a natural extension to this way of thinking, supporting an owner's health and relaxation. This course looks at the wide variety of heat bathing options: sauna, infrared, and steam, with a focus on how to both select a product and implement heat bathing in residential and commercial projects.

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