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All Acme Brick are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM specifications.


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The IBP (Innovative Building Products) Glass Block Grid System sets real glass block in a precision engineered, custom-manufactured aluminum grid. IBP accents are easy to handle and install--usually in about the same time as their conventional glass-pane counterparts. IBP installations deliver not only light but many other benefits as well. The IBP Glass Block Grid System, unlike mortar installations, allows both for building movement and for expansion/contraction of glass block and surrounding materials. The result is a glass block installation that retains its beauty and integrity over time.


{{}} {{this.hide}} GlassWalk Floor Systems

GlassWalk Floor Systems image

GlassWalk Floor Systems - GlassWalk™

IBP offers GlassWalk floor systems in 3 different varieties:

Glass pavers 8" square
Structural glass units
Structural glass stair treads

Like all IBP solutions, each GlassWalk system is custom manufactured to your specification and is easy to install.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fast Track Stone™ Masonry Support System

Masonry Support System image

Masonry Support System - Fast Track Stone™

The exciting new Fast Track Stoneā„¢ masonry support system can transform a basic building into a structure of elegance and warmth, as well as economy. Unlike conventional stone-veneer finishes, Fast Track Stone does not require a concrete footing to support the weight of the masonry. This feature alone can yield considerable savings.

The system weighs as little as 14 pounds per square foot. It is easily designed into new projects using conventional construction techniques or attaches to most structures using existing wall studs.

Green Values
Fast Track Stone can help builders achieve LEED objectives. Aluminum channels and clips have at least 25% post-consumer recycled content, and the entire system can be dismantled and re-purposed as the building's uses change over its life cycle. Premium Masonry Panels
Natural limestone panels are available from Texas Quarries in four standard varieties.

Lightweight cast-stone panels are available as well. Please ask your representative for a current list of masonry panels compatible with Fast Track Stone.

Standard nominal sizes for Fast Track Stone panels are 16" x 24" and 8" x 24". Custom sizes may be available by special order. Please ask your local representative for the most up-to-date selection.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Windows and Walls

Windows and Walls  image

Windows and Walls

The patented IBP grid enhances the appearance of glass block windows and wall installations. It assures a proper, uniformly spaced glass block installation without using the time-consuming method of mortar and spacers.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Canopies and Awnings

Canopies and Awnings image

Canopies and Awnings

The IBP Grids incorporated into canopy and awning structures enables designers to maximize daylight while providing protection against the elements. By utilizing IBP Grids in canopy or awning projects you can create dynamic, functional structures that harness natural light and at night allow artificial light to flow freely through, illuminating the pedestrian walk spaces below.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Glass Block Grid System

Glass Block Grid System image

Glass Block Grid System

Prefabricated glass block panels for windows, walls, skylights, showers and floors. Choice of patterns and joint filler color.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures image

Shower Enclosures

Glass block adds drama to any shower enclosure. In adapting the grid system for shower enclosures, IBP's design team has developed a number of features that allow easy attachment to a standard shower curb using standard construction methods.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Glass Block Skylights

Glass Block Skylights image

Glass Block Skylights

IBP glass block skylights provide features unavailable in conventional plastic skylights.

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