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InKan Limited is a world class Architectural Glass and Metal Fabricator providing both standard products and custom manufactured materials. Operating out of two facilities, the glass processing plant covers 50,000 square feet in the purpose built factory that they have occupied for 40 years. Cutting glass from block sizes up to 130" x 204" with it's CNC cutting table, InKan continues the glass processing with four edging machines and two CNC fabricating machines providing polished edges and holes or notches that meet any requirement.

An industry leader in tempering glass; InKan has two tempering lines, heat treating glass up to 96" x 190" in thicknesses from 4mm (3/16") to 19mm (3/4").

In house colour matching ability with Opaci-coat 300 provides our customers with faster colour matches and more options for spandrel glass. InKan UltraImage Digitally Prints ceramic inks up-to 1440 DPI in sizes up-to 2300 x 4800. UltraImage is a digital printing process using durable ceramic inks fired directly to the glass in the tempering process. We can print up to 1440 dpi and reproduce full colour photos on glass with the industry leading Tecglass Digital Printer. Max sizes of 2300mm x 4000mm. UltraImage prints are UV, water, solvent and scratch resistant. Please contact for more details.

InKan provides glass laminating solutions with Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and SentryGlas (SGP) in sizes up to 96" x 190" in single and multi-laminated compositions.

InKan also provides silk-screened pattern ceramic frit in sizes up to 60" x 144".

Having recently moved our metal shop into a larger building, InKan Metals continues to grow its business with more capacity and diversity in its ability while maintaining the high standard of custom metal work that has been at the core of its business since its inception.

With in-house shear and brake, turret punch, milling machines and highly skilled manpower for fitting, welding and polishing. InKan RDM Glass Systems produces Door & Side-lite rails, lock housings and all glass wall patches for standard and custom entrances. InKan's ability to manufacture custom metal products is unmatched in the industry, our years of experience in both the glass and metal industry allows us the foresight to understand how the two divisions best integrate together and produce the highest quality products.

InKan Contract division is world class when it comes to managing your large project such as structural glass wall and staircases. We have the experience and capabilities to take care of the entire package of metal and glass from shop drawings, engineering, supply and installation. Please contact with any questions.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Ceramic Print on Glass

Ceramic Graphics on Glass Digital Ideas image

Ceramic Graphics on Glass Digital Ideas - UltraImage

InKan can digitally print your images upto 1440 DPI on our state of the art Tecglass Digital Printer.  The system uses Tecglass ceramic inks which are fired into the glass during the tempering process.  Tecglass inks are UV, water, solvent and scratch resistant.  Non-slips are available for floors.

Sizes that can be printed upto 90" x 189"

{{}} {{this.hide}} Structural Glass Wall

Structural Glass Wall image

Structural Glass Wall

The ideal solution - the suspended glass assembly. The glass wall, acting as one unit, hanging from the head of the structure, not only provides a transparent, weatherproof membrane, but is also a structural wall. The wall may be interrupted by tempered glass doors or revolving doors to provide access where required.


18 York

120 Bremner Blvd. Toronto

101 Constitution, Washington DC

Bay and Adelaide

Conestoga Mall

BMW Tower 

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Doors and Partitions image

Doors and Partitions

Entrance doors, kiosk boutiques and screens of tempered glass can be custom designed to suit virtually any application. Specially crafted hardware is available in a variety of finishes.
Digital Ceramic Glass Printing image

Digital Ceramic Glass Printing

Hi-Resolution digital ceramic printing on glass. 

InKan can make your art/imagination/dream come to life.

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Straight Sliding Doors image

Straight Sliding Doors - 510 Series, 510HD

510 Series Tandem Roller not to exceed 113 Kg (250 lbs)
510HD Series Bottom Caster not to exceed 181Kg (400 lbs)

Straight Slider image

Straight Slider - 520 Series

Straight Slider, Top Hung
Stacked Slider image

Stacked Slider - 530 Series

Parallel Staggered Stacking, Top Hung
Staggered Stacking Slider image

Staggered Stacking Slider - 540 Series

90° Staggered Stacking, Top Hung
Staggered Stacking Slider image

Staggered Stacking Slider - 550 Series

Parallel Staggered Stacking, Bottom Rolling
Staggered Stacking Slider image

Staggered Stacking Slider - 560 Series

90° Staggered Stacking, Bottom Rolling

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Glass Balustrade image

Glass Balustrade

InKan Ltd. custom manufactures, designs and engineers balustrades to suit your client's needs. Our in-house custom metal fabricating and glass tempering/laminating can design your balustrade to meet building code requirements from residential to stadium loading.

Battery Wharf - Boston MA 

Airport Balustrade 

BMW Balustrade

{{}} {{this.hide}} Glass Canopies + Soffitts

Glass Canopies + Soffitts image

Glass Canopies + Soffitts

Glass canopies featuring a variety of light diffusing patterns and colours, support methods ranging from cantilevered stainless steel frames to point loaded spider fittings and laminated glass beams.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication image

Custom Metal Fabrication

InKan Ltd. has been in the custom metal fabrication business since 1972. InKan's custom metal shop can engineer, design and produce customized doors and frames, revolving doors, balustrades and connections to support our customized glazing systems tobuilding structures, as well as heritage projects. Our in-house equipment includes: Brake Press, Shear, CNC Turret Punch along with a fully equipped machine shop with lathe, milling machine's vertical and horizontal band-saw's, cutoff saw, aluminum cutting saws, welding equipment. Our metal shop overhead crane allows InKan the capability to take on large projects.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Shower Doors

Shower Doors

InKan Ltd. has state of the art fabricating equipment to suit all your shower door needs. Capable of large volume orders along with small customized frameless shower enclosures.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Partitions

Partitions image


Partitions can incorporate top and bottom rails, U-channels, either surface mounted or recessed, or be cantilevered as shown which not only is attractive, but provides an excellent sound barrier.

Dulles Airport

Airport Interior Partitions

Catlin Curved

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Glass Floors image

Glass Floors

This luminous glass plank floor system features a high traffic skid resistant surface skid resistant in both wet and dry conditions and narrow butt joints. The narrow joints are achieved through a unique stepped multi-plate glass construction. The steel and stainless steel support systems are integral parts of any InKan glass floor system.

University of Illinois

Toronto Hilton

GTAA Bridge

Private Residence 

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Glass Capabilities image

Glass Capabilities

InKan Ltd. can back paint glass for spandrel applications in sizes up to 1800mm x 3000mm (72" x 120") Custom colours and colour matching available to suit your needs.



Heat Soak

{{}} {{this.hide}} Racquetball and Squash Courts

Racquetball and Squash Courts image

Racquetball and Squash Courts

InKan Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of squash and racquetball court glass with hardware. Including American Squash, Racquetball and International Squash including custom configurations may include international doubles squash with court width of 300"

{{}} {{this.hide}} Concealed Floor Spring for Glass & Wooden Doors

Concealed Floor Spring for Glass & Wooden Doors image

Concealed Floor Spring for Glass & Wooden Doors - Ozone Plus

The revolutionary fitting is a bottom patch fitting used in frameless glass doors and wooden doors with an in-build hydraulic system.

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INKAN Business Card image

INKAN Business Card

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