Our operations encompass the North America, Australia and New Zealand. James Hardie® Building Products are also now available in Asia, with a manufacturing plant in the Philippines; in Europe, our operations are headquartered in Amsterdam. In every country in which we operate, our goal is to remain at the forefront of the fiber-cement industry, capitalizing on our global leadership in products, manufacturing and technology for both new home construction and remodeling.

Innovation is vital to maintaining our pre-eminent position in the fiber-cement industry. Consequently, we invest heavily in research and development, with a special emphasis on product quality and production efficiency to develop durable and low maintenance siding products and backerboard.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Lap siding

HardiePlank® Lap siding image

HardiePlank® Lap siding

Sleek and strong, HardiePlank lap siding is not just our best-selling product - it's the most popular brand of siding in America. With a full spectrum of colors and textures, HardiePlank lap siding sets the standard in exterior cladding.

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HardieShingle® Siding image

HardieShingle® Siding

Get the authenticity of cedar shingles with the strength of James Hardie. Better than the real thing, it resists rotting, curling, warping and splitting.

USE IT FOR: Looks great on Cape Cods and cottage-style homes. But if you like the look, don't limit yourself. Use HardieShingle® siding to highlight a gable or accent the top half of your house.

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HardiePanel® Vertical Siding image

HardiePanel® Vertical Siding

Combine with HardieTrim® boards for a rustic board-and-batten look. Or, go for the more minimalist look of simple vertical lines.

USE IT FOR: Works well with farmhouse-style or modern homes.

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HardieTrim® Boards image

HardieTrim® Boards

Accentuate corners, columns, friezes, doors, windows and more. Add that final flourish to your design statement.

USE IT FOR: Trim provides a great way to introduce colors, whether contrasting your primary house color, or using a darker or lighter shade.

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HardieSoffit® Panels image

HardieSoffit® Panels

Reinforce the vulnerable gap between eaves and exterior walls to protect your home from moisture and pests. For complete confidence, take that extra step.

USE IT FOR: For complete confidence, use James Hardie products to wrap your entire exterior.

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Artisan® Lap and Artisan Accent Trim image

Artisan® Lap and Artisan Accent Trim

Artisan® Lap and Artisan Accent Trim are the premier exterior design products for every luxury home.

Make your mark in traditional home design by capturing the beauty of wood siding while promising lower maintainance. Distinctively thick Artisan siding and trim offer the aesthetic of authentic cedar profiles in high-performance fiber cement.


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Reveal® Panel System image

Reveal® Panel System

Get the look you are after with the solution that offers design flexibility. The Reveal® Panel System by James Hardie can be utilized to create an effective modern, durable, panelized look.

A system of components specifically developed for multi-family and light commercial construction. If your project calls for a panelized look - the Reveal Panel system offers the design flexibility you need.

Beginning with a commercial grade panel developed for multi-family and light commercial applications, the Reveal Panel system by James Hardie is a complete solution for creating a panelized look. Eliminate the guesswork in creating this look with the Reveal Panel system, with all parts including panels, trims and fasteners supplied by James Hardie. Check for availability and call your local James Hardie representative for a recommended experienced installer.

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HardieBacker® 1/4 in. Cement Board image

HardieBacker® 1/4 in. Cement Board

This light, easy-to-cut, no-mesh board features our exclusive EZ Grid® recessed fastener pattern, making installation even easier.

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HardieBacker® 500 Cement Board image

HardieBacker® 500 Cement Board

HardieBacker 500 cement board is resistant to mold growth and damage from moisture.

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HardieWrap® Weather Barriers image

HardieWrap® Weather Barriers

HardieWrap weather barrier provides a balance of water resistance and breathability, reducing water intrusion while allowing water vapor from inside your home to escape. This keeps the area within your walls dry. The material is composed of high-performance, non-perforated, non-woven polyolefin with a unique MicroTech™ Coating that helps prevent mildew and reduces energy loss (potentially saving you money).

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Flex Flashing image

Flex Flashing

HardieWrap Flex Flashing is designed to easily stretch and seal around custom shapes - including windows and doorsills - to prevent water and air from entering the home.

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Pro-Flashing image


HardieWrap Pro-Flashing is a butyl rubber self-adhesive designed to peel and stick around windows and doors to prevent water and air intrusion. It also self-seals around fasteners.

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Seam Tape image

Seam Tape

HardieWrap Seam Tape is designed to seal vertical and horizontal seams and small holes in the weather barrier to prevent air and water infiltration. Our seam tape adheres to most surfaces and contains no asphalts, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or solvents, which can reduce adhesion over time.

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Sustainability image


James Hardie is committed to helping you build better, more sustainable projects by working with building science experts to understand the role our products play in the building envelope. The following information will help you determine how James Hardie® products contribute toward the overall performance of the building.

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LEED Guidelines image

LEED Guidelines

There are many green guideline programs in the building industry and all share the goal of building a more efficient, healthier building environment for those who live or work there. The USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) has created national guidelines (the LEED Program) from the collective experience of leading personnel in the green building movement.

While products alone do not provide points, James Hardie® siding products may contribute to the following LEED New Construction points: MR5 (MR4 for Homes) Recycled Content and MR5 (MR4 for Homes) Regional Materials.
James Hardie interior products may contribute to the LEED New Construction points for Low-Emitting Materials as the HardieBacker® product line is certified GREENGUARD Gold. Please view the certificates here. A project-specific cutsheet in support of recycled and regional content claims is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

Find your inspiration! Browse photos of projects completed by innovators like you.

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