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Over 60 years of brilliant technological innovation and proven performance...

Kalwall Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of translucent, insulated sandwich panel systems.

The Company's systems are used in an endless variety of building applications to enclose all or part of the walls or roofs of buildings... Curtainwalls, Window Systems, Skylights, Skyroofs and Entire Structures.

Kalwall's many "firsts" in the composites industry:

  • 1st to manufacture an aluminum & FRP sandwich panel
  • 1st to develop super effective UV resistant coating systems
  • 1st to perfect a full thickness, colorfast resin system
  • 1st to develop the only true thermally broken composite grid core
  • 1st to invent a curved panel
  • 1st to incorporate a glass erosion barrier
  • 1st to produce very low flame and smoke panels that weather well
  • 1st to develop a Class A skyroof system
  • 1st to develop an FM Class 1 panel
  • 1st to incorporate super insulating thermal break systems
  • Another 1st with super insulating Nanogel®, u=.op
  • Our latest 1st is meeting DoD/GSA regulations for blast resistance!
  • 1st to produce 4 inch thick (100MM) thermally broken, translucent sandwich panel to handle greater loads with limited deflection while delivering the ultimate in energy performance.
The world's most renowned architects continue to expand the horizons of their design objectives through the imaginative and totally flexible use of Kalwall. Here is just one of the thousands of significant buildings...

Rainbow Bridge Plaza, Niagara Falls, NY Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates, Architects
...a spectacular entrance to one of the world's most famous waterfalls!


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Industry Leader in Sustainable Daylighting Solutions Presents Products and Features

MANCHESTER, NH - The powerful advantages of Kalwall translucent building systems are featured in the company's new brochure: Introduction to Products + Features.

The 16-page full-color brochure offers an overview of the Kalwall Panel and System Technologies, and provides product information on the various facades, Skyroofs, skylights, and canopies and walkways favored by architects, engineers and construction managers.

The data, specifications and details of our services, such as Daylighting Analysis, contained in the brochure will be helpful to anyone looking for the right daylighting solution for a project, says Amy Keller, Vice President of International Sales for Kalwall. Our team is committed to delivering the finest translucent building systems on time and within budget, and we want people to have as much information as possible before making a decision.

About Kalwall
Kalwall has been setting the industry standard for diffuse natural lighting systems since it was introduced globally at the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels and, again, at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Much has changed since then, but the beauty, efficiency and ruggedness of Kalwall systems have not. Neither has Kalwall's commitment to fine craftsmanship, custom work and continuing advances in technology. Kalwall is recognized for its innovations in window designs that provide a more predictable, better quality of usable natural light with superior thermal properties and best in industry solar heat gain control.


Kalwall Translucent Sandwich Panels Featured at SuperMaterials Exhibit in London

MANCHESTER, N.H.- Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels are a featured product at a two-month long exhibit in London being hosted by the Built Environment Trust.

The SuperMaterials exhibit, which began February 1 at the London Building Centre and concludes April 27, highlights how scientific developments have transformed the way we build.

The series of exhibits aims to inform how materials and technology are changing the future of construction, and explore how the application of raw materials influences the constant evolution of architecture. Dubbed the next industrial revolution by The Building Centre, this evolving phase has a sharp focus on stronger, lighter, thinner and biodegradable products.

Robert Keller's Kalwall panels may have been introduced in 1955 in New Hampshire, but they have stood the test of time as a truly revolutionary development that remains a key feature in projects around the world.

Click here for more information regarding the exhibit.
Facades image


Kalwall has developed a wide variety of high performance, translucent facade systems to meet the demands of any climate. Choose between wall systems, unitized curtain walls and window replacement systems to delivering museum-quality daylighting™ to any space while offering exception thermal values and solar heat gain control.
Skyroofs image


Perfect for larger and specialty toplighting applications, Kalwall has developed a full line of Skyroofs. Select among our Pre-engineered Systems, our consider a Custom Skyroof or Clearspan System for more monumental daylighting.
Skylights image


Whatever your toplighting needs, Kalwall has the solution. Choose between our three standard skylights, Geo-Roofs, Pyramids, and S-lines to balance aesthetics, performance, and affordability while delivering museum-quality daylighting™ to any space.
Canopies and Walkways image

Canopies and Walkways

Kalwall offers the ideal solution for canopy and walkway applications. Combine glare-free daylighting, design flexibility and low maintenance requirements so building occupants, architects/designer and owners all realize the benefits of our high-performance, code-compliant systems.
LEED® v3 Projects image

LEED® v3 Projects

Kalwall has been harvesting daylight without sacrificing thermal performance for 60 years. Since its inception, our systems have been incorporated into almost 1000 LEED® certified projects. This brochure provides an overview of how to receive LEED® v3 points by specifying Kalwall.
LEED® v4 Projects image

LEED® v4 Projects

Kalwall has been harvesting daylight without sacrificing thermal performance for 60 years. Since its inception, our systems have been incorporated into almost 1000 LEED® certified projects. This brochure provides an overview of how to receive LEED® v4 points by specifying Kalwall.
Kalwall Part of Historic Willow School Zero Energy Project image

Kalwall Part of Historic Willow School Zero Energy Project

The 20,000-square foot Health, Wellness & Nutrition Center at the Willow School in Gladstone, N.J., which opened in May of 2015, is a zero energy facility on track to be the largest school project in the country to meet the Living Building Challenge.....Click Here for More info
Kalwall Part of AIA Award-Winning Sustainable Architecture image

Kalwall Part of AIA Award-Winning Sustainable Architecture

The AIA's Committee of the Environment (COTE) named the design by Diamond Schmitt Architects of Toronto as one of its Top Ten examples of Sustainable Architecture and Ecological Designs for 2015.... Click Here for More Info
Global Influence: Kalwall Featured in Northern Ireland Project image

Global Influence: Kalwall Featured in Northern Ireland Project

Foyles Arena, the new 12.7m sports centre at St Columb's Park in Derry, Northern Ireland, was officially opened mid-April.

The main features of the design by Samuel Stevenson & Sons include a 36m Main Arena Hall, which is so large that the entire old St Columb's Leisure Centre complex could fit inside it. With the capacity to seat 2,000 people, the venue is now the largest indoor facility in the region....Click Here for More Info
Net Zero Concept Nets More Awards For Georgia Tech Building image

Net Zero Concept Nets More Awards For Georgia Tech Building

MANCHESTER, NH - In the simplest terms, a net zero energy building generates as much or more energy than it uses. Georgia Tech's Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory (CNES) in Atlanta, GA is one of the few buildings in the country that has net-zero carbon emissions and has been hailed for setting a new standard in sustainable design.
Metea Valley High School Natatorium image

Metea Valley High School Natatorium

Metea Valley High School Natatorium
Aurora, Illinois
Architect: DLR Group
Canyon View Elementary School Remodeling Success Story image

Canyon View Elementary School Remodeling Success Story

Canyon View Elementary School
Kennewick, WA
Architect: Design West Architects
Kalwall Daylighting Key to Prototype Middle School image

Kalwall Daylighting Key to Prototype Middle School

Architect: Skinner Lamm & Highsmith PA; William T. Highsmith, AIA, LEED AP

Holly Grove Middle School, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Mills Park Middle School, Cary, North Carolina
Trice Jewelers Denver, CO image

Trice Jewelers Denver, CO - Geo-Roof™

Kalwall's Geo-Roof™ is Jewelry Store's Biggest Gem.

The skylight was installed, strategically, just above Trice's bridal diamond showcase, showering it with controlled, natural daylight.
Crocker Art Museum Sacramento, CA image

Crocker Art Museum Sacramento, CA

Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects
Daylighting an over 100-year-old gallery... the venerable Crocker Art Museum... with Kalwall Skylights.
ShinenKan Pavilion for Japanese Art, Los Angeles, CA image

ShinenKan Pavilion for Japanese Art, Los Angeles, CA

Bruce Goff, Designer; Bart Prince, Architect
An award-winning curtainwall system is featured in this world-renowned design.
New York Museum of Science and Industry, LI, NY image

New York Museum of Science and Industry, LI, NY

Polshek Partners
State of the art translucent building superbly designed.

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Wall Systems image

Wall Systems

Wall systems include translucent panel wall applications that is for a single story or less and does not integrate fixed or operable glazing units or louvers. Structural sandwich panels, up to 5′ x 20′, may be either flat or curved. Panels come in 2.75″ and 4.00″ thicknesses, and may be customized to accommodate a variety of head and sill conditions.

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Window Wall Systems image

Window Wall Systems

Our window walls can combine fixed or operable glazing with our highly insulated, light transmitting panels. Glazing can be any specified glass when vision is required, or for safety and security, our translucent panels can be integrated with operable sash providing privacy with natural ventilation.

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Window Replacement image

Window Replacement

Retrofits with Kalwall vs. Glass results in dramatic savings for stopping heat loss, reducing electric light usage by offering glare free-usable diffuse daylight, eliminating the need for shades, and decreasing solar heat gain. Our high performance systems are very competitively priced, virtually maintenance free, and offer increased security compared to typical glass retrofits, for both increased impact resistance and vandalism.

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Specialty Applications image

Specialty Applications

Kalwall panels can be custom engineered if your facade requires specialized options. We offer many engineered systems including:
  • Hurricane rated walls and windows
  • High impact options
  • Class A fire ratings
  • Blast resistant systems meet DOD UFC 4-010-01 Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP)
  • Factory Mutual certified systems: Class One Exterior Walls (FM 4881) & FM 4411
  • Explosion venting/Pressure Relief systems: Factory Mutual listed (FM 4440)
  • Bespoke designs

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skylight image


Kalwall offers a wide range of pre-engineered skyroofs including: shed Roofs, ridge Roofs, pyramids, barrel vaults, low-profile vaults. Our panels are so lightweight compared to glass, at less than 3 lbs/ft2, support framing requirements are minimized. Only thrust-bearing curbs designed to accommodate local live, snow and wind load designs are required. Clearspans up to 24" are possible, depending on load and slope, without additional support framing. Our rugged skylights are all mansafe and OSHA fall thru compliant, meaning no safety cages required, another cost savings. Centerline, self-supporting ridge skylights with 20, 27, 33, or 45 degree slope to 24'. Our Kalcurve 180 degree and low-profile 90 degree come in one foot curb width increments.

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Custom Skyroofs image

Custom Skyroofs

Our Custom Skyroof system features Kalwall composite panels over sub-structure by others, when energy efficient, diffuse daylighting at monumental scale is in order. Flat, curved or combination offer design versatility and a consistent with all Kalwall systems. Installation is fast and easy, coupled with large size panels to further speed the process. As with all Kalwall panels, our skyroofs are man-safe and OSHA fall through compliant. U-values available up to .05, for maximum thermal performance with our Lumira panel, the most highly insulated, light transmitting product in the market.

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Clearspan Systems image

Clearspan Systems - Kalcurve, ClearSpan

Marrying the benefits of the lightweight Kalwall composite panel technology with the low maintenance, corrosion and moisture resistant aluminum box beams, we can offer monumental clearspan skylights and structures with spans in excess of 100 feet. The leaders in large scale daylighting systems, Structures Unlimited Inc., a strategic partner of Kalwall, offers total design control, fabrication, delivery and complete installation with single source responsibility. When you need it done right, on time, and in budget, we have your solution. No more need for separate steel fabricators, glaziers and painters - these skylight systems are pre-fabricated, pre-finished and ready for quick, curb up installation. Installations completed in weeks, not months, due to component standardizations and CAD technology.

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Specialty Applications image

Specialty Applications

Kalwall panels can be custom engineered if your roof requires specialized options. We offer many engineered systems including:
  • Class A fire ratings
  • Hurricane rated roof assemblies/Windborne debris resistance Missile D certified
  • High impact options
  • Blast resistant systems meet DOD UFC 4-010-01 Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP)
  • Factory Mutual certified roof systems: FM 4471
  • Removable roofs
  • Motorized/operable roofs
  • Bespoke designs

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Curtainwall Systems image

Curtainwall Systems

Our unitized curtainwall system integrates translucent panels with fixed or operable glazing units, opaque panels, and louvers, etc. for single or multi-story applications.

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S-lines image


For toplighting solutions that are economical and easy to install, consider our S-line skylights and combine diffuse daylighting with a full range of thermal packages. Larger unit sizes also mean fewer roof penetrations, for daylighting bigger manufacturing spaces. Our rugged units are vandal resistant and man-safe for maintenance crews, and a favorite where extreme weather is a concern.

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Pyramids image


Bring loftiness to your design, with Kalwall Standard pyramids. Standard pitches of 27, 33, or 45 degree, designed for quick installation, and available in small quantities. All that is needed for standard skylight orders are face sheet color, U value selection, standard curb size and finish color.

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Geo-roofs image


Prefabricated elements provide an elegant daylighting concept to highlight any overall design, and are easily engineered into any construction. Our Geo-roofs feature a clean design for easy curb installation and watertight seal. Lightweight units are rugged and tough, hurricane-rated and man-safe. Optional colored inserts are available for added interest.

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Canopies image


Our low maintenance translucent canopies are a smart investment. Leaves and bird debris remain unseen from below, and the diffuse light and low contrast ratios they provide is a safety feature for people in transit. At night, our canopies also shine, as they glow softly from nearby artificial lighting, and highlight points of interest, such as building entrances. Our economical lightweight panels weigh 1/3 less than glass, meaning less sub structure, and longer spans.

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Walkways image


Kalwall walkways not only protect from the elements, but they create comfortable, practical transitions between buildings, filling an enclosed space with balanced daylight, and providing security to occupants from being seen from outside the structure. Our superior structural integrity stands up to hurricane-force winds, high snow loads and the most demanding code requirements. Unlike glass, our low maintenance panels self-clean with natural rainfall, keeping the walkway clean and free of unsightly smudges and stains.

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Support Structures image

Support Structures

We offer turnkey canopy and walkway solutions featuring Kalwall panels paired with structural aluminum support systems by Structures Unlimited Inc.

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LEED Contribution image

LEED Contribution

One of the easiest ways to gather LEED points revolves around lighting. Clearspan skylights and pool enclosures from Structures Unlimited and Kalwall's translucent skylight and wall systems are uniquely suited to achieve the desired results.

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Daylight Modeling image

Daylight Modeling

Daylighting is the practice of using controlled natural light to illuminate a space. It is part science and part art. The end result is a space that minimizes the use of artificial lighting, reduces carbon emissions and positively affects the performance, mood and well being of the occupants. Daylight modeling brings science into the art of daylighting. It removes the design mystery and reveals the pattern of daylight on any building through software and physical scale modeling.

Architects around the world use our complimentary service to demonstrate the impact of their daylighting design options with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels to achieve the ultimate in balanced, glare-free, Museum-quality Daylighting™. Our service helps to document your contributions to Net Zero, BREEAM® and LEED®objectives.

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Portfolio image


Kalwall translucent systems are used in a multitude of applications around the world, giving architects the ability to execute unique designs by controlling natural light and fine tuning heat loss and gain. The resulting systems positively influence the personal well being, working and learning environment of all the building's occupants.

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MANCHESTER, NH - Inspired by the fluid movement of the amoeba cell, a design team from the MIT Media Lab in Boston, Mass., created the Amoeba Wall Dynamical Space Reconfiguration Tool for a constantly changing work environment.

Kalwall translucent sandwich panels were an essential feature of the design, giving the wall structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The combination of beauty and flexibility earned the project three awards, including a prestigious Golden A Design, at the A Design Award and Competition.

The A Design Award and Competition is billed as the world's largest design competition for designers, innovators and companies.

Amoeba Wall was honored with the Golden A' Design Award for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design, as well as two Silver A' Design Awards for the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category, as well as the Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design category.

The wall was originally created for The Tomorrow's Workplace 2016 design competition, challenging teams of designers to define how will offices enable workers to be the best they can be?

Honghao Deng, the lead designer of the MIT Media Lab project, praised Kalwall panels and the role they played in the design of the Amoeba Wall.

The Kalwall daylighting panel is not only beautiful and has great light diffusion, but is also amazingly easy to deal with, Deng said It's incredibly lightweight and structurally sound.

The transformable wall employs robotics technology to create a hyper-efficient, dynamically reconfigurable structure. The innovative robotics and unmatched quality of Kalwall panels combine to create a flexible and lightweight piece of architecture that accommodates a wide range of activities in a small space.
KALWALL® Featured in Winning 2017 RIBA London Award Project image

KALWALL® Featured in Winning 2017 RIBA London Award Project

May 30, 2017
MANCHESTER, NH - The architects of London's remodeled West Croydon Bus Station were looking for a way to give the busy transport station a brighter and more aesthetically appealing look when it began its remodeling project two years ago.

The introduction of Kalwall translucent sandwich panels for the station's canopy helped achieve that goal. And, in the process, earned the project one of England's highest honors in architectural design.

Transport for London (TfL)'s in-house design team was recently presented a 2017 RIBA Regional Award by the Royal Institute of British Architects and TfL architect Martin Eriksson won a 2017 RIBA London Project Architect of the Year Award.

RIBA Awards aim to celebrate the best architecture in the UK and around the world. London has over 12,000 RIBA members and 1,000 chartered practices. Regional winners are eligible for the RIBA National Award for architectural excellence.

In jury comments, the station is described as a charming and creative building. Kalwall panels not only provided an aesthetic beauty, but their lightweight properties factored into the design of the building. The ability to eliminate shadows, hotspots and glare made Kalwall preferable to traditional glazing. Additionally, the translucent panels create an ethereal glow at night, making it a beacon for travelers.

The ability to reduce maintenance expenditures also made Kalwall a great choice. Soil and detritus are less obvious on Kalwall panels than on glass, and cleaning is much simpler because access scaffolding is not required and maintenance staff can safely walk across its surface.
KALWALL® Featured in Project on RIBA Shortlist image

KALWALL® Featured in Project on RIBA Shortlist

May 17, 2017
MANCHESTER, NH -The West Croydon Bus Station in London is not only a vital link to accommodate millions of people every year commuting to work from the South and South East into London, but it has become a key piece in transforming the town center into a more attractive environment to live, work, socialize and do business.

Designed by Transport for London's in-house team of architects and predominantly featuring Kalwall translucent sandwich panels, the project was shortlisted by the Royal Institute of British Architects for a 2017 RIBA London Regional Award.

The West Croydon Bus Station was one of 85 buildings to make the cut from among 215 entries. The winning entry will be announced on Monday, May 22. Regional winners will be eligible for the RIBA National Award for architectural excellence. RIBA Awards have been presented since 1966 and are open to buildings in the United Kingdom by RIBA chartered architect and international fellows. The RIBA London Region includes 12,000 members and 1,300 chartered practices.

To be included on the shortlist for such a prestigious award is quite an honor in itself, says Amelia Keller, principal of Kalwall.
KALWALL® Featured in Grand Prize-Winning Project image

KALWALL® Featured in Grand Prize-Winning Project

May 16, 2017
MANCHESTER, NH - By blending innovative educational concepts into the design and achieving the highest standards of energy efficiency, the architects and designers of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School complex in Cambridge, Mass., were cited by LEARNING BY DESIGN as one of three Grand Prize winners in its Spring 2017 edition.
Kalwall Featured in Three Award-Winning Projects image

Kalwall Featured in Three Award-Winning Projects


Kalwall Featured in Three Award-Winning Projects Cited by Learning By Design.

MANCHESTER, NH - Kalwall® - the industry leader in museum quality daylighting solutions is part of three award-winning projects cited by Learning By Design in its Spring 2016 Architectural Awards Showcase editions. Click here to read more
2015 Best Project winner - Mattabassett Districts Water Pollution Control Facility,  Cromwell, CT image

2015 Best Project winner - Mattabassett Districts Water Pollution Control Facility, Cromwell, CT

Structures Unlimited Inc. Part of Best Project Award-Winner in Water/Environment Category

BOW, NH - The project to upgrade the Mattabassett District's Water Pollution Control Facility in Cromwell, CT, featuring two designs by Structures Unlimited Inc., was recognized by Engineering News-Record New England as a 2015 Best Project winner.

SUI supplied the new main building, a 95' 11" wide x 48' 6" long center ridge building with open-air center passage. The Bow, NH company also supplied a shed roof that is 30' 7/8" by 88' 4 ".

The project, constructed to provide nitrogen treatment to meet new state and federal standards, is one of the biggest WPCF upgrades in the country. The Mattabassett District WPCF processes 12 to 21 million gallons of wastewater from the towns of New Britain, Berlin, Cromwell, Middletown, Newington, Rocky Hill and Farmington, discharging the clean water into the Connecticut River.

The project will now be considered for an ENR Best of the Best Award.

Structures Unlimited is an industry leader in municipal wastewater treatment facilities, providing key components for a project or an entire structure. SUI projects feature Kalwall translucent sandwich panels that can be designed to fit configurations such as shed, hip and circular.

Because the buildings are pre-engineered, prefabricated and pre-finished, they can be erected in days in any kind of weather and faster than other building systems for immediate use. The inside and outside surfaces are ultra-smooth to resist dirt, dust and bacteria build-up, and can be steam cleaned. Structures feature walls and roofs that are highly insulated to prevent potential freeze-ups and energy efficient to take advantage of solar gain during daylight hours.

About Structures Unlimited
For over 45 years, Structures Unlimited, Inc. has been creating the most energy efficient, diffuse-light-transmitting skylights, enclosures and natatoriums with clear spans over 100 feet. A unique technology of our own self-supporting aluminum structure is blended with Kalwall translucent sandwich panels to form a total composite system ... pre-engineered, prefabricated and factory pre-finished for structural, energy-efficient, maintenance-free performance. The balanced daylighting achieved by these highly corrosion-resistant, energy-efficient structures opens up a world of design and engineering possibilities to architects and building designers.
Unitized Curtain Walls image

Unitized Curtain Walls

As construction throughout the United States slows or even stalls due to a shortage of glass curtain wall systems, more builders and architects are turning to Kalwall® unitized curtain wall.

Both structural and diffuse light-transmitting, Kalwall offers the industry's best U values and solar heat gain control to perform as a superior thermal envelope, especially when compared to polycarbonate systems and most insulated glass (IGU).... Click Here for More info

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Kalwall is the most highly insulating, diffuse light-transmitting, structural sandwich panel in the world. While there are other translucent products on the market, none can match Kalwall's ability to provide unparalleled light quality and superior thermal performance at a reasonable cost. In the sixty years that we have worked with lightweight, composites technologies, we have perfected this unique fenestration technology that harvests balanced, natural daylight while providing the ultimate in energy efficiency. Lightweight, shatterproof, and rapidly installed, Kalwall has unrivaled structural integrity that is far superior in performance and value to products that superficially may appear similar. Kalwall can be all or part of the walls or roof of any building or be an entire freestanding structure. Typical product applications include: Wall, Window Wall and Curtain Wall Systems, Window Replacement energy upgrades, Skylights, Pre-engineered and Custom Skyroofs, Clearspan' Systems and Canopies+Walkways.

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