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MAJOR INDUSTRIES is North America's only one-stop, full-line skylight manufacturer! A pioneer in the daylighting industry, Major has been manufacturing quality skylights, canopies and translucent wall systems for four decades. Our dedication to quality and customer service has earned us the trust of leading architects, engineers and other specifiers.

Major Industries offers a complete line of translucent panel and glass skylights, translucent wall systems,canopies, mixed glazed systems and custom daylighting solutions. We also have numerous specialty configurations from hurricane and blast protection to removable systems to pre-assembled systems that can be installed quickly and easily. Let us work with you to engineer and build a daylighting system that fits your exact needs...and your budget.


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Translucent Skylights - Guardian 275®

Cost-effective Guardian 275® systems are lightweight, provide controlled natural light, and are custom designed to fit any skylight or curtainwall application. They also offer unmatched performance, and feature Ultimate Series™ technology.
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Translucent Wall Systems - Guardian 275®

Guardian 275® translucent panel wall systems are the most versatile in our product line. From the highest level of performance options to numerous specialty configurations and industry-long warranties, Guardian 275® systems are the perfect custom daylighting choice.

Like our other translucent panel systems, Guardian 275® wall systems feature a lightweight sandwich panel design, and come standard with concealed fasteners, an innovative "snap and capture" detail that provides rapid field installation and secure holding power, and unsurpassed protection against water and air infiltration by using only EPDM gasketing and long-lasting high-performance sealants. No other translucent panel systems offers this much at no extra charge. Guardian 275® is also available with a variety of insulation options, as well as a 4" panel option, enhancing thermal performance.
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Translucent Panel Wall Systems - Clima-Tite™

Clima-Tite™ takes the unmatched dependability of our standard Guardian 275® aluminum framed translucent panel daylighting systems and transforms them to a new level of thermal performance and condensation resistance.

The key to the high performance of Clima-Tite™ is pultruded fiberglass. By replacing traditional aluminum support structures with fiberglass, we're able to offer a system that provides better U-factors, increased CRF values and a unique snap-to-lock installation feature that saves labor costs and eliminates the need for unsightly visible fasteners. Clima-Tite™ systems also provide built-in water management for long-term performance.

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Translucent Panel System - LightBasic™

LightBasic™ translucent wall systems from Major Industries are the perfect balance of economy and performance, delivering outstanding sun control at an economical price.

Perfectly suited for office spaces, schools, libraries, manufacturing centers and other locations where glare-free light is instrumental to occupant performance and comfort, LightBasic™ translucent panel wall systems are a good fit for both new and retrofit construction, and can be custom-designed to fit your specific needs and requirements.

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Custom Glass Skylights - Auburn®

Major Industries created the Auburn® brand of skylights to give owners the greatest value possible for their dollar. Auburn® glass and plastic skylights aren't designed to span the largest openings; they're optimized for small and medium projects. If your opening spans less than 25 feet, Auburn's value-engineered design, based on our computer-modeled extrusions, will save time, money, and weight in your next daylighting project.

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Pre-Engineered Skylights - Quick Ship™

LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ Self-flashing Single Slope translucent panel skylights are the perfect balance of economy and performance for both new construction and retrofit applications. They're available in pre-engineered sizes from 2' x 4' to 5' x 20', feature a durable face sheet for tough performance against the elements, and offer insulation options for enhanced thermal performance. LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ Single Slope skylights are also self-flashing, allowing for ease of installation and less time on-site, and in most areas do not require fall protection screens (check local requirements).
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Green Building and LEED®

Daylighting is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly "green" design solution. There's no better way to illuminate interior spaces than with the natural light that surrounds us every day.

Major Industries is committed to creating durable, weatherproof and energy-saving skylights and translucent wall systems. Guardian 275® translucent skylights and wall systems reduce light pollution,optimize energy performance and allow glare-free light to improve the quality of your indoor environment... without sacrificing strength or beauty. Our versatile Auburn® glass, polycarbonate multi-wall and acrylic skylights fit every design and budget.

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Continuing Education

Since our start in 1980, Major Industries has provided top quality custom daylighting solutions. During this time we have also tried to educate our clients and potential customers on the benefits of daylighting and proper techniques for choosing the daylighting system that best fits their needs. From online courses to in-person lunch events, Major can provide you with the learning options you're looking for.

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Last Update: 2020-05-11