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MechoSystems®, formerly, MechoShade Systems®, Inc., is a pioneer in the development of solar shading, including the development of its' hugely successful ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® shadecloth lines and creative solutions to brightness, glare and solar control problems. The SolarTrac® system is an Automation Shading System that is predictive, responsive, and accurate to insure solar protection in real-time while offering the benefits of connection to the outside with human factor comfort as a priority!

Through the research and engineering capabilities that created the MechoShade products, MechoSystems has become the only single source solar shading designer and manufacture of hardware, shadecloth, control, and accessories. From rectangular windows, to trapezoidal, from top-down to bottom-up shades, small punched window sizeto monumental (40 foot wide); MechoSystems is in the forefront of energy efficient solar shading design!

Energy conserving and automated ElectroShades® work in harmony with the dynamic Sun to improve interior environments with optimum solar protection, greater use of natural light, energy savings, and those vitally important outdoor views so beneficial to human personal well-being and productivity. The patented SolarEvaluation® program insures that automated shades are up as often as possible, while managing glare and heat gain when needed. Automated shades contribute to LEED™ ratings, and help occupants maintain their Circadian Rhythm, while offering solar heat-gain control and management of glare.

MechoSystems offers an integrated system of visually transparent and room darkening roller screens that provide optimum solar protection with the functionality and design esthetics architects and designers worldwide desire. Whether you need a manual chain-driven shade for a typical window, a motorized mid-window alignment system for a curtain wall, a multi-zone shading control system for an entire office or an automated solar tracking system for the entire building, MechoSystems is the shade of choice for all types of windows, skylights, and atriums. Numerous Cradle to Cradle® certified products are also available.

MechoSystems has offices and manufacturing facilities in Long Island City, NY, Edison, NJ, Phoenix, AZ , and in the UK, with sales, distribution, and installation throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Since 1969, Mecho® has been a trusted partner to architects and designers to help bring their design visions to life. Responding to the growing and evolving needs of the architectural and design communities, Mecho is on the forefront of revolutionizing window shades, effectively creating a new industry.

Mecho thrives in hard- to-solve design and technical challenges and embraces "the unbreakable spec" - those unique projects that call for shading non-rectangular, sloping, high, wide, monumental, difficult-to-access, and other non-standard windows. Mecho has the solution that architects, and designers specify to get the job done right.

Mecho's product line includes the manual Mecho 5, the motorized ElectroShade®, and revolutionary solutions such as SolarTrac®, an automated shading system that tracks the sun and automatically adjusts ElectroShades throughout a defined space, entire building or complete campus.

Mecho' s innovation and "thinking outside the box" approach applies advanced science to important sustainability goals. The manual Mecho® /5 with eco-friendly EcoVeil® shadecloth has been recognized as Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze products by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

EcoVeil®, and our time-tested ThermoVeil® sunscreen, are some of the more than 300 textiles now offered in a range of densities, weaves, openesses, and colors to satisfy the unique demands of curtain-wall applications, glass types, geographical orientations, locations, and aesthetics.

Not to brag, but we've earned dozens of awards, are asked for by the world 's leading architects and designers and are recognized today as "best in class" by a new generation of creatives and builders.

From protecting art to highlighting architectural elements to improving occupant performance, Mecho will configure solutions that will meet your needs. Our engineers, designers, and product specialists eagerly wait for your next design. We dare you to imagine it. We can't wait to create it!


{{}} {{this.hide}} The MechoShade® System

SkyLighter image


SkyLighter shades use top-down engineering in either soft or flat-folded fabrics to allow daylighting control for skylight applications where horizontal, angled, or bottom-up type shading is required. 


  • Reduction of heat gain and glare, which transmit through skylights 
  • Offers a flat or soft-folded alternative to fully drawn shades
  •  Available for rectangular, triangular (equilateral), or trapezoidal shapes with accommodations for a wide range of shapes

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Manual Shades image

Manual Shades - UrbanShade®, Mecho®/5, Mecho®/5x, and Mecho®/7

The Mecho/5 horizontal roller shade clutch includes more than four decades of proven engineered performance in manual commercial window shades. This patented shade lift system is our flagship product that allows our manual window shades to provide superior quality and performance in all types of commercial buildings including healthcare, corporate, education, and hospitality projects. The Mecho/5's patented, industrial commercial roller shade technology is the industry leader in providing a smooth and consistent user experience and unmatched durability.

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Manual Shades image

Manual Shades - Bottom/Up Shade

Bottom-Up Shades are an innovative shading system ideal for adding privacy while still preserving exterior views and controlling daylight. Bottom-Up Shades operate utilize an additional bottom roller tube and are controlled using the same way our standard Mecho Shades are.


  • Similar operation to other Mecho shades, but employs a roller tube at the bottom of the shade
  • A necessary solution for privacy requirements on the lower floors of buildings, fitting especially well for ground floor windows
  • Side guidewires map shades of all shapes and sizes

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Manual Shades image

Manual Shades - DoubleShades

DoubleShades support light-filtering and room-darkening shadecloth on the same bracket - a compact, efficient solution for mixed-use spaces.

  • DoubleShade's compact size allows two shades to fit in a smaller room projection than two individually installed shades on the same window
  • DoubleShades are available in Mecho 5,
  • Urbanshade or motorized solutions
  • Faster, easier, more economical installation of two shades per window
  • Mounting brackets require less measuring and are pre-spaced to ensure proper alignment of both shades in relation to each other

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Manual Shades image

Manual Shades - Sloped Shades

Sloped Shades are a distinct and effective shading system utilizing a bottom roller tube similar to bottom-up shades. Sturdy guide wires and technically advanced automation features allow the shades to be mapped to unusual angles.


  • Side guidewires with a roller tube map the shade movement and ensure it follows any slope precisely
  • Smooth operation for either a flat or a soft-fold shade cloth
  • Reliable privacy and daylighting control

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Manual Shades image

Manual Shades - Fixed Shades

Fixed shades are custom-fitted to the architectural details of each window, providing exceptional solar protection and light distribution. These static shades can be used as an accent piece, adding to the identity and depth of your space


  • Provide the same protection and light control as traditional roller shades in circumstances unable to accommodate a traditional solution
  • Custom fit to almost any shadecloth type and window geometry
  • Options to mount on a window frame, ceiling, or wall
  • Freeform Fixed Shades can be trimmed to the size and shape of a window and mounted with Velcro
  • Custom inkjet images can be reproduced right on the shadecloth and fixed to windows

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Motorized Shades image

Motorized Shades - Electroshade®

Over the four decades since its introduction as the first commercially-available, motorized shade system with an inner-roller tube motor, the performance-proven ElectroShade continues to be the go-to solution for conference rooms, high bay windows, atriums, and any other space where accessibility is a challenge.

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Motorized Shading image

Motorized Shading - Electro®/1 and Electro®/2

Electro/1 and 2 are available in Standard, Extended, and DoubleShade bracket models with a 50mm tubular motor and the new RTS motor for wireless switch control. Fitting shades up to180" wide x 220" high are possible with Electro®/1 and 2 Extended brackets. Electro®/2 is also designed to work with our optional SnapLoc® fascia to entirely conceal the shade assembly in an exposed installation. Mecho's Extended manual shades and Electro®/2 motorized shades can be mixed under one continuous compact fascia.

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Motorized Shading image

Motorized Shading - Electro®/3

Electro®3 is ideal for smaller spaces including conference rooms, offices, cafes and boutiques,hospitals, and residences. Its smaller size allows it to fit in tighter spaces (subject to maximum roll-up diameters) and is available in Standard, Pocket, Extended and Doubleshade models with a 40mm tubular motor (RTS not available). Electro/3 works with shades up to 90" wide by 220"high when using the Extended brackets and accepts blackout channels and most Mecho accessories. For greater versatility, Mecho manual shades and Electro/3 motorized shades can be mixed under one continuous compact fascia.

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Electronic Control Systems image

Electronic Control Systems

Mecho's Electronic Control Systems employ UL recognized and CSA Approved motors that meet the strictest industry standards for safety and reliability. These motors have agency approvals covering the entire motor “tip-to-tip" including motor construction and performance (UL1004), thermal overload protection (UL 2111), and operator design with respect to window and drapery applications (UL325). No other motors in the industry offer this level of safety and reliability assurance.

Mecho's controls integrate with a variety of automation sensors in order to enhance comfort, convenience and energy efficiency that supports daylighting, energy conservation and GreenBuilding design. These controls offer seamless integration into a variety of third party Lighting,HVAC, A/V and Building Management Systems.

No other shading or controls company provides a greater range of product capability, experience, or dedication to meet the needs of its customers.
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Line Voltage Switches - Hardwired (Direct Wiring) image

Line Voltage Switches - Hardwired (Direct Wiring)

Mecho® possesses a variety of line voltage switches for basic control of shades equipped with standard, line voltage (120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) tubular motors. The motors wire directly to the switches that control them in a hardwired, home run (direct) fashion and therefore do not require any intermediate controller electronics. All switch variations meet local and national building codes for indoor usage and have been certified to UL and CSA recognized component standards.

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Low Voltage Control Systems - Hardwired image

Low Voltage Control Systems - Hardwired - IQ/MLC™

The next-generation IQ/MLC2 microprocessor-based motor controller operates up to four standard line-voltage tubular motors and extends the DIP-switch-configurable group controls into a network solution capable of handling the most advanced daylighting and integration requirements.

The IQ/MLC low voltage network can operate with third party contact closure switches, low voltage accessories (i.e. automation sensors, timers, remote controls, etc.), and controls to create a seamless integration into lighting, HVAC, A/V and building management systems.Our control systems provide the installer and end user confidence that Mecho solutions and the methods used to install and wire them meet the strictest safety and reliability standards in the industry.

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Low Voltage Optional Control Accessories and Peripherals image

Low Voltage Optional Control Accessories and Peripherals - ElectroShade®

To make your system easy to use and efficient, Mecho® offers optional control accessories including:

  • Remote-Control line that provides motor control from a distance through the use of ahand-held radio transmitter. Remote Controls are available as one, two, three or four motor controllers.
  • Dual direction 24-hour digital timer for carefree automatic control of ElectroShades.
  • Solar Activated Controllers (SACs) with sensors that continually monitor solar brightness, enabling the control unit to extend or retract the shade.
  • Digital keypad to prevent unwarranted operation of shades
  • Key Switches with either light or heavy-duty designs, white or ivory cover plates and maintained or momentary switches.

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Manual Shades image

Manual Shades - MECHO®/5 DoubleShades™

Mecho's DoubleShades support light-filtering and room-darkening shadecloth on the same bracket resulting in a faster, easier, and more economical installation of two shades per window. The brackets require less measuring and are pre-spaced to ensure proper alignment of both shades in relation to each other.

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Tensioned SkyLighter Roller Shade image

Tensioned SkyLighter Roller Shade - Flat Skylighter™

A Tensioned SkyLighter Roller Shade is a motorized shade designed for applications that requirea horizontal, taught flat shade. The system consists of two synchronized tubular motors and aspecial electronic control unit to maintain the tautness of the shade band. The electronic unitcontrols each motor to minimize fabric sag while the fabric is moving or stationary.

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Non-Tensioned Roller Shades image

Non-Tensioned Roller Shades - Flat Skylighter™

A Non-Tensioned SkyLighter Roller Shade uses single tubular motor and spring system ideal forangled, gravity drop, or horizontal shades measuring up to 6 x 8 feet. This system creates ataught shade for a firm, solid appearance.

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Horizontal Soft-Fold Shades image

Horizontal Soft-Fold Shades - Skylighter™

This system uses two cable take-up tubes, one for each direction of travel. Each tube has its own motor, drive cable, and fixed pleat at the head rail. This system incorporates a separate set of spacer cables to keep pleats properly spaced while a guide cable keeps the shade tracking straight.

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Non-Tensioned Gravity Drop Shades image

Non-Tensioned Gravity Drop Shades - Soft-Fold Skylighter™

This system has a single cable take-up tube with a tubular motor and fixed pleat at the headrail. The cable take-up tube raises the shade by lifting the drive cables attached to the hem bar at the bottom of the shade. A set of spacer cables keep the pleats properly spaced to a series of 1" tubes sealed inside the shade cloth, while a guide cable keeps the shade tracking straight.

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Non-Tensioned Horizontal Shades image

Non-Tensioned Horizontal Shades - Soft-Fold Skylighter™

The Soft-Fold Skylighter incorporates two cable take-up tubes, one for each direction of travel. Each has its own motor and drive cable and a fixed pleat at the head rail. A separate set of spacer cables keep the pleats properly spaced, while a guide cable keeps the shade tracking straight.

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Optional Accessories - Sill Channels image

Optional Accessories - Sill Channels

Sill Channels are recommended when conditions require minimized light leak around the shadecloth. Sill Channels are ideal for A/V centers, training facilities, and laboratories and allow shadecloth to travel inside the channel to prevent light leakage


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Optional Accessories -  Idler Rollers image

Optional Accessories - Idler Rollers

When using side channels on horizontal shades, Idler Rollers are recommended to enable the shade to ride smoothly and effortlessly in the channel to prevent light leakage.

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Optional Accessories - Guide Cables and Guide Track image

Optional Accessories - Guide Cables and Guide Track

Guide Cables and Guide Tracks are used when shades are sloped or the width to height ratio (1:6) is exceeded. When shades exceed this ratio, guide cables keep the shade tracking correctly, help prevent damage, and support a shade when there is no space to accommodate a Guide Track.

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Room Darkening and Audio Visual Shades image

Room Darkening and Audio Visual Shades

For certain room-darkening and A/V requirements, Mecho® components and blackout shadecloths are the ideal solution. Components for a blackout system include:

  • Blackout shadecloth
  • Room darkening side and sill channels
  • Optional DoubleShade® brackets
  • LightSeal™ hembar
  • Pockets/Recessed mountings/fascia

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Shadecloths image

Shadecloths - Thermoveil®, EuroVeil®/EuroTwill

Innovative and superior-performing solar fabrics provide maximum daylight management and protection against damaging UV rays and glare

EuroVeil Collection

This series consists of a thin, fine, see-through screen cloth for window shading. It features a soft texture in a broad range of colors, is ideal for office interiors, and complements today's minimalist architecture.

EuroTwill Collection

This series features a sophisticated interwoven pattern of yarns in a reversible broken twill weave design. It is composed of fine polyester yarns with a PVC coating.

ThermoVeil® Collection

This series is a technically advanced, lineally woven fabrication, which is washable, flame retardant, and fade resistant. The series' features also contribute toward a healing environment by helping health-care patients take advantage of therapeutic natural light and views to the outside while offering privacy at night.

ThermoVeil® 0900 Series, 1000 Series - This is a linear-woven shade cloth featuring a dense vertical weave that is flame retardant and fade resistant.

ThermoVeil® 1700 Series, 1500 Series, 1300 Series, 2100 Series - This series is composed of a technically advanced material woven in a 2 x 2 basket-weave pattern. Its weave provides a uniform scrim effect at the window wall with an appropriate density for sun control.

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Image Shades image

Image Shades

ImageShade allows for daylight control and limitless design opportunities. Our printed shade solution allows you to add photography, logos, artwork or messaging to our solar or blackout shadecloths. You design it, we will print it.


  • Completely custom solutions to your design, without the wait for custom fabric
  • Printed on fabric maintains all certifications of the non-printed fabrics
  • Full-color printing on many of our shadecloth selections with both manual and motor operation options
  • Appearance of large semi-transparent poster from the outside with natural daylight penetration
  • Offers protection from solar glare without losing view to the outside or design
  • SnapLoc allows for shadecloth bands that can be changed on a regular basis. Ideal for retail and education facilites

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Monumental and Specialty Shades image

Monumental and Specialty Shades

Monumental Shades offer seamless coverage from a single shade band, perfect for large or oversized windows. This adaptive shading system ensures your space is fully protected from heat gain no matter the size of its windows.


  • Shading options that accommodate windows up to 50 ft. (15m) wide and 40 ft. (12m) tall
  • Pair with powerful ElectroShade motors for easy operation
  • Stabilizing battens assure flatness and offset mounting for maximum coverage while maintaining a clean look

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Case Studies - Hospital for Women

Florida Hospital for Women image

Florida Hospital for Women

Architect - HKS Architects
Designer - Stantec
Products - Motorized DoubleShades with ThermoVeil and Classic Blackout shadecloth - Manual Solar Shades

This award-winning facility represents the pinnacle of women's healthcare at the prestigious hospital's flagship campus. Its 13 floors and 336 licensed beds will serve women's health needs through all stages of their lives.

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Florida Hospital for Women - Shades image

Florida Hospital for Women - Shades

Mecho provided motorized DoubleShades® for patient rooms, along with ThermoVeil® shadecloth for advanced solar heat control and Classic Blackout shadecloth for improved rest, privacy, and room-darkening at any time of day. The system can be easily operated by patients and staff with a pillow switch, multiple wall controls and the building automation system.

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Womens Pavilion - 7th Floor image

Womens Pavilion - 7th Floor

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Womens Pavilion - Patient Room image

Womens Pavilion - Patient Room

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Case Studies - PUC Headquarters

San  Francisco  PUC  Headquarters image

San Francisco PUC Headquarters

Architect - KMD Architects with Stevens + Associates, P.C.

SolarTrac® Automated-Shade System
Brightness-Override module
WhisperShade® IQ® EDU
I-Con® Network Interface
Mecho® /5 manual roller shade
EcoVeil® shadecloth

Daylighting is a key part of PUC's stainability strategy, complementing a novel, on site wastewater recycling system, a roof-mounted photovoltaic array, vertical-axis wind turbines, and an earthquake-resilient, concrete structure.

The 13-story glass tower requires up to 45% less energy to illuminate its interior than typical Class A office buildings. It welcomes daylight, but also manages it, using SolarTrac® automation.

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PUC Headquarters image

PUC Headquarters

At PUC Headquarters, SolarTrac also provides automated control of exterior Venetian blinds (EVBs) on the top two stories. EVBs under automated control reduce the workload of the building's HVAC system by helping to alleviate solar-heat gain.

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