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Moderco, an international manufacturer of Manual and Electric Operable Partitions, Accordion Doors, and Glass Wall Systems. Moderco is represented by a worldwide network of locally owned, factory trained distributors. Our team of professionals offer design assistance for your Space Division needs.

Moderco products are installed throughout the world in Hospitality meeting rooms, Convention centres, Education and Religious buildings, and Corporate Facilities. In addition we are able to repair, refurbish, or replace existing systems regardless of manufacturer. We have a proven history of success in satisfying acoustic, aesthetics and operational demands whether conventional or the unusual.


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Single & Paired Panels image

Single & Paired Panels - 700 Series

The Moderco 700 series offers a technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing design. It uses a unique welded steel frame that permits all substrates (skins), both tackable and steel to be welded to the frame. It never requires substrates or skins to be glued or mechanically attached to the frame. This construction provides a durable, unitized panel that will last for years of rugged use.
Single, Paired & Electric Panels image

Single, Paired & Electric Panels - Signature 8000

Durability is the basis of our Signature and design. All our Panels are built with a strong steel reinforced aluminum alloy frame that provides strength and stability as well as protection to the panel finish while panels are in motion. The unique combination of our frame and various available substrates ensures a panel that will last for years in your application. All Moderco panels carry a 2 year parts and labor limited warranty with our suspension systems carrying a 5 year limited warranty.
Acoustic Glass Wall image

Acoustic Glass Wall - Crystal

  • Retractable top and bottom seals to lock panels securely in place
  • Double Glazing with 3'" air space
  • Interlocking Astragals
  • Optional colors on frame
  • Individual Panels
  • Laboratory tested STC of 44
Gym Curtain image

Gym Curtain - Gymfold

Impact resistant
Both sides of curtain are made of 43 oz vinyl

Same lifting system and options than Gymfold "D" for a lower price.

Multiple finish options
Curtain can be full height 43 oz to 19 oz vinyl or combination of 19 oz vinyl and netting.

Manually operated
Least expensive of the three types of curtains

Light weight
Available with 19 oz vinyl and/or netting

Multiple uses
Can be used with numerous kinds of utility netting (golf, baseball, archery, etc.)

1) A 100% 5 year warranty on all components.
2) Machined grooved drums with wide flange to avoid cable derailment.
3) Double chain system equipped with safety switches in case of chain breakage.
4) Optional hydraulic emergency stopping device in case of gearbox malfunction.
Electric Wall image

Electric Wall - Gymdoor

Created by Moderco, the electrically operated Gymdoor is the best way to divide gymnasiums and auditoriums where manual operation is not practical.

  • All welded steel panels, 3 inch thick, with a STC of 43 and 49
  • Heights up to 30'' / 9145 mm
  • Highly impact resistant
  • Extra safety devices are available upon request
  • Ten year warranty
Folding Partition image

Folding Partition - Unifold

Moderco Unifold partitions can help you maximize the flexibility of your facility. They're designed to separate and control sites, sight, and sound and they're perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, training centers, sports centers, conference rooms, convention centers, and concert halls. They are attractive, cost-effective, and easy to operate. They're also designed to last.

Moderco Unifold partitions feature our Airscape Ceiling Guard, which permits trapped air to escape quickly through the top of the door. The Airscape Ceiling Guard minimizes fabric stress and billowing. It facilitates easy operation and it provides a complete sound seal when the partition is fully extended.

Moderco Unifold partitions also feature rust-resistant hinges, positive stops, balanced frame supports, and wrinkle-prevention construction. They can be customized to fit your application- even curved applications with special accessories for your specific installation. They are available with 8" or 12" profiles and they can be manually or electrically operated.

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