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Since 1888, Overly Door Company has been headquartered in Greensburg, PA. The company has been on the forefront of designing, testing and manufacturing Sound-Retardant, Blast, and Pressure Resistant, Watertight, and Security Door and Fixed Window Products for virtually every type of industrial, commercial and government application.

For each of these product lines, Overly provides both standard and specialty designs of door and fixed window systems. Because it is a custom manufacturer, the Company can supply its products to meet the exact needs of your project, and can also assist in the specification and design process as well.


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Radiation Shielding Doors image

Radiation Shielding Doors

Our Nuclear Services department can design a shielding door to meet any of your needs.
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Acoustical Doors & Windows image

Acoustical Doors & Windows

Sound control door & window products up to STC57.
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Blast-Resistant Doors & Windows image

Blast-Resistant Doors & Windows

Blast resistant door & window products. Pre-engineered models, as well as information on custom engineered products to meet any need.
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Hardware By Overly image

Hardware By Overly

Overly manufactures a wide range of specialty door hardware. We offer custom locking devices, extreme duty hinges, along with various other products to meet your specialty hardware needs. If you don't see something you need, give us a call. We may be able to custom design hardware for your specific applications.
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Bullet-Resistant Doors & Windows image

Bullet-Resistant Doors & Windows

A wide range of bullet resistant door and window products. Overly also offers package passers & gun ports.
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GSA Security & Vault Doors image

GSA Security & Vault Doors

We are an authorized manufacturer of GSA Class 5 security vault doors. We also offer a variety of standard & custom day doors, as well as custom sized vault doors.
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Pressure-Resistant & Water-Tight Doors image

Pressure-Resistant & Water-Tight Doors

Whether it is water-tight or gas-tight, Overly offers a pressure resistant door to meet your needs.
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Hybrid Products

Overly can mix a variety of specialty doors into a unique product for your specific environment.
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Educational Material

FAQ's, miscellaneous technical information, multimedia, videos, and training materials.
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ISO9001:2008 Certified

ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard that provides strict requirements for an organization's Quality Management System. Its objective; to provide a set of requirements that, if effectively implemented and maintained, will provide the customer or end user with the confidence that Overly Door Company can consistently provide goods and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and comply with applicable regulations.

Overly takes serious its commitment to Quality and Customer satisfaction and continues to constantly look to improve its products, services and internal processes in an effort to meet customer expectations every time.
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