Gaskets, Seals and Barriers


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THE PRESRAY CORPORATION, founded in 1955 and located approximately 90 minutes north of New York City in Wassaic, Dutchess County, New York, specializes in designing and manufacturing efficient flood barriers and watertight doors and hatches, standard and custom, for both new construction and retrofit.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Watertight Flood Doors & Hatches

Hinged Watertight Doors image

Hinged Watertight Doors - D3C

Designed for doors & other openings that have infrequent use and require seals around the entire perimeter.
Watertight Hatch image

Watertight Hatch - D3HA

Ideally suited to water treatment facilities, sewage treatment plants & Pumping Stations.
Sliding Watertight Flash Flood Door image

Sliding Watertight Flash Flood Door - D5B

For Frequent Access. Can be installed with sill trench to facilitate personnel traffic and equipment passage.
Bottom-Hinged Flood Gate image

Bottom-Hinged Flood Gate - FB55

For any width opening, flood protection to 8' (specials higher). Suitable for any commercial, industrial or municipal location.
Side-Hinged Flash Flood Doors image

Side-Hinged Flash Flood Doors - FB77

Designed for doorways, loading docks, any municipal, industrial or commercial opening.

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Side Hinged Flood Gate image

Side Hinged Flood Gate - FB44

Side Hinged Flood Gate with Inflatable Gaskets. For any width opening, flood protection to 12' (specials higher).
Removable Flood Protection Barriers image

Removable Flood Protection Barriers - FB22

Aluminum lift-out flood panel over 24 ft. sq. ft. in area, Suitable for any commercial, industrial or municipal location.
Stackable Stop Log Flood Barrier image

Stackable Stop Log Flood Barrier - CGSL

This heavy-duty, stop log style flood barrier provides reliable flood protection for wide openings that are subject to relatively high floodwaters.

The modular design of CGSL stop log style enables convenient storage and transportation to site; and easy deployment by one or two people when needed. Compression gaskets made of high-density, closed-cell neoprene provide an effective water seal with minimum maintenance.

An aluminum sill plate protects recessed threshold to prevent tripping hazard when barrier not in use.

Lightweight Flood Prevention Panel image

Lightweight Flood Prevention Panel - CG22

Light weight removable flood panel for windows, louvers, and other openings requiring sealing at both sides and across the bottom, or around entire perimeter.
Sliding Flood Barrier image

Sliding Flood Barrier - CG3S

Designed for hatchways that have infrequent access. Ideally suited to water treatment facilities, sewage treatment plants and Pumping Stations.
Lift-Out Flood Panel image

Lift-Out Flood Panel - CG11FS

Aluminum Lift-Out Flood Panel with flush threshold suitable for any commercial, industrial or municipal locations.
Hinged Floodgate with Mechanical Seals image

Hinged Floodgate with Mechanical Seals - CG11HA

Heavy duty compression gasket affords maximum protection with minimum maintenance.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Inflatable Seals

Inflatable Seals for Horizontal or Vertical Sliding Doors image

Inflatable Seals for Horizontal or Vertical Sliding Doors - Pneuma-Seal®

Doors and other closures can be positively sealed by using PNEUMA-SEAL. The seal is inflated with air or other fluid by a pressure- regulated supply system (which can also be furnished by Presray). When pressurized, the seal conforms to uneven surfaces and provides an efficient, reliable barrier to dust, moisture, contaminants and / or pressure differential.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Custom Rubber Products

Custom Rubber Fabrications image

Custom Rubber Fabrications

Presray specializes in the design and manufacture of unusual extruded, molded, or fabricated industrial rubber products including:
  • profiles from the smallest to the largest.
  • Composites of rubber and fabric and other substrates and inserts
  • Inflatables
Our materials include Silicone, EPDM, Viton, Aflas, and other elastomers and complimentary reinforcing fabrics to meet harsh mechanical and environmental conditions.

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Compression Seals & Gaskets image

Compression Seals & Gaskets

Compression seals, gaskets, tubing, etc. can be configured in practically any shape or size depending on the application. Compression seals can be simple round shapes or can include square corners with fabric reinforcement. Many different materials may be used depending on the application. It's ultimately important to ensure that the seal is specifically design for the application. Over engineering can result in cost overruns; under engineering may cause seal failure.
Inflatable Seals image

Inflatable Seals

A new line of inflatable seal compounds that meet US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI certification is now available. The CVI'' Series meets the specific needs of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers who seek the assurance of USP Class VI compound certification for their inflatable seals. The compounds are available in silicone and EPDM.
Bladder Clamps image

Bladder Clamps - Pneuma-Cel

Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps provide a different way to handle common clamping and actuating needs. Constructed of a high quality, durable EPDM rubber, Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps allow for soft, conformal clamping of delicate and/or irregularly shaped parts and are optimized for high cycle life and prolonged wear. Clamping pressures (up to 200 lbs-force) can be dialed in by either changing the internal bladder pressure or modifying the overall contact area (see technical info below).

Last Update: 2019-12-02