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For more than 60 years, architects and construction specifiers have counted on Raynor for doors and electric operators that meet the harshest environment and application demands. For your convenience, Raynor commercial specifications and drawings can be downloaded from

Raynor has more than 800 professional installing distributors in the United States and throughout 54 nations around the world. They pride themselves in excellent product knowledge, installations and service after the sale.

Earn CE units and receive valuable knowledge about commercial doors by participating in an AIA/CES course. If you would like a Raynor Representative to contact you about presenting an AIA/CES course to your company, fill out an online form at, or contact us at 1-800-4-RAYNOR.


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Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors image

Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors - TC Series

With a proven track record for thermal efficiency and extreme durability, Raynor TC Series is simply the best you can specify. With extruded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two steel skins, the 3" thick TC Series doors have an exceptional R-value of 17.05. And, its superior construction has made it the most specified sectional door on the market.
Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors image

Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors - TC200

With 2" door sections, TC200 is constructed of rugged galvanized steel inside and out. And its two-sided steel design a laminated core of CFC-free expanded polystyrene insulation for an R-value of 10.25.
Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors image

Polystyrene Insulated Steel Doors - StyleForm™

Designed for peak performance, this rugged, raised-panel, two-sided steel garage door is the perfect combination of beauty, strength and thermal efficiency. StyleForm™ doors offer the aesthetic panel options of a residential door, combined with the durability of a commercial door. StyleForm™ doors offer an R-value of 10.25.
Polystyrene Insulated Flexible Doors image

Polystyrene Insulated Flexible Doors - FlexFit™

FlexFit is engineered and manufactured to absorb accidental impacts and flex, rather than dent and buckle. Unlike steel doors, FlexFit can absorb moderate to severe impacts and rebound to its original shape for continued smooth operation, which eliminates service calls and costly down time due to minor accidents. FlexFit doors are 1-3/4" thick with an door R-value of 9.68.
Polyurethane Insulated Steel Door  image

Polyurethane Insulated Steel Door - TH160

This durable, energy efficient two-sided steel door uses polyurethane foam insulation to fill 100% of the door's interior space. The TH160 is ideal for loading dock applications. The TH160 is 1-5/8" thick and has an R-value of 14.86.
Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors image

Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors - ThermaSeal™

Both durable and energy efficient, ThermaSeal™ is a two-sided steel door with polyurethane foam insulation. The 2" thick (51mm) Thermaseal™TM200 has an R-Value of 18.3, while the 1-3/4" (44 mm) thick ThermaSeal™ TM175 model has an R-value of 16.4,
Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors  image

Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors - Commercial Aspen™

When your building's facade needs a classic raised or rescessed panel design, choose Commercial Aspen™ garage doors. With style choices like mixed panel designs and Raynor's proprietary WeatherLock™ section joint technology, Commercial Aspen doors offer the aesthetic options of a residential door, combined with the durability and sizes of a commercial door. The Commercial Aspen models match the Aspen Series residential doors.
Aluminum Doors  image

Aluminum Doors - AlumaView™

AlumaView™ garage doors have long been the standard fixture for facilities that require dependable attractive doors that offer maximum visibility with an anodized finished extruded aluminum frame. AlumaView™ doors are available in 1-3/4", 2" or 3" thick.
Heavy Duty Steel Pan Doors image

Heavy Duty Steel Pan Doors - SteelForm™

Rugged SteelForm™ doors are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. SteelForm door sections are a full 2" thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance. SteelForm™ S16 is designed for peak performance and has a heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel skin and rugged hardware provide maximum reliability and durability. SteelForm™ S-20 and S-24 features 20 and 24-gauge steel doors and offer the widest selection of quality features and options. SteelForm™ S-24C provides Raynor quality and durability in a limited selection of sizes, features, and options.

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Rolling Service Doors image

Rolling Service Doors - DuraCoil™

Rugged DuraCoil™ rolling service doors are available with aluminum, gray painted steel or stainless steel slats in 18, 20, 22 and 24-gauge steel depending on size. Slats choices include large and small contour, flat, flat insulated (R-6) or perforated flat. Curtain slats, guides, hood, head plates and the bottom bar are available powdercoated in any of 187 ArmorBrite™ colors.
Rolling Counter Doors image

Rolling Counter Doors - DuraShutter™

Offering both appearance and dependability, DuraShutter™ counter shutters are available in gray painted steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and can be powdercoated in any of 187 ArmorBrite™ colors.
Rolling Grille Doors image

Rolling Grille Doors - DuraGrille™

Offering security, visibility and an attractive, contemporary look, DuraGrille™ security grilles are available in either brick or straight patterns. Aluminum rods can be bronzed or clear anodized for a brighter appearance.
Rolling Fire Doors image

Rolling Fire Doors - FireCoil™

Strong and extremely durable, FireCoil™ rolling fire doors are UL-, c-UL, and CSFM-labeled. FireCoil is available in a variety of sizes, gauges, slat styles - large contour, small contour, or flat. FireCoil Optima™, 18-gauge doors, offer maximum fire and security protection. Or, choose FireCoil Standard™, available in 22 or 20-gauge. Offered in gray, tan, or any of the 187 ArmorBrite™ powdercoated colors, FireCoil doors have up to 4-hour ratings for maximum fire prevention.

Rolling Counter Fire Doors image

Rolling Counter Fire Doors - FireCurtain™

UL-, c-UL, FM-, or CSFM-labeled FireCurtain™ counter shutters have 3-hour, 1 1/2-hour, or 3/4-hour fire ratings. Integral frame options include slip-in style frames for existing walls or built-in style frames for masonry walls that are not yet constructed. FireCurtain is available in steel or stainless steel, or in any of the 187 ArmorBrite™ powdercoated colors.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Commercial High Performance Doors

High Performance Doors image

High Performance Doors - RapidCoil™

Raynor's line of RapidCoil fabric high-speed doors utilizes the industries best sealing technology which gives an extremely tight seal against wind, rain and contaminants. RapidCoil doors, depending on size, can open as fast as 8 feet per second in some applications. By combining a tight sealing door with high speed operation, a more energy efficient environment is created, which can decrease operating costs in manufacturing environments. The RapidCoil line also features a soft bottom edge, photo eyes and reversing edge across all models, adding an uncompromising safety factor into the entire line. RapidCoil High Performance doors are available in a variety of colors with multiple vision options and activation methods.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Commercial Traffic Doors

Traffic Doors image

Traffic Doors - FabriCoil™

With many of the desired features of typical high-speed doors, FabriCoil BASIC traffic doors offer excellent durability and reliability at an affordable price. FabriCoil traffic doors are ideal for stand-alone high traffic application, in dock applications where security is not a concern, and as a door behind a door when security is important.

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Commercial Operators image

Commercial Operators - ControlHoist™

Raynor ControlHoist operators with solid state logic board control are available in a variety of motor, voltage and phase combinations for any commercial or industrial application.

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Polyurethane Steel Carriage House Doors image

Polyurethane Steel Carriage House Doors - Distinctions Series™ RockCreeke™

Designed to provide unsurpassed character in a maintenance-free design, RockCreeke™ overlay doors feature an environmentally stable trim board material to achieve a carriage house look. With a long-lasting vinyl capstock, this trim board material has an attractive appearance that holds up over time. The material technology can utilize "reclaimed" wood fiber and vinyl from post-production processes, helping to save natural resources.
Aluminum Garage Doors image

Aluminum Garage Doors - Distinctions Series™ StyleView™

An inspiration in both form and function, Raynor StyleView™ garage doors offers architectural flexibility, maximum visibility and extreme durability in a maintenance-free aluminum garage door. The Custom Profile, Wide Profile and Narrow Profile models feature a series of unprecedented designs, architectural glass options and 187 ArmorBrite™ color finishes for showcasing a home's unique flair. From modern styles to classic facades, StyleView is the choice for achieving a contemporary look or accentuating the design of an older residence.
Steel Residential Garage Door image

Steel Residential Garage Door - Aspen™ Series

Raynor Aspen™ Series steel residential garage doors provide the ultimate in safety, quality and energy efficiency in a steel, three-layer construction door design. The Aspen Series features Raynor's proprietary WeatherLock™ section joint, providing unyielding strength, section joint weather seal and thermal break to lock out cold and heat.
Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors image

Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors - Traditions Series™ Masterpiece™

The flagship of the Raynor Traditions Series™, Raynor Masterpiece™ steel garage doors feature 2" thick sections, a continuous thermal break between sections, and expanded polystyrene insulation bonded between two steel skins for an outstanding 10.25 R-value. Masterpiece™ is the only door in the Raynor Traditions Series™ line to feature the EnduraCote™ hardware system. The entire Masterpiece™ garage door - sections and hardware - is warranted against rust for as long as the original purchaser owns their home. Masterpiece™ also is available with optional AccuFinish® woodgrain laminate finishes, or the optional ArmorFinish® laminate finish.
Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors image

Polyurethane Insulated Steel Doors - Traditions Series™ ShowCase™

Raynor ShowCase™ steel garage doors feature 2" thick sections, optional AccuFinish® woodgrain or ArmorFinish® laminate finishes, a continuous thermal break between sections, and expanded polystyrene insulation bonded between two steel skins for an outstanding 10.25 R-value. ShowCase™ doors feature hot-dipped galvanized steel track and hinges. ShowCase™ garage doors carry a "For As Long As You Own Your Home" section warranty against rust and a six-year warranty on hardware and three-year warranty on springs to the original purchaser.
Steel Pan Garage Doors image

Steel Pan Garage Doors - Advantage Series™ TradeMark™

The combination of durable, 24 gauge steel, defined raised panel styling and authentic woodgrain texture gives your home curb appeal with TradeMark™ steel garage doors. Add charm with colonial or ranch panels, or for a distinctive look on your home, choose the carriage house option.
Steel Pan Garage Doors image

Steel Pan Garage Doors - Advantage Series™ BuildMark™

This steel insulated garage door design offers a traditional look at an affordable price. Choose from the time-honored ranch and colonial patterns or customize your garage with a carriage house design.
Wind Load Doors image

Wind Load Doors - Wind Loaded Systems

Raynor® offers a complete line of wind loaded garage doors to meet the demands of coastal areas or other regions requiring extra security against high winds. Raynor Wind Loaded System doors have been subjected to stringent testing, including high pressure and impact-resistance tests. For over a decade, Raynor® has performed more than 1000 hurricane-simulation tests to develop some of the most technologically advanced wind loaded garage doors available. Wind Loaded doors are available in an extensive selection of sizes, designs, and configurations: Innovations™ Series (Affina®, Centura™, Relante®); Traditions™ Series (Masterpiece™ and ShowCase™); and Advantage™ Series (TradeMark™ and BuildMark™)

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