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UniMac provides a full line of heavy-duty industrial equipment for the laundry industry. As key players in the success of on-premises laundry facilities, UniMac laundry equipment continuously achieves high levels of efficiency, quality, and durability.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Washer Extractors

High Performance Washer-Extractors image

High Performance Washer-Extractors - Model UWT

Industry Leading 45-160lbs (capacity) commercial washer extractor. For use in hotels, nursing homes, industrial laundries, professional sports clubs, correctional facilities, hospitals, fire departments and professional cleaners. 

Available Capacities 

45 lb Capacity - UWT045D4

65 lb Capacity - UWT065D4
85 lb Capacity - UWT085D4
105 lb Capacity - UWT105D4
130 lb Capacity - UWT130D4
160 lb Capacity - UWT160D4
200 lb capacity - UWT200D4

Economy Washer-Extractors image

Economy Washer-Extractors - Model UCN

Low volume laundries placing less emphasis on operating costs than machine costs. Applications: Athletic facilities, small motels, residential care facilities. Capacity: 20 - 80 lb.

Available Capacities

20 lb Capacity - UCN020
30 lb Capacity - UCN030
40 lb Capacity - UCN040
60 lb Capacity - UCN060
80 lb Capacity - UCN080

Washer-Extractors for Car Washes image

Washer-Extractors for Car Washes - Model UM 202

Designed to make your car wash operation easier and more convenient.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Tumble Dryers

Regular Drying Tumblers image

Regular Drying Tumblers - UT075

Microprocessor Control or Manual Control.
High Performance Drying Tumblers image

High Performance Drying Tumblers - UTF75

Super Fast Drying Capability. Microprocessor Control or Manual Control.
Regular Drying Tumblers image

Regular Drying Tumblers - UT050

Self-Cleaning Lint System. Reversible Steel Door.
High Performance Drying Tumblers image

High Performance Drying Tumblers - UT120

Super Fast Drying Capability (Save 20%) commercial drying tumbler.
High Performance Drying Tumblers image

High Performance Drying Tumblers - UT170

Super Fast Drying Capability (Save 20%) commercial drying tumbler.
Industrial Tumble Dryers image

Industrial Tumble Dryers - UT200

Available in a variety of sizes, UniMac commercial tumble dryers meet the needs of commercial and on-premises laundries of all types and sizes.
Regular Drying Tumblers image

Regular Drying Tumblers - UT030

Energy efficient tumbler design requires lower air flow and BTU input.
Regular Drying Tumblers image

Regular Drying Tumblers - UT025

Microprocessor control or manual control commercial drying tumblers.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Light Commercial

Light Commercial Topload Washers image

Light Commercial Topload Washers - UWNMN2SP112CW01

Light commercial topload washers are designed to meet the needs for small on-premises laundries with homestyle convenience and commercial durability.
Light Commercial Frontload Washers image

Light Commercial Frontload Washers - UFNE5BJP113TW01

Energy efficient, ADA compliant light commercial frontload washer.
Light Commercial Dryers image

Light Commercial Dryers - UDE807*F

Light commercial dryers for small on-premise laundries. 7.0 cu. ft. Capacity. Front Serviceable. Reversing Door. 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty.
Light Commercial Stack Washer and Dryer image

Light Commercial Stack Washer and Dryer - UTEE5ASP

Stack washer and dryer in the Floor Space of One for light commercial use. Extra large 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryingcylinder. Energy efficient washer with stainless steel tub.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fireman's PPE System

Firemans PPE Dryer  (Flatwork Finishers) image

Firemans PPE Dryer (Flatwork Finishers) - UTGC6EDG44

Fire departments need to dry their gear quickly to return to service. This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) dryer is designed specifically for the fire industry drying requirements.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Ironers

Heated Roll Ironers (Flatwork Finishers) image

Heated Roll Ironers (Flatwork Finishers)

Our heated roll ironers are selected by small to medium volume laundries that place an emphasis on obtaining a high quality finish, want equipment that is economical to purchase and easy to use.

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UniLinc™- Your On-Premises Laundry Partner

UniLinc is a complete OPL control system that allows you to gather machine performance and maintenance data. Designed with both washer-extractors and tumblers in mind, our advanced controls and reports provide ease of use across all your machines to help you achieve maximum efficiency. With UniLinc, you can instantly access machine service history logs, receive error notifications, view performance reports and perform many other time- and money-saving tasks. And with wireless networking, you can do it all remotely, saving even more time and money. UniLinc also unites UniMac® technologies like 400 G-Force extraction, OPTidry™ Over-dry Prevention and OPTispray™ Rinsing Technology to offer the industry™s lowest cost of ownership.


TotalVue™ Powered by UniLinc™ - Total Visibility Has Never Been Easier

You can only improve what you can measure. And now, measuring is easier than it™s ever been. TotalVue™ Powered by UniLinc™ is our most easy-to-set-up, easy-to-access and easy-to-use monitoring and management tool. TotalVue gives managers and executives complete visibility to key performance statistics in their laundry operation - from individual machines to operations spanning multiple locations. Quickly and easily measure critical performance indicators with up-to-the-minute details. Track ongoing data that you can use to make immediate improvements to your operation. Set internal benchmarks for evaluation, more accurate output predictions and complete control of your laundry. Monitor and make adjustments anytime, from anywhere in the world with cloud-based system access, easily and conveniently accessible on your own personalized Internet portal. And transform critical information into actual results with simple, easy-to-understand dashboard reports.


OPTispray™- Less Water. Superior Rinsing. Maximum Throughput.

OPTispray Rinsing Technology takes efficiency to a whole new level. Available on all UniLinc™ cycles, OPTispray is an industry-leading technology designed with unique spray hardware and exclusive software that minimizes the water required to rinse a load and reduces cycle time with highly effective rinsing. Unlike bath rinses used by competitor brands, which simply dilute wash chemistry, UniLinc with OPTispray uses spray rinsing power to pull wash chemistry through the load and down the drain. The spray rinse carries away dirt and chemicals and leaves less residue behind - providing far superior rinse results. And with nine unique, utility-minimizing ECO cycles, water usage and operating costs are minimized.


OPTidry™- Realize True OPL Efficiency

Higher utilities. Wasted labor. Linen degradation. These are the costs of over-drying. Cutting-edge OPTidry Over-dry Prevention Technology stops your OPL tumble dryers at the exact moment that your ideal dryness level is reached, eliminating expenses associated with drying loads too long. Sensors running the entire length of each commercial tumble dryer lifter connect to a revolutionary rotary transfer switch to offer incredibly accurate readings throughout the entire load, ensuring that your on-premises laundry stops precisely at your desired dryness level. The result is reduced utility costs, decreased labor expenses and extended linen life.

Green Technologies

Our dedication to minimizing gas, water and energy usage is about more than just delivering the lowest cost of ownership in the OPL industry. It™s also about doing our part in supporting a sustainable environment. We™re focused on continually inventing new ways to reduce your bottom line while also minimizing our impact on the planet.

Last Update: 2019-05-30