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Reliable Products is the leader in louver manufacturing for the thru-the wall a/c and heating industry. Reliable is equipped to manufacture standard and special size louvers for all PTAC units, as well as fresh air intake/ exhaust louvers for any construction project. Whether your job is new construction or renovation, large or small; Reliable can provide quality louvers on any future project. Let our experienced sales and engineering staff's assist you on any standard or special applications you may have. When it comes to louvers; choose Reliable Products.

Reliable's continued contact with the major PTAC manufacturers, allows us to maintain a louver that is manufacturer approved and meets the unit requirements. The AEL Series louvers are approved for use in either standard or special sizes. Using this louver design allows the customer the satisfaction of knowing the PTAC equipment will operate to the manufacturer's specifications without undue problems caused by the exterior louver. Width and height of our louvers, along with optional finishes and color choices allows the designer or architect the freedom of choices that make it possible for a more pleasing outside decorative appearance.

The AEL Series louvers have various fabrication methods and numerous frame choices that allow their use as an integral part of a window system or separately as a stand alone approved louver. Now offering steel wall sleeves for all Packaged terminal air conditioning models. Also available, the industries only Dade county certified hurricane louver for PTAC application.

Don't settle for less; ask for and receive the very best from the number one manufacturer of "slim-line" louvers. Specify Reliable's AEL Series to insure correct performance from your horizontal or vertical PTAC air conditioning/heating units.


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Acoustical Louvers image

Acoustical Louvers

Acoustic louvers range in 4", 6", 8" and 12" depth. This series louver is generally used in applications where some sound prevention is needed. Free area is minimal.
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Adjustable Blade Louvers image

Adjustable Blade Louvers

Louvers with adjustable blades that open and close, providing airflow when necessary. Available with manual or electric actuators. Models provide a range of free area.
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Air Discharge Louvers image

Air Discharge Louvers

Air discharge louvers used as thru-the wall discharge replacements or any application that requires an air outlet. A variety of blade angles and blade spacing available. Frame options also available. A variety of blade designs insure the louver will best serve any application. Hinged doors and other accessories available.
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Combination Louvers image

Combination Louvers

Louver/damper combinations that provide back draft or control type dampers with a louver blade profile combination. Actuators available.
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Fan Coil Louvers image

Fan Coil Louvers

Block style louvers used as fan coil louver.
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Screen Louvers image

Screen Louvers

Screen louvers are primarily used in applications where equipment or unsightly areas need to be hidden, or areas of danger can be cordoned off from public access. These screens are available in a variety of patterns.
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Stationary Heavyline Louvers image

Stationary Heavyline Louvers

The stationary blade louvers are equipped with standard "j" style, baffle or drainable blades. These louvers typically meet free area requirements and provide an architecturally pleasing appearance. The louvers are available in any size, shape and any finish offered. All louvers available with flange or channel frames.
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Steel Louvers image

Steel Louvers

Stationary steel louvers are available in 4 and 6 depths. Provides heavy durable construction for any application.
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Hurricane Impact Thinline Louvers image

Hurricane Impact Thinline Louvers

Thinline louvers constructed to meet stringent impact criteria of hurricane conditions. Approved for all brands of packaged terminal air conditioners. Louvers available in sizes up to 74"x24" with a variety of frame options. Approved for all PTAC models and brands.
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Wallbox Louvers image

Wallbox Louvers

AEL 92 or 268 wallbox louvers are used primarily with unit ventilators in the school and healthcare industries. Horizontal and vertical blades available. Lattice, double-stacked, channel, flange and subframes available.
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Weather-Resistant Louvers image

Weather-Resistant Louvers

This series of louvers provide protection from wind driven rain. Models range in blade style, as well as depth and are superb for coastline applications or any area that will be directly exposed to the weather elements.
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Brick-Block Vents image

Brick-Block Vents

Louvers used for intake or exhaust applications. 4" and 8" depths available for application with brick or block.
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Sunshades image


A variety of blade styles, outriggers and attachments that provide sun protection or shading, as well as utilize light for an aesthetic pleasing application to any building's facade.
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Backdraft Dampers image

Backdraft Dampers

Dampers that are normally gravity operated and open with air flow and pressure.
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Control Dampers image

Control Dampers

Dampers that range in depth and material thickness. Available with airfoil shaped blades. Parallel or opposed blade configuration available.
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Architectural Gallery

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