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Ruskin Manufacturing has been the leading manufacturer of dampers and louvers for 50 years. Ruskin has pioneered advanced products for the HVAC Industry and continues to be an industry leader with modern manufacturing equipment, computer-aided design capabilities and an AMCA registered air performance testing laboratory for research and development. All of these are backed by our experienced engineers and professional staff and reflects Ruskin's commitment to high quality product standards.


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Access Doors

Ruskin access doors enable access into ducts without compromising safety or ventilation. Ruskin has a wide variety of doors to meet different duct styles and application needs.
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Actuators and Damper Accessories

Ruskin provides a wide variety of actuators and other accessories to customize our dampers in order to meet your needs.
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Control and Backdraft Dampers

Every damper is built with performance in mind and tested per AMCA standards in Ruskin's Laboratory. Ruskin works with a variety of materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass to match your exact specifications. By molding and forming these materials, Ruskin constructs the perfect damper for your needs.
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Fire/Smoke Dampers

Ruskin manufactures a complete line of UL classified dampers that are designed to protect life and property. To meet the diversity of fire protection requirements, Ruskin fire and smoke dampers are available in a range of classifications and with a variety of standard features and options.
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Acoustical Louvers

Acoustically insulated blades and varying louver depths provide sound attenuation to lower infultrating or escaping noise, as well as protect against weather penetration. Airfoil blades are available for applications involving high velocity airflow.
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Adjustable Louvers

Adjustable louvers are operational from fully open to fully closed for positive shut off of air intake or exhaust. Drainable adjustable louvers also give added protection against water penetration.
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Air Measuring Louvers

Ruskin airflow measuring louvers combine the functions of an outside air louver and an air measuring station in one assembly. The high performance wind-driven rain resistant louvers allow high airflow with minimal water penetration and pressure drop. These products are particularly well suited for air handler and plenum applications.
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Combination Louvers

Combination louvers combine the aesthetic appearance of stationary louvers with positive airflow shutoff capabilities. Drainable models provide excellent water penetration protection at high velocities.
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Extreme Performance Louvers

Louver and Grille products listed in this catalog section are designed and tested for extreme weather conditions. Ruskin "Extreme Performance" Louvers and Grilles are recommended to meet or surpass requirements of severe weather conditions, while protecting life and property.

Models under this category

BL520DD: Blast Resistant Louver
ELF375DSS: Snow Stopper Louver
L5361: Stationary Louver
XP500: Aluminum Extreme Weather Louver
XP500S: Steel Extreme Weather Louver

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Hurricane Louvers image

Hurricane Louvers

Ruskin's Hurricane Louvers hold up under pressure in severe weather by preventing wind and rain damage. These louvers are built to withstand up to 160 psf windloads and nearly 9" per hour rainfalls. They are also the FIRST louvers in the industry to have gained approval in Miami-Dade County.
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Wind-Driven Rain Louvers

Ruskin Wind-Driven louvers are designed to prevent the penetration of wind-driven rain in storm situations, reducting damage and additional operating expenses that can occur with standard wall louvers.
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Penthouses Louvers

For protection of roof top equipment and intake/exhaust shaft penetrations, Ruskin constructs mitered corner and box penthouses that incorporate the same features and benefits as our louvers.
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Stationary Louvers - ELF375DX

Stationary louvers are characterized by having fixed blades. Ruskin has a wide variety of Stationary louvers to meet the needs of your application.
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Screens and Grilles

Ruskin equipment screens effectively and attractively shield fans, cooling towers, equipment, and parking facilities from view in new construction and renovation applications. Whether the installation demands extensive air movement or total concealment, Ruskin offers a selection of products for partial to fully sight proof screening. Ruskin aluminum eggcrate grilles provide aesthetic enhancement to a variety of applications. With many grid size and depth options, designers can tailor the product to suit a variety of visual and installation requirements.
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Specialty Shape Louvers

Model ELR round and semi-round shapes and Model ELT triangular and trapezoidal shapes are available for stationary drainable and non-drainable, wind-driven rain and hurricane Miami-Dade louver models. If desired, architectural or hidden mullions are also available.
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Sightproof Louvers

Louvers with sightproof blades give visual screening and light duty security while concealing mechanical equipment. Blades can be positioned vertically or horizontally.
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Sun Control Sunshades

Ruskin Sunshades offer energy savings by reducing solar heat gain through glazing. With a wide variety of available blade styles and configurations, they also provide aesthetic appeal to the building exterior. Ruskin Sunshade models include airfoil, louver, tube and eggcrate blade styles. Custom Sunshade designs are also available. Ruskin Sunshades are constructed of aluminum components for reduced weight and excellent corrosion resistance. All models are available with a variety of Kynar or Anodize finishes.
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Sound Control

For over 30 years, Ruskin has been a leader in the sound control industry. Our commitment to new innovations and the highest level of quality enable our products to meet the needs of any applications. Ruskin manufactures both silencers and panels in order to flexibly meet your acoustical application needs.
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Ruskin Literature

Features all of the latest literature that Ruskin has produce, available in PDF format.
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Architectural Gallery

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