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The Serco brand has been a leader in the industry for more than five decades, known for its durable and reliable loading dock equipment with a focus on hydraulic dock levelers, safety products and programmable control systems. Today you'll find a variety of Serco loading dock products to tackle challenges such as energy efficiency, cold storage and industrial operations. Whether you're running a high-volume loading dock or simply need a better way to operate manual tasks, you'll find a product to fit your needs within the Serco product line.


Serco's comprehensive offerings include commercial sectional doors, loading dock equipment, HVLS fans, high-performance doors, residential garage doors, pedestrian door automation and operators. Serco product brands are sold through an extensive network of trained dealers who provide superior installation and service throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.



Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Serco hydraulic dock levelers are the best in the industry. It's no wonder they're the preferred equipment choice for thousands of high-volume loading docks around the world. Since 1958, when the brand was first established, our hydraulic levelers have stood the test of time.


HL Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

HFC Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

HD Series Heavy Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler 

Versa Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler


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Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers are the right solution for loading docks that need a reliable, low-maintenance solution. Our AB Series Air-Powered Dock Leveler offers operational efficiency without a lot of hassle and has the same advanced technology used in heavy-lifting industries such as mining, building and construction. Simple push-button activation raises the deck effortlessly.


AB Series Air-Powered Dock Leveler


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Power-Assited Dock Levelers

Today's fast-moving loading dock environment requires a dock leveler that's both reliable and flexible enough to keep up. That's where Serco power-assisted dock levelers come in. These rugged loading dock levelers combine the durability of a mechanical dock leveler and the high performance of hydraulic operation, while remaining functional even in the event of a power loss through a manual override device. It's the perfect blend of power, performance and peace of mind.


PAL Series Power-Assisted Dock Leveler


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Vertical Dock Levelers

Serco's vertical dock levelers are ideal for climate-controlled facilities in industries that store food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products. They are used by some of the world's largest companies and allow for complete control over environment, cleanliness and security. Our vertical dock levelers can be configured with an optional Thermal Guard Package to allow trailer doors to swing open into the building after the trailer has been docked, ensuring products like food, beverages and pharmaceuticals remain safe, while lowering energy bill costs and increasing productivity. Serco's vertical dock levelers can be installed either on a shelf or in a pit; both installations offer the same energy efficiencies and ease of maintenance.


VSL Series Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler 


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Mechanical Dock Levelers

Your loading dock crew works hard, but that doesn't mean a mechanical dock leveler has to be labor intensive. Serco W Series mechanical dock levelers have set the industry standard for mechanical leveler durability, dependability and operator safety.


Serco's mechanical dock levelers are built to last. With premium features such as a single-point adjustment extension spring counterbalance, unlimited float hold-down, and an integral maintenance strut and lip support latch, our mechanical dock levelers set the the industry standard for dependability and operator safety. And an added bonus: They have a lower cost of ownership than conventional mechanical levelers.


W Series Mechanical Dock Leveler


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Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Serco's edge-of-dock levelers are an affordable alternative to portable plates and ideal for medium-traffic loading docks. This highly effective loading dock leveler mounts to the face of the dock to make loading and unloading trailers easier. With the edge-of-dock levelers' simple, push-button style, you'll get the reliable durability you're seeking, with improved performance that doesn't break your budget.


SM Series Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler 

SA Series Air-Powered Edge-of-Dock leveler

SH Series Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler


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Dock Leveler Options

Bring additional energy savings and safety to your Serco loading docks with our Dock Leveler Options. Prevent accidental fork lift roll-off with our Dock Guard Barrier Lip, and reduce energy loss and unwanted pests with our Energy Guard Dock Leveler Weatherseal.


Energy Guard® Dock Leveler Weatherseal

Dock-Guard Barrier Lip


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Dock Bridges

A modular dock bridge is designed to span the gap between the trailer and the warehouse floor at a lower cost of ownership than conventional solutions such as pit-style mechanical loading dock levelers. By choosing a sturdy and reliable dock bridge, you'll maximize security, cleanliness and floor space, while also saving costs on operation and maintenance.


LH Series LoadHog® Modular Dock Bridge


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Dock Lifts

Designed to make loading and unloading operations easier and more efficient, Serco dock lifts increase productivity, safety and efficiency while making your loading dock 100% accessible. Choose from a variety of lifting options, from hydraulic loading dock lifts best suited for small spaces to the speedy and versatile level-lift.


SDL Series hydraulic dock lift

SLT Series Level-Lift

TL Series Truck Leveler

SRL Series Rail Lift 


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In-Plant Lifts

Forget the back straining and turn to Serco in-plant lifts to do the heavy lifting. This full line of hydraulic, air and mechanical lift tables, turntables and tilters automates tasks that cause back-related injuries, improving productivity and employee satisfaction in your loading dock by making products and materials more accessible. Serco in-plant lift products automate simple, monotonous tasks, including: tilting bins for easy access, turning products or pallets, lifting or lowering materials to feed machines, and ergonomic product positioning and transportation.


SLT Series Scissors Lift Table

SMT Series Turntable

ST Series Tilter

SDS Series Double Scissors Lift Table

SALT Series Air Lift

SAT Series Air Tilter

SZL Series Zero Lift Table


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Industrial HVLS Fans

Using high-volume low-speed (HVLS) technology, the Serco Industrial HVLS fan is designed to improve airflow and energy savings, providing a gentle breeze that equates to a 4-7 degree reduction in the perceived temperature, in accordance with ASHRAE 55-2010 comfort standard, to keep your employees cool and focused through an advanced five-blade design. Balanced air circulation limits stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, which helps keep food and produce dry and fresh to reduce spoilage.


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HVLS Fan Controls

With a variety of control options from single fan units to sophisticated BMS-integrated multi-fan units that can be networked together, your options for managing the operation of your HVLS fans are nearly limitless.


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4SIGHT™ Connect - Dock

Food & beverage, cold storage and industrial dock operations are full of powerful and vitally important KPIs. But if your facility can't effectively manage all of that data in real-time, you won't be able to properly measure and analyze it. Real-time access to dock data from a central location is the optimal solution. Improve your dock operation with increased efficiency and safety using cloud-based 4SIGHT™ Connect - Dock integrated with the Serco Digital Master Control Panel and its intuitive touch screen interface. Leave traditional dock operation behind with a truly “smart" approach using 4SIGHT Connect - Dock which allows you to take full control over and streamline your entire dock operation.


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Digital Master Control Panel

Serco has been leading the industry for decades with product innovations that have changed the way business is done at the dock. Today we're doing it again. With our new digital Master Control Panels you'll have more control, insight, and decision-making intelligence at your command than you ever thought possible.


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Integrated Dock Controls

Streamline your loading dock equipment with the simple push of a button by adding the Serco Master Control Panel. As workloads increase, busy loading docks only get more complicated, making automating your dock equipment necessary in order to meet the demands. Typically, with each new piece of equipment, you'll face even more control panels and electrical conduit, cluttering your walls, creating frustration for your employees and increasing installation costs. The Serco Master Control Panel lets you combine operating controls for all your devices into one easy-to-use dock compact panel, putting control conveniently in one place and improving productivity on your dock, while saving you time and money.


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ALS & MLS Automatic Dock Communication System

Serco ALS Dock Communication System is simple, reliable and cost effective communication system that reduces the risk of loading dock accidents. The automated light signaling device alerts truck drivers and dock personnel to the status of docked or docking trucks. This product can be interlocked with other equipment to communicate status once the operational sequence begins.


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Dock Accessory & Aftermarket Products

APS Resource® provides the Serco distribution network with a total solution for dock accessories and aftermarket parts and service needs. APS offers a full line of aftermarket accessories, replacement parts and service programs to upgrade your existing equipment and enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your loading dock. APS Resource® solutions include LED dock lights, barrier gates, building protection products such as column protectors and guard rails, trailer ramps, portable loading dock plates, vehicle restraints, and conversion kits. APS Resource® can also design a regularly scheduled maintenance program to uncover problems before they occur and upgrade services to keep your dock equipment in top shape. Whatever your aftermarket needs, APS Resource® has a solution designed to fit the needs of your operation.


Dock Energy Savings Solutions

Dock Equipment Upgrades

Dock Safety Products


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Dock Shelters

When you want to keep the elements out while also having full, unimpeded trailer access, Serco dock shelters are the ideal solution. With a loading dock shelter, your loading dock and crew will be able to remain productive even during inclement weather conditions, while working in a safe environment. You'll also have the ability to maintain temperatures in climate-controlled facilities, adding to the energy saving benefits. Its flexible structure is able to withstand damaging force and compression when a trailer backs up to the wall, offering years of reliable performance and protection.


S-420 Series Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

S-3200 Series SnapBack Dock Shelter

S-2200 Series Ultra Dock Shelter®

Blackout™ Model BDS-S Blackout Dock Shelter


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Inflatable Dock Seals and Shelters

Improve dock energy efficiency and loading dock environmental control all at once with Serco inflatable dock seals and shelters. Ideal for climate-controlled loading docks, inflatable dock seals and shelters offer flexibility and convenience, as they create the ultimate energy seal for your dock without putting pressure on your building walls. And best of all, they can easily be interlocked with Serco restraints and other dock equipment for improved efficiency and safety.


SI-300 Inflatable Dock Seal

SI-310 Series Inflatable Rail Shelter

SI-350 Inflatable Dock Seal

SI-400 Adjustable Frameless Inflatable Dock Shelter

SI-450 Rigid Frame Inflatable Dock Shelter 


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Seal & Shelter Options

Rain and moisture can be devastating to goods and inventory at the loading dock. That's why Serco offers two weather-tested dock seal & shelter options to bring even greater protection to your Serco seals and shelters. The Serco AquaShield® Rain Sealing System keeps external moisture out of the loading dock with an ultra-effective “wiper" pad, and the Serco HINGE GUARD™ Dock Shelter System closes off trailer hinge gaps while keeping trailer access unrestricted.


S-900DD Series DryDock® Rain Sealing System

HINGE GUARD™ Dock Shelter System


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Trailer Restraint Systems

Prevent dock accidents resulting from premature vehicle departure, vehicle creep (dock walk) and vehicle landing gear collapse by incorporating a trailer restraint system. Serco SL Series vehicle restraints, available in both mechanical and powered models, are at the forefront of technology to provide design simplicity, the fewest moving parts, minimal maintenance and easy operation.


SL10 Series Mechanical Vehicle Restraint

SL20 Series Mechanical Vehicle Restraint

SL40 Series Mechanical Vehicle Restraint

SL60 Series Powered Vehicle Restraints

SLP3000 Recessed Vehicle Restraint

APS2000® Vehicle Restraint


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Wheel Chocking Systems

When trailers have missing or damaged rear impact guards or come equipped with lift gates, it can be a challenge to secure them safely with a conventional vehicle restraint. Serco wheel chocking systems can secure virtually any truck or vehicle and are available in either manual or hydraulic operation. It's a simple and effective way to maintain an accident-free work zone.


SLSC Series Surface-Mounted Wheel Restraint

UTC Series Universal Truck Chock

SMWC Series Manual Safety-Chock Wheel Restraint

VERSACHOCK Wireless Wheel Chock Trailer Restraint


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Integrated Trailer Restraint Controls

Integrate Serco Master Control Panels with new or existing trailer restraints to add efficiency and safety to loading operations. With clearly visible indicator lights, workers are alerted to the status of a restraint, giving them vital information on whether or not it is safe to take another action such as raising a dock door. With large, easy to see color-coded controls, dock personnel can quickly learn to operate even the most sophisticated combinations of equipment and ensure safe communication.


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Yard Management Systems

Using RFID and GPS technology, our 3PL logistics software system puts information on everything going on in your yard at your fingertips. Know where a trailer is, how long it's been there, what's on it and where it needs to go with accurate trailer information with this yard management system. With visibility and monitoring capabilities across multiple yards, ensure no loads are left as a result of an overflow lot.


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Stand Alone Restraint Control Panel

The innovative and streamlined Serco Stand Alone Restraint Control Panel was designed with the modern loading dock in mind. With a thinner, space-saving profile, warehouse planners can fit more dock bays into new construction and make room for more equipment in retrofits. Best of all, a singular ultra-bright NEMA 4X rated LED Composite Light with multiple display provides an easy-to-understand alert to drivers and workers about the state of the dock before taking action.


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TKO® Impactable Dock Doors

Impactable dock doors were specifically created to prevent recurring damage to loading dock doors, which can cost an operation thousands of dollars in downtime as well as energy loss per dock position. Simply put, impactable dock doors provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership than traditional doors.


Running a busy loading dock takes focus, with no time to stop and think about damaged industrial doors. Impact-resistant industrial doors can withstand even the most demanding circumstances. With unique features such as a patented track, panel, plunger and a weather seal system, TKO® dock doors can help your facility gain substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. TKO doors are designed for impact, so you'll get years of durability without the costly panel and track damage associated with conventional overhead and sectional doors.


TKO® WW Series Welterweight® Impactable Door

TKO® CW Series Cruiserweight™ Impactable Door

TKO® TW Series ThermalWeight™ Impactable Insulated Door 


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Cold Storage Dock Doors

Historically, vertical storing dock leveler users have only had two choices: a standard sectional door which is not effective, or a vertical rise freezer door which is too expensive. The Serco cold storage doors are designed to give you the best of both - superior energy efficiency at a lower cost of ownership


TKO VC Series VertiCool® Cold Storage Door


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Dock Door Options

Customize your TKO® impactable or specialty door to fit your specific loading dock needs with a variety of loading dock door options and accessories that can be added to various door models. Whether you're facing high-wind conditions or need a heavy-duty solution to protect against impacts, you'll find an accessory to make your loading dock run more smoothly and efficiently.



Wind Load Package


Clear Vision Panel

Double Knockout Header

E-Lift CounterWeight 

Single Panel Vented Window

Thermal Pane Rectangular Window

Thermal Insulation Package

Bottom Brush Seal

Powered Door Operator

Super Bottom Panel

PowerHouse™ Panel

Non-Insulated Panel

Stainless Steel Package

Rapid Install for Vertical Lift Commercial Sectional Doors


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Dock Door Control Products

Integrating your dock doors with Serco Master Control Panels is hassle free and brings a significant amount of control and safety to your dock. Exterior dock doors are controlled and monitored for increased dock security and prevention of accidental door damage.


Integrated Dock Door Controls


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Dock Door Safety Products

Keeping dock doors in top operating condition is vital to smooth dock operations, and dock door damage is both costly and potentially dangerous. Upgrade your doors with extra protection against impacts and damage with dock door safety products.


Dock Door Protection


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