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Somfy offers continuing education credits through the American Institute of Architects as well as the United States Green Building Council. When you take the time to schedule and participate in a Lunch and Learn presentation you will receive both one AIA and one GBCI credits towards your overall continuing education credentials. Begin by clicking here for more information

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animeo Solo

The easy-to-use system to control 1 or 2 zones, and up to 800 motors. Specifically designed for small buildings. animeo Solo is based on IB Somfy Controlling Technology and is also compatible with the animeo IB+ Motor Controller.

The easiest animeo solution to configure

Easy programming and commissioning through the LCD display (no need for a computer).

The system comes with a basic configuration, and the user can use the screen-based interface to program the system, which saves commissioning time on site.

For reduced energy costs

In summer and winter alike, animeo Solo automatically controls your motorized sun protection devices using sensors. In winter, for example, as soon as night falls, the pre-programmed "cold protection" function closes all shutters and sun protection devices in order to increase window insulation and avoid excessive heating consumption.

In the daytime, on the other hand, its "natural heating" function opens the shutters and sun protection devices to make the most of the sun's solar energy. 

Control easily your facade

The building manager can control (up-down-stop) each zone separately or lock zones for maintenance operations such as window cleaning.

The LCD continuously presents the system status and weather data such as wind speed, rain, sun radiation and temperature.

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animeo IP/RS485

The sustainable and scalable digital solution for buildings evolutions. No zone limitation. Dedicated to new buildings from medium to large size.

Dedicated to new medium to large buildings, animeo IP/RS485 is the digital solution that makes it easy to manage your sites. Thanks to limited wiring and plug and play installation, animeo IP/RS485 reduces wiring errors. An intuitive user interface allows for simplified commissioning, building management and technical support, featuring drag-and-drop zone creation, motor discovery and at-a-glance system status updates.

Advanced scheduling

With animeo IP's timed events feature, schedules can be created to keep buildings energy-efficient. Creating timed events around periods of  high occupancy (between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday) and low occupancy (weekends, holidays) ensures the building is running as efficiently as possible.

The right balance of manual and automated control

Wall-mounted keypads, controls and virtual keypads give occupants control over nearby window coverings. animeo IP can override manual occupant commands during specific time periods (e.g. East facade from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM) to keep the building running as efficiently as possible.

Adjust your slats to the optimum position

Automates natural light management based on the sun's position and facade direction to minimize glare and maximize the opportunity for daylighting.

Bi-directional status reporting

animeo IP/RS485 technology provides bi-directional status reporting of window covering positions. With this information, animeo IP exports system status snapshots in convenient graph or table form. Observe inone glance how and why shades were adjusted with simple color codes for timed events, occupants' actions or building overrides. Facility managers can also receive system alerts via email.

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animeo IB+

An intelligent system to control 4 or 8 zones using Touchbuco and Wired Technology(WT) motors. Specifically designed for medium and large buildings.

Make the best use of the end products on your building

Very extensive and comprehensive selection of functions and parameters, specially matched to the type of end product to be controlled such as Venetian blinds, blinds, roller shutters and windows.

The system comes with a basic configuration and the user can use the screen-­based interface to program the system and define the zones.

Adjust your slats to the optimum position

The sun tracking function positions the Venetian blinds slats according the direction of the sun's rays for the best visual comfort all day long.

Thanks to the energy functions

Optimised energy savings in combination with a variety of functions: natural air-conditioning, cooling, heating, limited tilting angle, etc.

The system switches back to automatic at a pre-defined time.

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Wall Controls

The basic and economic control, easy to find in the room.

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Smart Controls

To manage your solar shading from a smartphone or computer.

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Remote Controls

Adjust shading with the touch of a button from an easy to use, programmable remote control.

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Group Control

Adjust multiple shades in a channel grouping all at the same time; manage up to five channels.

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For Any Kind of Application

Accurate and easy adjustment.

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Facade Control

To manage all your building facades from one touch screen.

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Interior Shadings Devices

Interior shading devices play a certain role in insulating glazing. Their main purpose is to help manage natural lighting:

  • Preventing glare

  • Reducing lighting contrasts

  • Adjusting lighting to create certain atmospheres

In doing so, they dramatically contribute to the interior esthetics of each room through the choice of materials, colors and shapes.

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Exterior Shading Devices

Placed adjacent to the openings, motorized exterior shading devices stop and reflect the sunlight before it reaches the glazing, directly contributing to the dynamic insulation of the facade along with managing natural light.

As they are seen from the outside, motorized exterior shading devices play a part in the overall look of the building. Combined with weather sensors (wind, rain, sun), their life is extended and maintenance becomes easier.

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Window Opening Devices

Motorizing windows enhances natural ventilation and can achieve several different objectives: guarantee the air quality inside the building, evacuate foul odors but also bring freshness and a higher level of thermal comfort to the occupants.

It is also indispensable in areas where windows are hard-to-reach or come in such a great number that operating them would require a long series of manual controls.

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