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Stoneworks Inc., established in 1984 in Miami, Florida, is an innovator in the design, science, and manufacturing of Trimstone® panels and waterjet-cut natural stone products. Stoneworks ownership and employees are proud to have earned an international reputation for innovation, unequaled craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. Today, Stoneworks Inc. serves clients throughout North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


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Lightweight Stone Paneling System

Trimstone® is a state-of-the-art lightweight stone paneling system, comprised of natural stone veneer securely bonded to high-strength, aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb panels.

Trimstone® is the smart alternative to solid dimensional stone panels. Trimstone® allows clients to enjoy the beauty of natural stone without the weight, thickness, fragility, and installation challenges that arise when stone materials are used as architectural elements.

Trimstone® is manufactured in the United States by Stoneworks Inc., an established company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. All Trimstone® panels utilize premier-quality natural stone (marble, granite, limestone, etc.) sourced from around the world.

Architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and property owners consistently turn to Trimstone® as the solution of choice for a wide array of exterior and interior stone paneling applications.

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Trimstone Advantage


The Trimstone Advantage begins with our Trimstone® panels that weigh approximately 2.5 lbs per square foot, approximately 80 percent less than standard 3/4″ slab material.

This dramatic advantage is achieved through our innovative cutting and bonding method of lightweight natural stone to high-strength, aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb panels.


Trimstone® panels are remarkably easy to handle and install. Our patented cladding system further simplifies the installation process, allowing for Trimstone® to be installed at nearly three times the rate of dimensional stone.


We endeavor to provide the best value to our clients by bidding each project as competitively as possible. Additional cost savings are realized due to the nature of Trimstone®: our product is lighter, more resilient, and easier to install than standard 3/4″ slabs.


Our versatile stone panels can have profiles as thin as 3/8″, making them a perfect fit for applications with thickness restrictions.


Trimstone® has superior energy absorption and impact resistance. Panels exhibit flexural strength and warpage thresholds that are significantly greater than what is normally seen in 4 cm granite slabs.


Trimstone® is manufactured in the United States, so we are able to bring efficient production timetables to even the most demanding construction schedules.


Trimstone® makes use of Plascore's advanced aluminum honeycomb core: a material offering unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios and resistance to heat, moisture, corrosion, and mold. Panels can be ordered in a variety of thickness to suit your project's needs and can have a fiberglass or aluminum skin.


All Trimstone® panels have a durable epoxy skin which protects the honeycomb core with a waterproof barrier.


Trimstone® panels were given higher grades on all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) tests conducted under freeze and thaw cycles than our competition (official test results are available for comparison).


Clients can order cut-to-size panels based on the dimensional specifics of their application. Individual panels can be as large as 60″ X 120″.


The knowledgeable staff at Stoneworks are committed to providing the highest-quality customer service. Please contact us with any questions about product specifications, testing data, cladding, or any other inquiries about our product.LEED

As the Green building sector grows, more construction professionals look for the benefits achieved by the building LEED certifications. Trimstone® can assist in acquiring valuable MR and EQ LED credits.

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Trimstone Materials

Worldwide Resources

At Stoneworks Inc., we work with premier stone suppliers from all over the globe. These partnerships enable us to meet the unique project requirements of our clients.

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Stone Finishes

Trimstone® panels are available in three Stone Finishes: polished, honed, and leather.

Choosing the optimal finish for each project is essential to maximizing the stone's aesthetic beauty and ensuring its durability. A Trimstone® Service Representative will discuss finish options with you to determine what would work best for the particulars of your application.

Honed Finish

Honed finishes are typically used in high-traffic areas, exterior applications, and installations requiring skid resistance. A honed finish is produced by grinding a stone face with high-grit material until a smooth, satin-like (egg-shell), and non-reflective surface is achieved.

Polished Finish

Polished finishes are finer and smoother in nature than honed finishes. They give stone surfaces a high luster, making them reflective and almost mirror-like. Stones that are given a polished finish feature the brilliant colors and grains of the natural material.

Leather Finish

A textured finish with a semi-gloss surface. The stone maintains its natural characteristics and color. Leathered panels are optimal for outdoor applications as they hide smudges and water spots much better than polished or honed finishes.

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Exterior Stone Panel System Projects image

Exterior Stone Panel System Projects

University of Texas Engineering Building - Dallas, TX

52,000 sq. ft. of Moca Cream Trimstone panels were used on the exterior of the new Engineering Building at the University of Texas. Factory-assembled miters and window returns facilitated the installation of this stone panel system.

Exterior Stone Panel System Projects image

Exterior Stone Panel System Projects

Royal Canadian Bank - Prince George, BC Canada

Scheduled to be updated, the RBC Bank Building in Prince George, Canada, was modernized with the use of Trimstone Panels and a glass facade. 8,170 sq. ft. of panels were manufactured in Adair Limestone and a honed Black Granite. Blocks of Adaire were shipped from Canadian quarries to the Stoneworks facilities for processing.

Exterior Stone Panel System Projects image

Exterior Stone Panel System Projects

Marketplace - Columbia, MD

As a focal point on the new Maryland shopping center, 2,600 sq. ft. of Trimstone panels in Moca Cream were utilized to adorn a wedge elevation. Panels were waterjet cut-to-size to fit the pronounced angle of the building.

Interior Stone Panel System Projects image

Interior Stone Panel System Projects

Federal Courthouse - Orlando, FL

The George C. Young Federal Building Courthouse interior renovation relied on Trimstone stone panels for a fast installation, minimizing loss of operation hours. Panels of Moca Cream, cut-to-size and mitered allowed installers to complete the job in 1 day.

Interior Stone Panel System Projects image

Interior Stone Panel System Projects

North American Auto Show - Detroit, MI

Companies like Ford Motors rely on Trimstone panels to give their elaborate booths at the NAIAS show the elegant look of natural stone.
Stone panels with a unique backing allow the booths to have a durable and reusable advantage, while supporting the weight of cars and guest alike.

Interior Stone Panel System Projects image

Interior Stone Panel System Projects

Miami International Airport - Miami, FL

Panels of polished black granite were used to build The Wall of Honor memorial at the Miami International Airport. The wall features etched names of South Florida members from the military who died supporting the War on Terror since 2001.

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