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Summitville Tiles has evolved as a small producer of highway paving brick founded by F H Johnson in 1912...into a regional producer of commercial and residential face brick from the 1930's to the late 1940's...into a diversified producer, today, of premium grade quarry tiles, heavy-duty industrial floor brick, precision sized thin brick, plus a full line of cementitious and epoxy resin installation and tile care products...products which are shipped all over the world.


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Thin Brick

Summitville, America's leading floor brick producer, offers Thin Brick in 14 colors. Each color offers a wide range of shades. Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven characteristics.

Custom flashed blends are available by special order: minimum quantity may be required. Always check with the factory before ordering, some inventory may be available.

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Landmark Series

Five new colors have been added to our Thin Brick line, offering a rustic, handcrafted look in brick surfaces.

Patterned after the hand-made brick of 18th Century Williamsburg, of Jefferson's Monticello and of Federal Period buildings in the early canal towns of Ohio, the Landmark Series was created from brick molds taken from many of the structures located in and around Ohio's historic village of Hanoverton. The color names within this series reflect the early American background of five towns, steeped in the lore of Ohio's Sandy & BeaverCanal.

Each of the five colors in this series has a wide range of shades, blended at the factory, to create a unique and distinct color effect. For a one of a kind, custom look, a factory blend of any combina­tion of these five standard production colors is available.

Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven service characteristics. Summitville has been a leading manufacturer of brick products for over 90 years and these products have passed the test of time, in quality and durability.

Olde Towne® Thin Brick image

Olde Towne® Thin Brick

Summitville is pleased to announce the introduction of a new, rustic, kiln-flashed "iron-spot" thin brick series available in our standard modular size (2-1/4x7-5/8x9/16"). The new Olde Towne Thin Brick will be offered in five earth tone colors, with subtle ranging tones and naturally occurring flashing as follows:

#510 Olde Charleston Blend ~ Deep Red Shale Kiln-Flashed "Iron-Spot"
#594 Olde Chicago Blend ~ Sun Glo Kiln-Flashed "Iron-Spot"
#595 Olde Tavern Blend ~ Red Shale Kiln-Flashed "Iron-Spot"
#596 Olde Manhattan Blend ~ Medium Earth Tone Kiln-Flashed "Iron-Spot"
#597 Olde Philadelphia Blend ~ Brown Manganese Kiln-Flashed "Iron-Spot"

Finally, you can have a rustic, "old world" looking thin brick with the precision sizing and the tight tolerances that are required in tilt-wall and pre-cast a competitive price.

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Thin Brick Blends

Custom Thin Brick blends are available in all of our Thin Brick products. With over 25 colors to choose from the color combinations are almost endless.

All of our blends are comprised from stocking colors so lead times are similar to a standard one-color order. Blends are available in 2-1/4 x 7-5/8 x 9/16" and 3-5/8 x 11-5/8 x 9/16", but are also available in other sizes minimum quantities may apply. Always check with your sales representative or customer service.

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Quarry Tile

Summitville Quarry Tile is extruded to provide uniform density, strength and rugged performance in high-traffic areas. Precision ground edges provide controlled sizing, clean straight lines and full flush joints.
Quarry Tile is resistant to acids, oils, detergents and is fire-proof, fade-proof and dent-proof. It's natural unglazed surface is easy to maintain and retains its good looks year after year. Unglazed precision ground Quarry Tile is resistant to stains but not stain proof. Light colors tend to show staining more than dark colors or Red Quarry Tile.

Olde Towne® Quarry image

Olde Towne® Quarry

Olde Towne Quarry has all of the same natural qualities as Quarry Tile except the edge is cushioned, not precision ground and available in one size only, 6" x 6" x 1/2". Olde Towne Quarry is available in nine colors.
All colors are available in smooth or abrasive surface. Wire cut surface is available by special order, minimum quantity required. Always check factory, inventory may be available.

Contoured Quarry image

Contoured Quarry

Two shapes are offered in, standard color, 10 Red only, designed for a 3/8" joint; Flemish 6" x 6" x 1/2" and Hex 8" x 3/4". Custom colors are special order, minimum quantity required. Check with factory, inventory may be available.

Abrasive surface available in all sizes. Flashed, double abrasive and waxing are by special order.

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Summitville is the originator of Strata Tile...a unique mixture of clays that depicts the earth's natural striations. The beautiful, random “grained" effect is monolithic...not a surface treatment. This exceptional Quarry Tile offers a wide range of color variations and is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Strata® 2 image

Strata® 2

Strata 2 possesses all of the same fine qualities and appearance as Strata except it is manufactured with a ground edge instead of a handcrafted “cushion" edge. Choose from three colors: Appaloosa, Sandrock or Driftwood and two sizes, 6" x 6" x 1/2" or 4" x 8" x 1/2". Custom colors or special blends can be produced by special order.

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Chemical-Resistant Floor Brick

Summitville's Industrial Floor Brick System offers a dependable, proven solution for high traffic areas exposed to chemicals, acids, oils, heavy equipment and other damaging agents. Once your project requirements are determined, Summitville can recommend a custom installation system, providing you with all the materials needed to insure results that will exceed your specifications.

Summitville is the only company that manufactures, both the Floor Brick and the Setting and Grouting products necessary for completing the job, offering a turnkey system from a single source with a proven reputation of quality and performance.

Summitville Tiles is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Floor Brick in the United States. You'll find our Floor Brick in the finest breweries, food and chemical plants, dairies, bakeries and packing plants...wherever heavy equipment is used and protection from corrosive materials is required.

Extruded from high-quality shale, Summitville Floor Brick provides a uniformly dense flooring unit that will withstand the heavy abuse of industrial applications.

Flashing, waxing, and double abrasive is available on a special-order basis. We recommend extra heavy waxing for double abrasive or vertical fiber surfaces when epoxies, furans or latexes are used.

Scored bottoms and sides are standard for smooth, diamond tread and abrasive surface brick ... ideal for use where acid resistance is required.

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Chemical Resistance image

Chemical Resistance

Setting & Grouting



Membranes image


S-40 Asphaltic Primer

S-41 Corrosion Resistant Membrane

S-45 Textile Glass Cloth

S-3000 One Step Crack Isolation/Anti Fracture Mortar

S-9000 Waterproof and Crack Isolation Liquid

Additives image


S-30 Epoxy Cove Base Additive

S-31 Epoxy Cove Base Additive

S-120 Epoxy Emulsion admixture

S-775 Acrylic Latex Additive

S-776 Quick-Set Grout & Mortar Additive

S-800 Acrylic Admixture for Thin-Set

S-810 Flexible Mortar System

S-820 Latex Concentrate

Cleaners & Sealers image

Cleaners & Sealers

SL-7 Super Clean Up Grout & Tile Cleaner

SL-15 Invisible Seal

SL-33 Quarry Tile Floor Cleaner

SL-35 Mild Balanced Surface Cleaner

SL-37 Neutral ph Cleaner

SL-55 Color Enhancing Sealer

SL-70 Grout Residue Cleaner

SL-80 Water Based Acrylic Floor Sealer

SL-86 Cleaner, Degreaser & Acrylic Sealant Remover

SL-86 Gel Vertical Grade Cleaner & Stripper

SL-90 Summit-Shield Grout Release

SL-99 Summitseal II

SL-100 Epoxy Film Remover

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