Glen-Gery is the superior choice among architects, builders and homeowners who require high quality building products that meet both innovative design challenges and demanding construction specifications. Glen-Gery is an industry leader for its' diversified product line of more than 600 brick products, which are available in a wide-array of sizes and textures. These products include extruded brick, molded brick, glazed brick, klaycoat brick, handmade brick, thin brick and paving brick.

In addition to brick, Glen-Gery is also known for its superior line of manufactured stone veneer, Landmark Stone. Glen-Gery Landmark Stone is available in eight different profiles including stackstone, fieldstone, ledgestone, fieldledge, glen ridge, limestone, cut cobble and ashler. Glen-Gery Landmark Stone is manufactured with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that have defined all Glen-Gery products for over a century.

Glen-Gery's other brands include Glen-Gery Thin Tech, Glen-Gery Natural Stone, Glen-Gery Color Mortar and Glen-Gery Pre-blended Mortar. The addition of these complementary brands has kept Glen-Gery a leader in the building products industry.

Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery Corporation is one of the nation's largest brick manufacturers and operates nine brick manufacturing facilities and one manufactured stone facility. Glen-Gery products are sold nationally through a network of over 500 distributors as well as in Canada.

Glen-Gery is part of Brickworks Limited of Australia.


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Extruded Brick image

Extruded Brick

A versatile modern brick look that excels in highly varied applications.

Created mechanically, extruded brick is perfect for any construction project and for those where budget presents a concern.

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Handmade Brick image

Handmade Brick

Each brick is crafted individually by hand to reveal the true artistry of a classic material with endless contemporary applications.

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Klaycoat® Brick image

Klaycoat® Brick

Enliven and redefine any space with the stately and beautiful colorization available with Klaycoat.

Klaycoat is breathable, meaning liquids and vapors can pass through its permeable surface without damaging its exterior appearance.

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International Collection image

International Collection

Brick from abroad that defies what it means to be premium

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Molded Brick image

Molded Brick

Here, the design is in the details. Molded brick's irregularly softened edges add character to a comfortingly familiar material in an entirely new way.

The craft poured into each molded brick means that each one works in whatever space you need it to, whether it's residential, industrial, or commercial.

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Thin Brick image

Thin Brick

Expand your design potential with thin brick - an iteration of brick that does what simply can't be done with other standard brick masonry.

With thin brick, restrictions go out the window and walls go up. Designed to eliminate the limitations of other brick, thin brick stands as a compelling alternative for architects.

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Glazed Brick image

Glazed Brick

Create standout looks with glazed brick - available in standard and fully customizable colors. Our glaze is impervious to liquids and gases, graffiti resistant, and works on brick shapes both traditional and custom to bring any project to life.

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Brick Pavers image

Brick Pavers

Smoother than cobblestone, brick pavers offer a varied and aesthetically pleasing visual experience, including its own signature durability.

The hallmark of the brick paver is the exceptional design that makes it ideal for outdoor applications and sets it apart from other paving materials.

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Personalized Brick image

Personalized Brick

Preserve any person, event, or memory with a personalized brick from Glen-Gery. Or, elevate the personal nature of your walkways or entryway with something truly one-of-a-kind.

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Brick Shapes image

Brick Shapes

100+ standard shapes, unlimited custom shapes.

Nowhere is brick's creative versatility better expressed than in the making of architectural shapes. Beautiful, precise and lasting, Glen-Gery brick shapes fit even the most imaginative design palette.

The versatility of our brick shapes isn't limited by standard designs. For unusual design situations, Glen-Gery's highly capable brick craftsmen produce customized brick shapes. This is a rigorous test of the brickmaker's art, demanding skill and experience that few manufacturers share. Preparing custom shapes takes longer than making standard types, and the process requires detailed, contractor-approved drawings prior to production. But the results are stunning - a unique product, specifically tailored to make your project as visually appealing as it can be.

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Sioux City Collection image

Sioux City Collection

The nimble and purposeful gathering of integrity, craftsmanship, and high design comprises this architectural powerhouse.

For over 100 years, Sioux City Brick, like Glen-Gery, has manufactured brick to the highest industry standards. In 2019, Sioux City Brick became a part of the Glen-Gery family. The focus was, and always will be, to create long-lasting products in a multitude of sizes and shapes with a broad color palette, allowing designers and architects the flexibility to create beautiful, sustainable homes and buildings.

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Venetian Glass Brick image

Venetian Glass Brick

High-end Venetian Glass Brick is the clear choice. Shaped by Italian artistry, these brick offer a transparent brilliance simply unequalled by an other application.

From the interior feature walls to exterior facades, Venetian glass brick are a natural centerpiece in any architectural landscape.

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Cushwa Brick Collection image

Cushwa Brick Collection

Subtly contoured and highly dependable, there's no substitute for the distinctive appeal of genuine molded Cushwa Brick.

Homeowners love the look of Cushwa, and builders love the way Cushwa sells their homes. Over the years Cushwa has established a tradition of making only quality brick and is known in the industry for dependability and conformity to architectural specifications. Don't settle for less than genuine Cushwa brick.

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Burlington Collection image

Burlington Collection

Burlington Stone is one of the largest importers of natural stone products in the United States. From slate, marble, limestone, and granite to semi-precious stones, Burlington has sought the most unique colors from around the globe.

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Creative Mines® Collection image

Creative Mines® Collection

By combining our collective expertise to offer the highest performing, most aesthetically pleasing masonry available, we've expanded the number of product offerings available to include various colors and profiles.

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Landmark Collection image

Landmark Collection

The strength, permanence, and beauty of the stone in this collection are benchmark qualities underpinning many architectural designs - contemporary or traditional; commercial, residential, or institutional - manufactured to the same exacting standards of quality that have informed the rest of our products.

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Natural Collection image

Natural Collection

Cut from real quarried stone, the brick in the Natural Collection is durable, elegant, and available in a series of facing styles that offer unique design possibilities.

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Thin Tech Wall System image

Thin Tech Wall System

Resilient masonry veneer that outshines all others.

For more than a century, Glen-Gery Thin Brick veneers bring the warmth and strength of traditional brick to the widest possible range of projects. And its Thin Tech® Masonry Support Panel provides the perfect mounting system for thin brick and other masonry specialties.

Thin Tech enhances the usefulness of brick veneer, and expands its applications in new directions. Offered in the traditional Classic and high-performance Elite series, each are tailored to the needs of specific applications.

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Mortar image


Twenty percent of a brick wall's surface is mortar and the effects made possible by colored mortar can be truly transformative. Our colored mortar embodies all the quality associated with standard mortar, but in daring new hues that command admiring attention.

The use of this often-overlooked visual resource can be a touchstone for truly creative architectural design. The right mortar color can blend with and accent the brick itself, bringing that dominant shade to the fore. Alternatively, mortar can be cast in strong contrast to the brick facing to produce unusual and memorable visual effects. In any of our striking shades, our colored mortar can remake that crucial 20 percent - from everyday to extraordinary.

Glen-Gery makes 20 ready-made mortar colors, plus an unlimited number of custom colors. Glen-Gery Color Mortar Blend is made from the finest Portland Cement, lime and approved pigments. It meets both BIA-MI Type N, and ASTM-C270, Type S specifications and is the only mortar type recommended by the Brick Industry Association, as well as other brick masonry experts.

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Drainage Mat image

Drainage Mat

The essential moisture control product for veneer. The key is proper drainage and ventilation.

The Glen-Gery Drainage Mat is an all-wall engineered rain screen drainage and ventilation mat for all sidewall applications including manufactured brick and stone. The Glen-Gery Drainage Mat creates a rainscreen concept without the cavity wall cost. It also helps neutralize the air pressure differences between the outer and inner wall, which greatly reduces the opportunity moisture has to infiltrate the wall system.

When there is a significant air pressure difference between the outside environment and the inner wall system, moisture is driven into a wall system via cracked sealant joints caused by the expansion and contraction of building materials over time. Diffusion and capillary action play a major roll in moisture migration as well. By building with the Glen-Gery Drainage Mat, the wall system will not only drain correctly, but ventilate as well. It has been proven that ventilation in a convective fashion will dry the wall out significantly quicker than conventional methods.

In residential construction the siding is often installed directly against the weather resistive barrier. Once moisture gets past the veneer it has nowhere to escape. This will often lead to call backs for moisture related issues, such as mold and rot, which become costly for both the homeowner and the contractors involved. Glen-Gery's Drainage Mat is the clear choice to avoid these moisture-related issues.

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Tru-Brix Wall System image

Tru-Brix Wall System

Used commercially and residentially to lend classic brick aesthetics to contemporary architecture, the Tru-Brix cladding system is supported by any wall system without requiring extensive masonry.

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Thin Brick For Precast & Tilt-up Applications image

Thin Brick For Precast & Tilt-up Applications

Glen-Gery clay thin brick for use in precast or tilt-up applications has been increasing for many years. Advances in concrete, as well as strict requirements related to the physical properties of the thin brick themselves,have led to increased durability and performance. The use of Glen-Gery clay thin brick allows the appearance of full size brick with a wide variety of textures and colors, along with the performance and the ease of installation of concrete wall panels.

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