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Wenger Corporation and J.R. Clancy are Your Performance Partners. In 2011, Wenger andJ.R. Clancy brought together almost 200 years of experience to provide complete solutions for Performing Arts Centers and Theatres. We design, manufacture and install leading theatrical equipment worldwide from Complete Rigging Solutions and Controls to Acoustical Shell Enclosures and Orchestra Pit Fillers as well as a full-line of quality furnishings.

Wenger Corporation provides innovative, high-quality products and solutions for performing arts and music and theatre education. For more than 65 years Wenger has been listening to what our customers need and then designing and manufacturing innovative, durable and functional products to meet those needs.

Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice rooms and now offers modular rooms with virtual acoustic technology (VAE) and built-in digital recording/playback. Products for music and theatre spaces include: pre-engineered acoustical doors, sound-isolating music practice rooms, acoustical shells, acoustical wall and ceiling treatment, instrument and equipment storage cabinets, fixed and portable audience seating, portable stage platforms and staging systems, music posture and portable audience chairs, orchestra pit fillers, makeup stations, tiered risers and music furniture.

Since 1885, J.R. Clancy has been a leading designer and supplier of theatrical rigging systems, accessories and services to the theatre and entertainment industries around the world. Our team of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers, and installers provides expert technical assistance and information to architects, general contractors, theatre consultants, end users, and dealers.

With a combination of innovative designs, outstanding quality, and a century of experience, J.R. Clancy has become the leading manufacturer of theatrical stage equipment in the United States. We provide everything from the simplest hemp sets and rigging hardware to complete, highly sophisticated motorized rigging systems-for use just about anywhere.


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TRANSCEND® Active Acoustic System - Simply a Sound Investment™ image

TRANSCEND® Active Acoustic System - Simply a Sound Investment™

Wenger's Transcend® Active Acoustic System gives facility managers the ability to enhance acoustic environments in virtually any space: performing arts centers, auditoriums, theatres, opera houses, arenas and worship spaces.

Developed using HARMAN's Lexicon active acoustic technology, the Transcend system offers a high-performance,affordable solution for acoustical flexibility. Transcend will truly transform your space into a multi-functional venue.You can manage your sound to simulate the acoustics of many larger performance spaces. It's truly dynamic.Transcend's active acoustics algorithm results in a system that requires fewer microphones and speakers to provide a more reliable and stable system. This allows for streamlined, lower-cost installations than other systems on the market, and the best possible sound quality for any seat in the house.

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Maestro® Acoustical Shells image

Maestro® Acoustical Shells

The Maestro® Full-Stage Acoustical Shell is a welcome addition to our acoustical product line. Maestro is a cost-effective solution packed with features, conveniences and performance aesthetics for your venue. The Maestro lives up to its name delivering impressive full-stage acoustics, while creating live entertainment environments for performances at an affordable price.

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Legacy® Basic Acoustical Shells image

Legacy® Basic Acoustical Shells

The latest Wenger technology gives you three attractive, effective acoustical shell options to fit your application and budget. Its mobility allows you to acoustically transform almost any space within a facility into a performance venue.

We pioneered acoustical shell design, so it's no surprise that our honeycomb core panel construction delivers enhanced acoustics to both the ensemble and the audience.

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Legacy® Classic Acoustical Shells image

Legacy® Classic Acoustical Shells

Legacy is an excellent portable acoustical shell that can transform just about any space into an impressive-sounding performance venue. Its design lets you go from having the individual towers nested safely in a storage area to a full shell behind your performers in no time.

We pioneered acoustical shell design, so it's no surprise that our honeycomb core panel construction delivers enhanced acoustics to both the ensemble and the audience.

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Legacy® Select Acoustic Tower image

Legacy® Select Acoustic Tower

The latest Wenger technology gives you three attractive, effective acoustical shell options to fit your application and budget. Its mobility allows you to acoustically transform almost any space within a facility into a performance venue.We pioneered acoustical shell design, so it's no surprise that our honeycomb core panel construction delivers enhanced acoustics to both the ensemble and the audience.

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Performance Space Acoustical Treatments image

Performance Space Acoustical Treatments

Working with acousticians and architects, we use our decades of expertise to identify and help engineer the right solutions to treat any acoustical problems in your audience area: hot spots where sound concentrates, dead spots music never reaches, and flutter echoes and excessive reverberation. By using a combination of ceiling clouds and acoustical panels, we've already helped hundreds of school auditoriums and world-class concert halls. With a call to your Wenger representative, we can do the same for you.

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Diva® Acoustical Shell image

Diva® Acoustical Shell

An investment in Diva® acoustics will reward you the first time you hear the remarkable difference. Diva is a beautiful centerpiece for your stage that is engineered to last for years and years.Diva is also incredibly easy to use, so you can use it more often. No other acoustical shell gives you so much long-term value.

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Travelmaster™ Acoustical Shell image

Travelmaster™ Acoustical Shell

Poor acoustic venues can spoil even your finest performances. But Travelmaster™ Acoustical Shells allow you to take a familiar acoustical environment with you wherever you go. Excellent sound reflection helps musicians hear better,so tone, timing, and balance can be perfect in any environment. And, as the name suggests, Travelmaster shells travel, set up easily and store in an extremely small space.

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Rehearsal Room Acoustical Treatments image

Rehearsal Room Acoustical Treatments

Whether you're building a brand-new rehearsal room or need to enhance your existing space, Wenger can provide the consultation and acoustical panels to help you succeed. We design and manufacture our own highly advanced acoustical products and Wenger knows how to apply them to optimize the acoustics in your room.

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SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms image

SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms

How can a student be expected to practice the flute when the sound of the trumpet next door is blasting through the walls and leaking through the vents? Or how can a French horn player improve tone when the internal acoustics in the practice room are muddy or excessively bright?

Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice rooms, and we continue to use the most advanced technologies to set new standards.

Our modular rooms offer a clean, attractive look with closure panels for a seamless installation.

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VAE® Rehearsal image

VAE® Rehearsal

School auditoriums are heavily scheduled places. So trying to find time for your choral and instrumental groups to practice on stage can be difficult. The same goes when you are preparing for a special occasion in a large performance venue. Practicing in the dry environment of your rehearsal room can be limiting - unless you have VAE Rehearsal.

Easing the transition from the rehearsal to the performance environment allows students to focus more on the skills and habits they've developed in rehearsal and less on the unfamiliar performance space. VAE rehearsal comes with the same capabilities as all our VAE systems and includes the ability to be programmed to simulate the acoustics of your own auditorium.

Wenger's new Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE) technology uses highly advanced active acoustics to simulate nine different acoustic environments...all within the same rehearsal the touch of a button. We can even custom program any of the nine presets to simulate other acoustic environments of your choosing.

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Acoustical Door image

Acoustical Door

We've heard too many horror stories about poorly fitting doors and inadequate sound isolation. That's why Wenger engineers and acoustical experts have created an acoustical door that provides superior sound isolation. We've created an advanced split-frame design that accommodates virtually any wall thickness so every Wenger acoustical door fits perfectly. After all, even a small gap or imperfection can create enormous acoustical problems. Because our doors are pre-engineered, you'll be assured a high-integrity installation.

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Dynamic Acoustic Panel Series image

Dynamic Acoustic Panel Series

How do you create the optimal acoustical space for vocal and instrumental rehearsal in the same room with the same acoustical panels? Impossible - until now. Wenger's new dynamic panel is an innovative design that adjusts its absorption and diffusion capability to create a “flexible" room acoustically. The panel changes as quickly as you can turn a handle. Turn to the left and the panel becomes an absorber - turn to the right, and it becomes a diffuser. It takes just seconds, so you can tune your room between classes or after school, or whenever your students rehearse.The exterior shape of the panel always stays the same, providing a clean, professional appearance.

Now you can turn your rehearsal room into a flexible space without sacrificing the acoustics. No more scheduling conflicts for rehearsal spaces. Have a shared rehearsal room for vocal and instrumental? Wenger's Dynamic panel is the perfect solution!

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Transform® Motorized Acoustical Banner image

Transform® Motorized Acoustical Banner

Wenger's line of Motorized Acoustical Banners offers the benefits of variable acoustics for performance spaces,including theaters, performance halls, worship spaces, athletic venues and auditoriums.

Adding Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners to your performance space allows you to improve the audience experience during every performance. You'll never be more than a few seconds away from transforming your acoustics to best suit your next performance. Transform controls the levels of sound absorption and reflection in your performance space. Each banner includes adjustable spacing options, both for distance away from the wall and between the two fabric layers. Banners deploy quietly and quickly.

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StageTek® Staging System image

StageTek® Staging System

Everything about StageTek® is an advancement. The refined, smart design is the result of extensive research,engineering and technical advancements in materials and manufacturing. The result is a staging system that is lighter,stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. When it comes to stretching your investment across multiple needs like seated risers and performance stages, StageTek® sets a new standard. For unlimited flexibility, extra legs can be stored on the underside of your deck. We made the legs strong, simple and inexpensive. Compare Wenger's newest advancement in staging to any other option and see for yourself why StageTek is a better all-around platform.

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StageTek® Seated Risers image

StageTek® Seated Risers

StageTek® is a true advancement in technology for seated risers. Extensive research, engineering and technical advancements in materials and manufacturing have resulted in a seated riser system that is lighter, stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. StageTek sets up with just a small crew and no tools. Plus, StageTek Seated Risers don't reduce the cubic volume of your space like poured concrete risers which hurts your acoustics.

StageTek is flexible. The interchangeable legs strong, simple and inexpensive. Just change and reconfigure the various sized decks and legs. The ability to rearrange the decks in virtually unlimited configurations stretches your staging budget. Performance stages, show choir risers, graduation stages and theatre platforms are just some of the hundreds of uses you could find for StageTek decks in your facility.

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STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler image

STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler

Custom-designed to fit the exact specifications of your orchestra pit, STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler installs quickly and easily with a small crew. It provides incredibly strong support while it frees up an amazing amount of space below because of our innovative column-beam design. Our acoustically dampened decks fit snugly against your existing stage to create an integrated surface that is extremely quiet.

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Portable ADA-Compliant Disability Ramp image

Portable ADA-Compliant Disability Ramp

Wenger portable ramps are strong and stable, and they attach securely to Wenger staging units. This cost-effective ramping solution helps ensure that all performers have an equal chance to take the stage. 4' wide (1219 mm) ramps adjust to the exact height of stage elevation.

Meets the requirements as outlined in the 2015 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE - SECTION 1012.

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Showmobile Mobile Stage and Canopy image

Showmobile Mobile Stage and Canopy

The all-in-one mobile stage and shell lets you take a professional stage anywhere outdoors.Bring a full-scale, thrust-style stage anywhere you need to put on a big show. Its cantilevered canopy, state-of-the-art acoustical shell, built-in overhead lighting, leveling jacks, stairways and much more make this an amazing mobile, professional stage.

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Stagemobile Mobile Stage image

Stagemobile Mobile Stage

Take your stage anywhere - just hook it up to any vehicle with a 2-5/16" (59 mm) trailer hitch and adequate towing capacity. Sets up fast in just a matter of minutes.

The easy-to-tow, ready-to-go mobile stage solution. Wenger's Stagemobile stage sets up easily anywhere you need an outdoor stage for concerts, ceremonies, dances and rallies. One person can set it up in minutes. All-aluminum construction is designed for years of outdoor use and the weather-resistant stage surface offers safety for your event performers.

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UltraStor® Storage Cabinets image

UltraStor® Storage Cabinets

UltraStor® is our original, trusted and proven storage solution. UltraStor cabinets are designed to look great with virtually any decor. They're available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to fit the full range of instruments that you need to store and protect.

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AcoustiCabinets® image


Need to have instrument storage in your rehearsal room? Here's a way to minimize the loss of cubic volume, provide sound absorption, and help eliminate flutter echo caused by direct sound reflection.

After working closely with acoustical consultants, Wenger has developed an instrument storage cabinet that combines specially designed grille doors, acoustically absorptive material and reliable durability to produce storage that can help enhance the room's acoustical performance.

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Music Library System image

Music Library System

It shouldn't take longer to find a piece of music than it does to play it. Our system has a high-density, roll-out design that's reliable, durable and cuts storage space nearly in half compared to regular file cabinets.

If you're an average band, orchestra or choir program with 1,000 titles, you'll need more than ten 4-drawer file cabinets that take up 13-1/2' (4115 mm) of wall space. But our innovative Music Library System stores that same amount of music in a single design that takes up only 5' 8" (1727 mm) of wall space.

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Media Storage Cabinets image

Media Storage Cabinets

When you consider just how valuable all your facility's media equipment is, it makes sense to store and secure it in away that protects your investment. Being unable to find the proper cable, adapter or an expensive microphone when you need it is frustrating to say the least.

Wenger's fixed cabinets can help transform a chaotic storage area into one you can be proud of. Perfect for storage rooms or in-classroom lockable storage. Fixed media cabinets come in three types: Standard, Rackmount and Organizer. Choose the type you need then add shelves, drawers and other accessories to fully customize your cabinet(s).

As the level of technology in today's educational environments skyrockets, the need for connecting students to various media increases as well. Wenger's Mobile Media Storage Carts are rollable, lockable, portable media hubs that will get the technology where it needs to be. It has a durable worksurface on top, plenty of room for electronics inside and is easy to maneuver. Like the Wenger Fixed Media Cabinets, these come in a one or two-column configuration and are customizable with many of the accessories. Mobile media cabinets come in two types:Standard and Rackmount. Choose the type you need then add shelves, drawers and other accessories to fully customize your cabinet(s).

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Customizable Wood Lockers image

Customizable Wood Lockers

Your facilities reflect your tradition as well as your expectations for future success. The one area where this matters most, the area that impacts your players every day, is the team room. More than just a locker room, your team room needs to inspire, recruit and function. Through our early-stage consultative approach our team can assist you in creating a custom locker for your team room that meets your functionality and aesthetic needs while staying within your desired budget.

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GearBoss® AirPro® Lockers image

GearBoss® AirPro® Lockers

AirPro® Lockers help create team rooms that stand apart with a durable grid design and color options. They mount to the walls and not the floor, offering thorough cleaning underneath for a sanitary team room. Integrated seats remove the need for space-consuming benches. AirPro lockers offer a level of functionality and aesthetics that simply can't be matched by press-metal lockers.

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GearBoss® X-Cart™ image

GearBoss® X-Cart™

X-Carts™ are high-density storage carts that maximize your space by sliding together and apart along a fixed aluminum track.

Transforming your equipment room into an organized, clean, professional storage space is easy with GearBoss. Our rugged X-Carts are part of a smart, efficient system of storage that will save space, protect your equipment, and save you loads of time spent organizing. X-Carts roll laterally along a fixed aluminum track creating aisles between carts when you need to get at your equipment and closing back together when you don't. Carts can be configured with a full range of panels, doors and grilles in your team colors. You can also add accessories like doors, helmet hangers, shoulder pad stackers, hanger rods, shelves, dividers and more.

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GearBoss® Team Cart™ image

GearBoss® Team Cart™

Team Carts™ are high-density storage carts that operate like our X-Carts except that they can leave the track and transport your gear wherever you need it.

Now it's easy to get your equipment out of storage and to the gym, practice area, parking lot or sidelines - without breaking a sweat. GearBoss Team Carts retain all the convenient storage benefits of X-Carts but are engineered to leave the track. Imagine all your gear organized on one or two high-density storage carts, traveling wherever it needs to go - and back again. Or park and lock your equipment in a temporary space, instantly creating safe, secure storage anywhere.

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GearBoss® II High-Density Storage image

GearBoss® II High-Density Storage

The newest high-density storage system from Wenger joins our successful Team Carts™ and X-Carts™ in creating athletic equipment storage rooms that make better use of available space. With this new system you get the same space-saving organization as our existing carts in a simplified system with a budget-friendly price. You will gain more control over the time and money lost to poor organization, lax security and misplaced inventory. This storage system is simply a better way to care for your equipment investments.

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GearBoss® TranSport™ Cart image

GearBoss® TranSport™ Cart

From the facility out to the field or into a truck, it has never been easier to move performance equipment wherever you go. When you get there, it transforms in seconds to a rock-solid table to serve all kinds of needs at your events.Like all Wenger products, the TranSport Cart is built to last.

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GearBoss® SportCart™ image

GearBoss® SportCart™

Compact GearBoss® SportCarts™ can be used as part of a larger GearBoss installation or as a mobile, stand-alone solution. They are designed for use in small spaces and for sports that require less storage. Four heavy-duty, 5" (127mm) swivel casters make mobility a snap. The nimble SportCart will navigate narrow hallways, shorter door openings and most elevators. It's the small-space storage solution.

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GearBoss® Shelving image

GearBoss® Shelving

This is the affordable, flexible, durable solution for shelving storage and workspace needs. It works great for athletic,music and marching band storage; and theatre garment and prop storage. The cantilever design optimizes overhead space and keeps the floor free from supports for extra room. The system is so versatile it can be configured to your specific needs to make sure you get the maximum storage space.

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Counterweight Rigging Systems image

Counterweight Rigging Systems

Manual rigging is a practical, cost-effective solution for theatres of all sizes. J.R. Clancy counterweight rigging systems equipment is engineered for reliability and built to last, and can be combined with automated equipment to give theatres maximum flexibility. We offer manual rigging equipment to meet the needs of every theatre. Whether you're looking for an upgrade or a new installation, we'll help you and your consultant choose just the right system for your creative, technical and budgetary requirements.

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Hoists image


When it comes to stage automation, one hoist does not fit all needs. When you choose J.R. Clancy, you can select from several families of stage rigging hoists to meet your creative, technical and budgetary requirements. Custom rigging hoists can also be developed for unique solutions.

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Motion Control Systems image

Motion Control Systems - SceneControl®

When you're looking for the best stage motion control systems for your performance space, choose J.R. Clancy. With so many models available it's easy to find one that meets your technical, artistic and budgetary needs.

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Fire Curtains image

Fire Curtains

Don't cut corners when it comes to fire protection. Choose the best. Our fire curtains draw on over 100 years of experience in theatre fire safety. We will install motorized, self-closing fire curtains that meet all modern building codes and can assist you in conducting mandatory testing to make sure your fire curtains and accessories are in good working order. Contact us today to ensure that your venue meets all fire safety standards.

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Lighting Solutions image

Lighting Solutions

Wenger Corporation partners with premier lighting companies to provide innovative lighting, control and networking solutions for performing arts facilities. We function as a single point of contact for lighting integration services,project management, installation, commissioning, service and support, to ensure your lighting system needs are met and your expectations exceeded.

As a lighting integrator Wenger Corporation offers complete solutions in theatrical, architectural, utility, life safety and emergency lighting and control products. We understand the importance of one point of contact tying together complex, facility-wide lighting technologies for each project. Our lighting team works with your design team to bring together the best products for each project to ensure a worry-free, well-orchestrated plan and installation that is less complex and provides you with just one point of contact through the entirety of your project.

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