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Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Roof & Walking Deck Membrane

Since 1974, Duradek has been supplying North America's premier sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane. Along with other PVC products, such as siding, windows and industrial roofing, Duradek vinyl has gained wide acceptance in the construction industry as the ultimate in maintenance-free outdoor flooring. Duradek's factory engineered products and professional, detailed installation techniques have set new standards for waterproofing that works. Duradek is continually researching, developing and testing new products and application techniques.

Durarail Rail and Fence Systems

The strength of a rail or fence system is in the posts and the framework. The stronger the structure, the wider the spans between the posts. This provides for better visual appearance and view. The heavy wall thicknesses of the aluminum and the intricately designed extrusion combined with the fastening system gives Durarail the exceptional spans it has achieved. They are among the widest in the industry. The Durarail polyester material (TGIC) is UV resistant, will not peel, flake or blister and as it ages, can be buffed back to like-new condition with a cut polish. Durarail Rail and Fence Systems are available in nine standard colors. Over 180 custom colors can be produced to match any exterior design features.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Decking & Roofing Membrane

Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Decking & Roofing Membrane image

Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Decking & Roofing Membrane

The Waterproof Vinyl Roof & Walking Deck Membrane System that Gives You So Much More
  • Ambassador of Deck Safety 2015
  • Permanent waterproof protection
  • For sundecks, roofdecks, balconies & other areas
  • Available in many stylish colors, patterns & textures
  • Industry-leading 10-Year Warranty

Duradek, The Original sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies was developed to solve leak problems 40 years ago.
  • All Duradek sheet vinyl is designed for strength, stability and slip-resistance.
  • Duradek waterproof vinyl flooring is available in North America from authorized installation contractors.

Duradak White Paper Walkable and Waterproof PVC Sundeck and Flat Roofdeck
Product Data Sheet Duradek Ultra Vinyl Membrane

Nearly 150 million square feet of deck, patio, balcony and roof deck surfaces have been protected with Duradek.

The old liquid applied and concrete topping products were the only options previously available, and they were failing repeatedly. Property owners and builders complained about leaks, unsightly appearance, expensive repairs and time-consuming maintenance.

Duradek recognized the need for a better method of waterproofing.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Durarail Railing & Fence Systems

Durarail - Aluminum Railing Systems image

Durarail - Aluminum Railing Systems -

Powder coated aluminum railings are a permanent, low-maintenance waterproof deck railing and fencing solution. They are a safe and attractive alternative to other railing or fencing options that require ongoing labor to extend security and aesthetic value.
  • Maintenance free
  • Aluminum strength
  • Powder-coated durability

Property owners unneccesarily deal with high maintenance railings that require ongoing waterproof treatment to maintain structural integrity. Not to mention how quickly they become unsightly after little exposure to the elements.

Durarail provides a better railing alternative for long-lasting, low maintenance railing solutions and the convenience of a one-stop-shop with Duradek decking specialists.

Durarail aluminum railings systems will still be performing long after many of the other building materials have been replaced.

Each component of our railing systems is made from the best maintenance-free parts available powder-coated aluminum, tempered glass and stainless steel fasteners.
Picket Railing Systems image

Picket Railing Systems

Traditional Picket Railing systems continue to be a popular option for everything ranging from small balconies to expansive roof decks. They offer the most flexibility with an extensive range of options with choices of picket size, style and top rail alternatives.

With Durarail, you get the advantages of a traditional picket railing system with the long-lasting, durable finish of our powder coating keeping your picket railings looking like new for years.

Picket Railings are ideal for:
  • Balconies
  • Decks
  • Stairs
  • Walkways
Aluminum Picket Railing  Welded image

Aluminum Picket Railing Welded

Welded Picket Panels

A solid, pre-welded panel offers added strength to your railing system. This system's strength comes from sturdy welds to both the top and bottom rails.

The installation process goes quickly because the pre-measured, solid panels of varying lengths come to your job site pre-welded and ready to install.
Aluminum Picket Railing  Component image

Aluminum Picket Railing Component

Component Picket System

Versatile and easy to handle, our component picket system comes in smaller, individual components instead of large, welded sections.
Custom Picket Railing Systems image

Custom Picket Railing Systems

Customize Your Picket Railing for Unique Character

In addition to Standard Picket Railings, we can provide almost any Custom Designed Picket Railing imaginable.

Our Railings are manufactured by an industry leading design and manufacturing plant of high quality powder coated aluminum products.

Give us your most imaginative designs and we will give you a unique railing system where safety and functionality are paired with your beautiful designs.
Picket Kit System image

Picket Kit System

Sturdy aluminum and durable, non-VOC powder coating ensures the highest level of quality control. The builder gains the advantage of a convenient and easy to install system that meets IBC Engineering requirements, and the homeowner gains the advantage of safe and attractive railings with virtually no maintenance and no risk of rust or rot.

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Aluminum Base Plate Covers image

Aluminum Base Plate Covers

Durable aluminum base plates complete the post for clean, professional look. This two piece base plate is easy to use. Available for 1.72 or 2.5-inch posts and can be painted in any of our standard or custom colors.

Aluminum Base Plate Cover Brochure
Stair Railings image

Stair Railings

In addition to any style of Custom Built Stair railings, we offer stair railings using 3 standard products and a new alternative the Adjustable Stair Panel.
  • Stair Railing Options
  • Component Glass
  • Component Picket
  • Welded Picket
  • Custom
  • Adjustable Stair Panel

All standard stair railing parts are available in the 6 top rail profiles, with all standard or custom pickets and posts to match.

Adjustable Stair Railings Brochure
Aluminum Fence Systems image

Aluminum Fence Systems

Durarail's durable aluminum in the perfect solution for any of your fencing needs. Whether for defining areas, creating borders or restricting access, fencing has many practical purposes for which you may want to incorporate it into your exterior designs.

Using Durarail's long lasting, powder coated aluminum for your fencing needs, you do not have to worry about maintenance to keep your fences structurally secure and attractive.

All of Durarail's Fencing Components have a powder coated finish available in 9 standard colors (or any one of 180 Custom Colors) and meet AAMA 2603 and AAMA2604 specifications with our standard Super Durable Powder.
Custom Fence Systems image

Custom Fence Systems

Durarail can customize all fence designs to any height required. From Perimeter Fencing to Pool Surrounds and any requirement in between, Durarail Railings can provide the perfect solution.

For Your Unique Fencing Needs
You may need fencing for safety to keep children or pets within the bounds of your property. Or perhaps to contribute to the design of your landscaping, for noise reduction or simply for privacy.

No matter what your unique fencing needs might be, Durarail can provide a custom system specific to your tastes. From whimsical flair or country charm to modern style or industrial influence, Durarail can help you achieve a unique fencing solution for your specific needs and tastes.
Aluminum Gates image

Aluminum Gates

Gates Complete your Durarail Fencing system.

Providing accessible entry points into your enclosed space may be your gate's primary function, but you can use the flexibility of Durarail's fencing options to make your own stylish statement.

Combine elements of color with Post Styles and Caps to create your gateway entry point that expresses the character of your exterior design.
Glass Railing Systems image

Glass Railing Systems

Glass Deck Railings for When Looks Matter

Our range of glass deck railings offer a better alternative to traditional wood or wrought iron systems. When the view is an important factor in enjoying your property (or in assessing its value), why hide it behind a bulky railing system? Your deck railing system is the gateway for your gaze at the view beyond, so who wants to be faced with ugly rust, rot, splinters or peeling paint?

The alternative is so clean and simple Durarail.

Not only does a beautiful glass railing system provide a clean, contemporary look, it also provides an element of protection as a wind barrier so when you are lounging on your deck in any season, the breeze does not affect you like it would with a picket system.

Durarail offers 3 distinct solutions for low-maintenance, view-through glass railing systems for your decks and balconies.
  • Standard Glass Railings
  • Topless Glass Railings
  • Custom Glass Railings
Component Glass Railing Systems image

Component Glass Railing Systems

Standard Glass Railings A Clear Choice by any Standards

Durarail standard glass railing is the clear choice for your clear view. A combination of tempered glass and powder coated aluminum posts and top rails bring long-lasting, low maintenance advantages to your deck railing system. That means no need for labor, but lots of time for enjoyment.

Standard Glass Component System Top Rail Profiles

Durarail offers 6 Top Rail profiles for our standard glass component railing systems.
Topless Glass Railing Systems image

Topless Glass Railing Systems

Topless Glass Railings for Elegant Appeal

Topless Glass Railing Systems offer the best in view-through railing options and can showcase your deck or balcony as much as it shows-off the view. With no top rail to obstruct your line of sight, the tempered glass panels provide a safe, clear view with elegance and style.

The sleek look of a topless railing system does not mean you must sacrifice all your privacy. Incorporate frosted glass panels to provide privacy screens where needed, but keep all the advantages of letting in the light, blocking the wind, and of course, the sleek, luxurious look of a glass railing system.
PUP Post Topless Glass Railing System image

PUP Post Topless Glass Railing System

PUP Post Offers the Ultimate Design Flexibility in Topless Glass Railing Systems

Meet the new generation of the topless glass railing system. The PUP Post provides the ultimate versatility for your deck railing designs with a single, multi-functional post and nearly limitless options.

PUP Post Topless Glass Railing System Brochure
Custom Glass Railing System image

Custom Glass Railing System

Our Custom Glass Railings are manufactured by an industry leading design and manufacturing plant of high quality powder coated aluminum products. In addition to our Standard Glass Railing Systems, we can provide almost any custom designed Glass Railing System imaginable.

Give us your most imaginative designs and we will give you a unique railing system where safety and functionality are paired with your beautiful designs.
Cable Railing System image

Cable Railing System

Cable Railings for Contemporary Style

Durarail's Cable Railings create a system that combines minimum view obstruction with maximum style.

You can present a sleek, modern look and a superior air-flow in this view-through railing option. Your projects gain the dual advantage of contemporary design and low maintenance durability.
Handrails image


Handrails are an essential component in accessibility and safety. Our Handrails come in a standard 1.6″ or 1.9″ round pipe diameter.

Suitable for use on any Residential, Multi-Residential or Commercial project, our Handrails help guide and support for safe access.
Pipe and Tube Railing image

Pipe and Tube Railing

Pipe and tube railing provides handrails and guardrails to aid in accessibility in interior or exterior applications. Stairways, walkways and other common areas benefit from the security and low maintenance requirements of durable aluminum.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Tiledek Under-Tile Waterproofing Membrane

Under-Tile Waterproofing Membrane image

Under-Tile Waterproofing Membrane - Tiledek

Waterproof Tile Underlayment For Assurance of Protection Below an Outdoor Tile Deck
There is nothing like the look of tile or slate on that outdoor deck. But the beauty is soon forgotten when water pours into your home, seemingly through the tile. And then you discover that all the attention on the job was towards the tile with little thought given to proper waterproofing. Rot repair is intrusive and expensive, not to mention the cost of replacing the tile. This is a common story. There seems to be a lack of understanding within the building community about the proper waterproofing of decks, balconies and roofdecks that are overlaid with porcelain tile, slate or some of the other natural stone finishes. That''s where Duradek fits into the picture.

To see how Tiledek remedies this common scenario, check out this article featured in: TileLetter Magazine May 2013 - Watereproofing Makes All The Difference In Dual Level Deck

Tiledek White Paper - Porcelain/Stone Tile On Outdoor Decks
Product Data Sheet - Tiledek

Duradek has been waterproofing roofdecks since 1974 with PVC sheet membranes that are meant to be walked on. We sell our product only one way - professionally installed by contractors who have completed a training course and who specialize in flat surface waterproofing. Many of those decks have been covered with tile over the years. So it is not much of a stretch for us to redesign our regular Duradek Ultra membrane to come up with an anti-fracture, roofing membrane capable of having tile applied over top - Duradek Ultra Tiledek!
  • 60 mil membrane (compared to others at 40 mils)
  • Installed only by trained contractors who specialize in roofdeck and balcony waterproofing.
  • Duradek has 35 years of roofing/waterproofing experience to draw upon.
  • Why use Tiledek instead of a Modified Bitumen as a waterproof membrane under exterior tile.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Plazadek Patio Paver Solution

Plazadek - Patio Paver Solution image

Plazadek - Patio Paver Solution

Since 1974, Duradek PVC membranes have been used to waterproof decks, balconies and roof decks. Well over a hundred million square feet of Duradek has been installed all over North America and it has proven itself to be a durable, attractive and relatively maintenance free waterproofing system. There seems to be a trend towards many of the higher priced houses using pavers or duckboards as the deck finish over living space. The walking surface provides the visual part but the real important work is done by the waterproof membrane. Duradek''s Plazadek is the ideal choice to protect the building owner''s investment.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Duradek is Green

Duradek is Green image

Duradek is Green

Yes, Vinyl IS Green

Aside from having No Deck or Roof (which uses NO products, consumes NO energy, and creates NO landfill waste or need to recycle), Duradek is your GREEN choice for Outdoor Waterproof Decking and Roofing.

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Duradek Showcase

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