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DuctSox Corporation, headquartered in Peosta, Iowa, is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial fabric air dispersion products for open ceiling architecture, critical environments, and under floor applications. Our fabric systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork and diffusers. They are easy to install, have low material waste on the jobsite, and offer many other Green advantages. Our products have been accepted within key industry organizations such as ASHRAE, Underwriters Laboratories (U.S. & Canada), International Code Council, and many building authorities throughout the world.

Different than conventional metal, fabric products are engineered and manufactured for each project. DuctSox designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts which incorporate fittings such as radius elbows, Ts, and transitions. Sections are zippered together to form extended lengths with diameters from 6 to 80 inches. Whether industrial, retail, education, commercial, government, warehousing, laboratory, food processing, temporary or permanent, DuctSox offers a proven choice.

To maintain market leadership, DuctSox offers the best products, designs, and sales support in our industry. More than maintaining our standard products, DuctSox strives to be the leader in the HVAC ductwork industry through our commitment to quality, service, and innovation. This commitment has allowed us to expand our product offering to include products such as LabSox laboratory ductwork, KitchenSox commercial kitchen ductwork, UFSox underfloor ductwork, and SkeleCore, an internal framework system for fabric duct.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Why Fabric Ductwork? Fabric Advantages & Benefits

Why Fabric Ductwork - Fabric Advantages & Benefits image

Why Fabric Ductwork - Fabric Advantages & Benefits

Fabric Advantages & Benefits
Simplified Design/Uniform Air Dispersion: This means less ductwork! Because the entire DuctSox System is a diffuser, air can be supplied to the occupied space in a more efficient pattern. DuctSox Systems may be designed with fittings similar to metal ductwork, including many standard zippered fittings and unlimited customization to match any application requirements. (Check out our Smoke Test Video in our Video Library!).......continued

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Traditional DuctSox image

Traditional DuctSox

DuctSox products are used to distribute and disperse air in both Open and Finished Ceiling Architecture.

Different than conventional metal ductwork, DuctSox products are engineered and manufactured for each project. Designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts which incorporate fittings such as radius elbows, Ts, and transitions. Sections are zippered together to form extended lengths with diameters from 8 - 80 inches (203mm - 1,524mm). Whether industrial, retail, education, commercial, government, warehousing, laboratory, food processing, temporary or permanent, DuctSox offers a proven choice.

There are FIVE KEY ELEMENTS to consider when configuring a DuctSox System.

To ensure proper system design, DuctSox Inside Sales and Engineering staff are available for assistance. Or, review the DuctSox Design Manual located in the Media Library.

Several installation videos are now available in our video library. Find out how easy it is to install a DuctSox fabric duct system, and save time and money compared to installing metal ductwork!

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Critical Environments image

Critical Environments

For Critical Environments, DuctSox has developed both LabSox and KitchenSox. LabSox products are fabric air dispersion devices designed for laboratory environments in critical applications commonly associated with a fume hood or other airflow sensitive equipment. LabSox offer uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns.

KitchenSox offer commercial kitchens a solution to drafts that affect hood performance, cleanliness, food safety, and employee comfort. Air is dispersed through a fabric faced D-Fuser reducing drafts and condensation.

Two other products available for Critical Environments include: ChemSox (for caustic environments) and the D-Fuser Filter (for critical environments experiencing airborne pollution).
LabSox Laboratory Ductwork image

LabSox Laboratory Ductwork

Designed specifically for critical environments, LabSox products combine airflow design with specialized permeable fabrics and precisely shaped panels. Airflow in laboratories is a critical design factor as turbulent air can negatively affect research or even cause hood failure resulting in a compliancy issue. The LabSox advantage is clear as air passes through specialized fabric panels resulting in uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns with little if any turbulence.

Features and Benefits:
  • Uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns with minimum turbulence
  • Can be easily retrofitted to resolve airflow issues in existing facilities
  • Fabric faced products offer noise levels at least 10 NC quieter than metal
  • Highly permeable, antimicrobial treated fabrics
  • Modular D-Fuser available in MetalPan or All-Fabric models
  • Also available in Round, D-Shape, or Quarter-Round

Applications include:
  • Chemistry Labs
  • Microscopy (TEM, SEM, FIB)
  • Vivariums
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Paint Facilities
  • Cleanrooms
  • Laser Research
  • Displacement Ventilation

LabSox products are not only ideal for labs of the future, but can be easily retrofitted to resolve air flow issues in existing facilities.
KitchenSox Commercial Kitchen Ductwork image

KitchenSox Commercial Kitchen Ductwork

Commercial and industrial kitchens require high volumes of supply airflow with minimal drafts for nearby exhaust hoods and equipment. With conventional diffusers, there are many common problems that can affect employee comfort and food safety. KitchenSox products offer commercial kitchens the answer.

KitchenSox are textile air dispersion products that provide unique solutions for commercial and industrial kitchens & food preparation environments.
  • Air is evenly dispersed through highly porous fabric, eliminating drafts and condensation.
  • Dirt deposits on the diffuser and adjacent ceiling tiles are reduced.
  • Fabric panels can be easily removed for laundering.

Effluent, heat, and odors can quickly contaminate kitchens and food prep areas. There are many common problems associated with poor air dispersion-problems that can occur even when proper exhaust equipment is in place. KitchenSox can alleviate the following:
  • Localized drafts affecting hood performance and employee comfort.
  • Potential dirt and grease deposits on the diffuser face and nearby ceiling tiles.
  • Condensation on diffuser may raise health risks.

Fabric Options:
  • DT fabrics offer a silver color choice in a low maintenance, micro-perforated polyester fabric. Open outlets minimize filtering and extend periods between maintenance.
  • Rx fabrics feature an antimicrobial treated, air permeable woven fabric. The lightweight fabric can be easily cleaned and offers secondary filtration for make up air.

DuctSox were initially developed to disperse refrigerated airflow in food processing facilities. Kitchens are different, but benefit from the fabric in many of the same ways. Generally smaller in size, sizing and locating the textile air dispersion panels in kitchens can be a challenge. To be flexible for optimum design, KitchenSox solutions are available in a wide variety of products.
ChemSox - For Caustic Environments image

ChemSox - For Caustic Environments

Developed for industrial settings containing caustic chemicals, ChemSox are manufactured out of HDPE with specialized thread and attachments that are built to hold up to common chemicals such as Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Acid Sulfate, or Isopropanol.
  • Finished Seams
  • Inlet Collar with DuctBelt and Attachment Loops
  • Round shape with H-Track or Cable suspension
  • Color Option (Semi-Translucent Clear)
  • 1 Year Warranty
D-Fuser Filter image

D-Fuser Filter

The D-Fuser Filter uses Merv 8 filtration media to help capture foreign particles that may pollute your working environment.

As buildings and their HVAC systems age, non-metallic components such as linings within duct or equipment, gaskets, and other dirt build up may become airborne. Commonly these particles are introduced downstream from filtration equipment, allowing the particles to travel freely into critical research, food preparation, or many other sensitive environments.

If your environment is suffering from airborne pollution such as black spec or other debris from your ducting system, the DuctSox D-Fuser Filter may be the solution.

  • Eliminate black spec from contaminating critical work environment.
  • Laminar or draft free Surround Flow dispersion pattern
  • Easy installation, removal, and replacement.
  • Sanitary, throw-away design.

To accommodate a variety of applications, the D-Fuser Filter is available in 24x24 and 24x48 configurations. To accommodate desired airflow characteristics, the Filter Panel is available in either a flat or a 6" deep disposable face.

The D-Fuser Filter is available in either MetalPan or Retrofit configuration. The MetalPan option includes a 6" deep metal backpan and selection includes inlet diameter. Retrofit models utilize existing backpans and are best suited for T-Bar ceiling installations. Custom configurations are also available.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Underfloor Air Distribution

Underfloor Air Distribution image

Underfloor Air Distribution

UnderFloorSox (UFSox) is a fabric air dispersion system that improves airflow dispersion within the Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) plenum. Uniform temperature within the plenum reduces instances where in floor diffusers are exposed to higher or lower temperatures improving employee comfort.

With initiatives to provide efficient HVAC systems with individual controls, many design teams are turning to UFAD techology. Unlike conventional overhead air-mixing systems, UFAD Systems use the space beneath the raised access floor as a plenum to introduce air into the occupied space, usually through special floor-mounted diffusers.

Typical applications that employ UFAD design are in high tech office and business spaces utilizing cable for voice, power and data transmission. UFAD Systems are becoming increasingly accepted in commercial building space as the benefits, which are well documented by ASHRAE.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} HVAC Design Criteria

DuctSox HVAC Design Criteria image

DuctSox HVAC Design Criteria

Using custom built and traditional design tools, experts on staff work with trained and experienced DuctSox reps to create custom engineered air distribution and dispersion systems for:
  • Open or finished ceiling applications. Designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts.
  • Critical environments such as laboratories, caustic environments and commercial kitchens.
  • Underfloor applications. Typical applications that employ UFAD design are in high tech office and business spaces utilizing cable for voice, power and data transmission.

When designing an HVAC installation, we consider:
  • Shape/Suspension/Fabric Retention
  • First, select shape including Round, Oval, D-Shape, or Quarter-Round.
  • Then select Suspension/Fabric Retention including 1 Row Cable or Track, 2 Row Cable or Track, SkeleCore IHS, 3 Row Cable or Track, 3 x 1 Row Cable or Track, 4 x 2 Row Cable or Track, Hoops (IHS) Cable or Track, SkeleCore Pull-Tight with Cable or Track, or SkeleCore FTS.
  • Layout/Fittings: Determine duct layout and sizing. Select DuctSox location, diameter, lengths, and required fittings.
  • Air Dispersion: Determine location and size of linear vents, nozzles and/or orifices. Calculate required porosity for air porous fabric used to supply air flow and static pressure.
  • Fabric: Select fabric based on product quality, porosity, color, and/or required air dispersion type.
  • Options: There are also Options that can be added to your DuctSox Systems, such as AFD's and personalization graphics.
Engineering, Design, and Layout Criteria image

Engineering, Design, and Layout Criteria

Besides the Key Elements of configuring a DuctSox System, there is additional criteria/information needed to ensure that it is engineered and designed correctly to provide the best performance possible. Typical information required includes the following:
  • Volume of air at the inlet of the DuctSox
  • Static pressure at the inlet of the DuctSox
  • Air throw models
  • High-Throw
  • Comfort-Flow
  • Low-Throw
  • Air dispersion requirements based on application needs
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • Supply-side air, air makeup, air de-stratification, and air displacement
  • Uniform air dispersion
  • Spot heating and cooling
  • Versatile and multiple airflow designs
  • Terminal velocity
  • Condensation
  • Hanging height
  • Design layout
  • Noise
  • Installation requirements and limitations
  • Cost

For design assistance, the DuctSox Engineering & Design Manual is located in the Media Library.

We are also here to help. Contact us by email sales@ductsox.com or call 866-563-7729 to discuss your HVAC design needs.

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Commercial HVAC Ductwork image

Commercial HVAC Ductwork

DuctSox HVAC systems are fabric air dispersion systems well suited for many applications. Our fabric HVAC ducts have been installed in schools, offices, restaurants, pools, retail stores, warehouses and health clubs. DuctSox commercial HVAC ducts are also installed in critical environment settings such as laboratories, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. Open ceiling, flush mount and under floor solutions are available.

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} DuctSox® are GREEN!

DuctSox® are GREEN! image

DuctSox® are GREEN!

The concept of using fabric ductwork instead of metal ductwork for air dispersion offers many sustainable benefits besides cost. DuctSox are 100% custom made to fit your project, meaning no excess fabric and minimal waste. This may help with Materials and Resources Credit 2, Construction Waste Management.

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