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Commercial Generators

When you're searching for a commercial steam generator, there's only one source in North America where you'll find the highest in quality, dependability, and innovation, and that's Steam Sauna. With decades of steam room manufacturing experience behind us, we've supplied commercial steam generators to dozens of small businesses, franchisees, and multi-national corporations. As an alternative to traditional hot rock saunas, your steam generator comes equipped with stainless steel, a design maximizing air circulation, and insulation strategically placed to protect the user and the machine inside.Browsing Steam Sauna's catalogue, find the best commercial steam shower products just a click away.Provide your business with the best commercial steam generator that'll keep users looking and feeling their absolute best!

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Residential Generators

Steam generators for residential use are available for all sizes of steam rooms. If you've always wanted to pamper yourself with your very own steam generator, shop with the best. With maximum comfort and the capacity to deliver reliable temperature control, take in the soothing steam for this engineered steam generator. For quiet, smooth, and efficient operation, enjoy a steam bathing session along side some of the most advanced steam generator technology in North America. Receive comfort in knowing you can rely on the same soothing steam each and every time you walk into your room. When you shop with Steam Sauna, benefit from our commitment to ensure every steam generator meets and exceeds the highest safety standards.

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Dry Sauna

Choose the best in dry saunas from Steam Sauna. Prepare yourself for a sauna experience you won't find anywhere else. See the instantaneous benefits in relaxing muscle tissue, remedying inflammation,and relieving tension. In the Steam Sauna catalogue, there are both infrared sauna and modular sauna options. Infrared saunas operate similar to a sauna-inspired microwave whereas modular saunas operate akin to an oven. Choose what's most appealing to your residential or commercial space. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding whether infrared or modular is right for you.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews