Engineered Fall Arrest and Suspended Access Systems


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Pro-Bel Group of Companies specializes in design, manufacture, installation and inspection of window washing/fall arrest systems for over 25 years. We work with architects, general contractors and building owners designing systems that can include tie-back safety anchors, horizontal cable systems, monorail, rigging sleeves, davit bases, davit arms and roof cars. Our systems can be used for fall restraint; fall arrest and/or building maintenance.

We offer a free design service where we design your suspended maintenance equipment to meet all Codes and Standards no matter where the building is located.

The system on your building may vary from anchors to powered platforms or require a roof car. We would be happy to make an appointment to come out and see your building to ensure that your system complies with ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Standard, OSHA and any other State Codes.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Fall Arrest and Restraint Systems

PRO-BEL Safety Tie-Back Anchors image

PRO-BEL Safety Tie-Back Anchors

Safety and tie-back anchors are primarily used as an attachment point for personal fall arrest lifelines and suspended access equipment.
PRO-BEL Horizontal Cable Lifelines image

PRO-BEL Horizontal Cable Lifelines

A horizontal lifeline system is a permanently installed, multi-span anchored cable which serves as an attachment point for travel restraint or fall protection.
PRO-BEL Horizontal Trolley Rail Systems image

PRO-BEL Horizontal Trolley Rail Systems

Horizontal trolley rail systems provide a non-restrictive fall protection system and a means for suspending direct and primary rigging equipment.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Suspension Supports and Systems

PRO-BEL Davit Systems image

PRO-BEL Davit Systems

Davit systems provide a means for suspending primary rigging equipment where clearing high parapets, skylights, and/or decorative moldings are required. This greater flexibility may also allow platforms to be stored at roof level.
PRO-BEL Monorail Systems image

PRO-BEL Monorail Systems

Monorail rails are used to access difficult to reach areas or otherwise inaccessible exterior or interior glass areas. Monorails consist of an aluminum rail section which supports a traversing trolley.
PRO-BEL Outrigger Beam Systems image

PRO-BEL Outrigger Beam Systems

Outrigger beams are ideal for accessing difficult to reach areas with primary rigging equipment. Portable beams can be relocated within the dedicated work zone and can also be designed to telescope outwards for extended reach.
PRO-BEL Direct Rigging Systems image

PRO-BEL Direct Rigging Systems

Pro-Bel safety anchors are an effective, practical means of directly securing bosun's chair with decent control equipment, the most popular method of window cleaning today. They are also commonly used to secure lifelines and to tie back primary suspension equipment such as conventional (contractor supplied) outriggers and parapet wall clamps. NOTE: Note: Pro-Bel tie-back/lifeline anchors and direct rigging anchors are the same and are used interchangeably. Refer to Pro-Bel Safety & Tie-Back Anchors literature for complete product data.
PRO-BEL Rigging Sleeve Systems image

PRO-BEL Rigging Sleeve Systems

Rigging sleeves allow suspension lines to pass through building elements where access would otherwise be difficult, unsafe, or impossible.
PRO-BEL Suspended Permanent Powered Platform image

PRO-BEL Suspended Permanent Powered Platform

Platforms are dedicated to exterior or interior building maintenance and are intended to be used in conjunction with primary support equipment.
Roof Car Systems image

Roof Car Systems

Roof cars are engineered to accommodate long span booms making it possible to extend the platform beyond terraces or roofs at lower levels. This feature can reduce or eliminate the need for additional roof cars, davits, or other primary equipment at lower levels.
PRO-BEL Stabilization Systems image

PRO-BEL Stabilization Systems

Stabilization systems are designing to keep the primary rigging equipment in contact with the building facade. Without stabilization, wind action could jeopardize worker safety or building faces could become damaged due to equipment impacting upon them.
PRO-BEL Powered Roof Cars image

PRO-BEL Powered Roof Cars

Engineered to accomodate long span booms making it possible to extend the platform beyond terraces or roofs at lower levels.
Non-Permanent Suspended Single Work Cage image

Non-Permanent Suspended Single Work Cage

Work cages, typically 3'- 0" (1 m) in length are often used in place of bosun's chair where both descent and ascent capability is desired.
Non-Permanent Suspended Platform image

Non-Permanent Suspended Platform

Transportable suspended platforms (conventional equipment) are normally rented or supplied by the suspended maintenance contractor and often consist of a standard one piece platform usually manufactured of aluminum.
Safety Guardrails image

Safety Guardrails

Steel pipe railings consisting of top rail, midrail and posts. Standard OSHA guardrail height.
PRO-BEL Suspended Bosuns Chair image

PRO-BEL Suspended Bosuns Chair

The chair is lightweight and simple to rig. Chairs are considered conventional equipment supplied by the window cleaning or other type contractor. A descent control device is primarily intended to allow downward movement only.
PRO-BEL Fall Protection Safety-in-a-Bag image

PRO-BEL Fall Protection Safety-in-a-Bag - PRO-BEL

Everything workers need to protect themselves from falls from elevations, stored in a handy tote bag.
Disposable Fall Protection Anchor for Shingling Roofs image

Disposable Fall Protection Anchor for Shingling Roofs

Roof Anchor is nailed to the ridge of roof (new or existing) at pre-determined intervals and then bent over with a hammer before covering the ridge with the new shingles.

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