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Founded in 1981 with the mission to provide its clients with an energy saving door, Nergeco entered the market with the customized Productivity Door. The high speed and short open/close cycle of this door helped conserve energy by reducing air exchange between rooms. Since then, Nergeco has continuously improved upon the product offering by introducing a soft-bottom edge to enhance safety. Nergeco continued its expansion by developing models suited to the specific needs of various industries, including food processing and clean room applications.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Interior High Performance Doors

Interior High Performance Doors image

Interior High Performance Doors

Nergeco interior high performance doors are uniquely designed to help you cut energy spending by up to 30% at each opening / closing cycle. When closed, the flexible curtain fits securely in the customized sides of the structure creating a barrier between building sectors. During opening-closing cycles the flexible curtain gently slides upward ™just in time™ and then immediately slides down with the same speed but with less noise and wear due to the custom fit. Safety is ensured by the soft bottom edge that is flexible horizontally and vertically because it does not have a lower ballast bar.
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This free-standing, roll-up door saves space at the floor and lintel level. Its flexible stiffeners uniformly distribute pressure over the whole frame to withstand pressure differences between rooms.
  • Energy efficient door for general industrial environments
  • Free and flexible curtain, reactive horizontally and vertically
  • Safer for people and loads
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Specially designed for the agri-food industry, its prime advantage is multicomposite materials. The fully washable design includes a covered motor
  • Designed for food processing and other wash-down applications
  • Accommodates high pressure washing, natural drying
  • 45% more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel
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Designed for clean environs, it seals without retention mechanism, reducing wear to provide the longest operational life under pressure. Additional enhancements reduce the air leakage to 40 pascal.
  • Optimized for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and clean room environments.
  • Excellent air-tightness, sealed up to 40 pascal
  • Open shapes accessible to antiseptic protocols

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C Arctic 5  image

C Arctic 5

Maintaining temperature is the top priority in the cold chain. For applications where the door is situated between two freezer rooms, the single layer curtain on the Arctic door is sufficient.
  • Use: between two freezer rooms
  • Fast Roll-up Technology
  • Single Layer Curtain
  • Freeze Resistant Motor
C Chill 5  image

C Chill 5

  • Use: between ambient & chilled rooms
  • Insulated Fold-up Technology
  • Double Layer Curtain
  • Integrated Air Mattress
C Freezer 5 image

C Freezer 5

  • Use: between freezer & chilled room
  • Double Insulated Fold-up Technology
  • Triple Layer Curtain
  • Double Air Mattress
C Freezer 2 image

C Freezer 2

A steel door with an insulated triple layer curtain, used between a deep-freeze and controlled refrigerated area as a high-speed door as well as an overnight closing.

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Exterior High Performance Doors image

Exterior High Performance Doors

Nergeco exterior high performance doors are uniquely designed to help you cut energy spending by up to 30% at each opening / closing cycle. Because most cold air is lost when the door is open, Nergeco doors are designed to open ™just in time™ and close at the same high speed, minimizing open time. When closed, conduction through the door can be reduced with a double layer curtain fitted with insulation inserts. To resist high winds, the patented Trekking curtain has horizontal stiffeners that distribute wind resistance uniformly over the whole structure.
T Enduro 2 image

T Enduro 2

This free-standing, steel structure is suitable for massive doors that can benefit from the high cycle speed that this door provides.
  • Great wind resistance
    -up to 110 mph dependent on size
  • Increased insulation to help maintain interior temperature
  • Speed up to 32 inches/second
  • Sturdy, self-supporting structure up to 36™ x 36™
T Enduro 5 image

T Enduro 5

The multi-composite structure of this door is significantly more resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for humid environments.
  • Multi-composite materials for wet or corrosive environments
  • Wind resistance of 55 mph with option up to 110 mph
  • Speed up to 48 inches/second
  • Light-weight, self-supporting structure up to 20™ x 20
T Star 2 image

T Star 2

Steel structure for harsh environments.
  • StructureSteel
  • SizeUp to 20' x 20'
  • StyleSingle or double layer folding curtain
  • SpeedUp to 48 inches per second

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