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KE Fibertec North America Inc. designs and sells fabric (textile) ventilation systems for draft-free air distribution in all types of applications to provide air the way you want.

Creating a perfect indoor climate involves more than just supplying fabric ducting products. As a leader in the industry, KE Fibertec was one of the first fabric duct manufacturers established in the early 1970'sand since then, has grown into the largest fabric duct manufacturer in the world - and the only one with its one weaving mill. Our mill specializes in producing only fabric for air distribution and KE Fibertec duct systems.

We bring these years of experience through our ventilation professionals to help you define your air distribution problem and design a solution for it. For KE Fibertec, it's all about dialogue, expertise,reliability, and logistics. We don't stock finished products or have standard components because all our fabric ducting solutions are tailored to the task at hand and to your specific needs.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Why Fabric Ducts?

Why Fabric Ducts? image

Why Fabric Ducts?

A fabric duct is a round, semi-round, or quarter round duct made of a light-weight fabric material designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air. KE Fibertec has established a reputation for offering the best fabric ducts on the market in terms of quality, aesthetics, performance, and industry advancements.


  • Design flexibility and tailored solutions
  • Unique materials and colors
  • Efficient air distribution for perfect indoor climate
  • UL2518 fire-approved materials
  • Hygienic, lightweight, and easy to maintain
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • No condensation problems
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Sustainable ventilation

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DireJet Fabric Air Duct System image

DireJet Fabric Air Duct System

The DireJet System is one of two products KE Fibertec offers for active long throw applications. TheDireJet's versatility makes it appropriate for cooling, heating, and mixing ventilation applications to best meet your needs.

The DireJet System is available in the following configurations: round (O), half-round (D), or quarter round (1/2D) ducts and is made with rows of conical nozzles for active and directional delivery. The nozzles limit the induction of room air around the air jet, so the velocity decreases more slowly relative to the Inject System. As a result of this, the throw and thermal penetration lengths are extended considerably with this system.

KE Fibertec is the only distributor of fabric ducts that offers five different nozzle sizes to ensure functionality in virtually every type of space requiring mixed ventilation, even in extremely large premises. The sizes available for your specific usage are:

  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
  • 1"
  • 2"
  • 2 & 1/2"

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Impulse Fabric Air Duct System image

Impulse Fabric Air Duct System

KE Fibertec designs two products for fabric-based laminar flow applications: the Impulse System and the Impulse D and 1/2D System.

The air distribution principle for horizontal low impulse systems is based on passive thermal displacement where the air is supplied at a lower temperature in relation to the air in the room. Because of this, the Impulse Systems are suited only for cooling purposes or for distributing large volumes of isothermal air.

The Impulse System is produced using round ducts (O), while the Impulse D and 1/2D Systems are produced using half-round (D), or quarter round (1/2D) ducts. Our ventilation experts can tailor this product to meet your specific room requirements, providing high quality air and comfort in your space.

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Inject/Inject XL Fabric Air Duct System image

Inject/Inject XL Fabric Air Duct System

The Inject System is the second product KE Fibertec markets for active high impulse ventilation. Our Inject System has versatile applications and can be used for cooling, ventilation, and heating purposes.

It comprises groups of holes, small (Inject) or large (Inject XL) in the fabric duct surface, resulting in an induction of the room air on a large scale. It is produced in the form of round (O), half-round (D), or quarter-round (1/2D) ducts and offers so much flexibility in design that it is possible to create solutions specifically tailored to the functions most appropriate for your space.

The air distribution principle for this system is based on mixing ventilation; the supply air at a high velocity outside the occupied zone is entrained towards the jet, eventually decreasing in velocity. In a mixing ventilated room, air velocities, air temperatures, and humidity will be distributed identically,creating the same air quality everywhere in the room for optimal comfort.

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Perfect indoor climate with a very high demand for comfort in offices, conference halls, concert halls, sound studios, canteens, schools, child care facilities, etc.

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Showrooms / Public Buildings

Often a challenging task due to constantly changing user demands in showrooms, exhibition halls, supermarkets, department stores, pavilions, museums, atrium, etc.

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Handling of high air volumes at minimum air velocity in the occupied zone in VAV fume hoods, pharma production, R&D laboratories, etc.

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Sports / Leisure image

Sports / Leisure

Very energy-efficient solutions for constantly changing ventilation demands in sports halls, fitness studios,. shooting ranges, swimming pools, ice rinks. etc.

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Ensuring that the required fresh air is delivered to the employees without draft problems in light / heavy industrial applications, printing works, extreme cooling facilities, vehicle workshops, etc.

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Food Industry image

Food Industry

No condensation problems, no growth of microorganisms in the specially woven materials from KE Fibertec for equalizing rooms, warehouses / terminals, high bay warehouses, etc.

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Custom Solutions

KE Fibertec makes custom tailored solutions to provide efficient and healthy indoor climate in all types of buildings. Please let us know if you have any special requirements for your space.

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